Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Hike

So I be starting off at the ORAK mansion ruins in Harriman State Park in Noo York.  This be a HUGE park with 44,000 gabillion acres where no huntin be allowed efur efur efur so we can go hiking there any time.  Becoz of this it do be a bizzy park but on Thanksgibbing day, we has the whole place to ourselves - pawsome!

So, you mite ask, wot duss the ORAK mansion has to do with Thanksgibbing?  Well it woz builded as a summer home by this huMAN with lots of green papers wot werked fur the company wot makes KARO syrup.
So those of you (well prolly not YOU but your hoomans) wot had pecan pie (BLECH) with Thanksgibbing dinner prolly had KARO syrup.  And has you figgered this out yet?  ORAK do be KARO spelled backwards, so this mansion be named after KARO syrup.
So when the man went to the bridge, his kin gibbed the house to the park and they tore it down but some of it still be there.  Oh, and the living room in the house - it had a floor wot MOVED so it feeled like you be on a BOAT - SKEERY!  And the winders woz portholes!  SKEERY!  But that it not there any more, we just readed about it on the innerwebs.
So then we moved on and had to cross ofur raging waters coz we just had 3 days of rain, rain, rain and more rain so the creeks be furry loud with white waters and all.
Then we commed to this shelter where peeples can camp ofur night. It woz builded in the 1920's when the ORAK mansion woz still there.
 There be seeniks from this shelter but they be hard to see coz of the sunbeams in our eyes.
Noo York City Skyline
I can see the Hudson River ofur yonder.
Then we hiked ofur to Breakneck Pond where there woz summer camp cabins.  This do be where inner city childrens come fur summer camp.
Nobuddy home.
Irene broke the dock.  (I did not do it, it woz like that alreddy)
Now furrends, I knows that I encourage those of you wot likes to partake in archeology digs as it woz my most favorite activity as a yungun (and I has started to take it up again, BOL) but when you see a sign like this, prolly best to dig someplace else:
I think "prosekooshun" means more than no liver snaps fur dessert.
Woofing about liver snaps, I had some of the Thanksgibbing cookies mom made fur snack!
The mountain did kinda look like this it woz furry long and stuffs.
Atop Cranberry Mountain looking down on that Breakneck Pond where I woz afore.
If'n you notice my head be wet, well, let me tell you wot happened.  It woz a little chilly and I had not intended to do swimming but I was walking on a trail with puddulls, minding my own bizziness...
... when all of a sudden - SPLASH!  Mom looked up and all she seened woz my head sticking out.  Yes furrends, a puddull in the middle of the trail woz so deep I stepped in and WENT UNNER WATER!  Who would has eggspected that?  So I woz wet, my bandanana woz wet, efurry thing woz wet.  Refreshing, tho.
I found a big rawk.
Rood dogs on the trail with no hiking manners. The one by the arrow did snarly face at me and my mom yelled HEY at him and he stopped.  His mom sayed "Oh, he means nothing by it".  Rilly?  Well it skeered me and mom woz not amused.  His mom should has corrected him and had his walking string on if'n he can't behave right.
So at the end of the hike we commed to a fire tower wot woz also builded in the 1920's.  Mom only climbed up one level coz it be rilly rickety and stuff and mom be skeered.


  1. Oh Shawnee, we love your hikes. This one was especially a nice one. We have heard of those forest cabins where people can stay but never saw one before.

    It would be fun to stay there.

    Anyway..thanks for the great Thanksgiving day virtual walk.

    Bert and My Vickie

  2. thats meen fur da pudduls to trix you an makes you all wet Shawnee. Its alwayz amayzin to me how braves you an your mom iz, but its werth it cuz you duz haz teh best seeniks evar an Iz gibing thanks to you fur sharing wiv us *purrr*

  3. Pawesome cyber-tour Shawnee! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  4. Shawnee, thank you for another beautiful hike. Your part of the country is so different from ours and we love to see your seniks and stuffs.

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. I was reading along enjoying the pictures and the words, but when I got to the part about the puddle (lake) that was so deep you went under water ...OMD! Did you have to swim across! I hope your human didn't fall in that deep puddle?

    I like the cranberry mountain trail. My mom LOVES cranberries. It's one of her favorite Thanksgiving foods. Give her some cranberry sauce and some stuffing and she is happy. Me, I will just take turkey.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Another great hike, but the dog-eating puddle didn't sound like fun to me!

  7. Shawnee, I think you're the only dog who had a better Thanksgiving than ours! I would have loved a Thanksgiving Day hike. It was great supervising Mom and Dad baking pies, watching the parade and dog show and having our own Thanksgiving Day Dinner in a can, but a hike would have been even more fantastic!

    I hate meeting rude dogs anywhere, but especially on the trails!


  8. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Karo syrup and cranberries, so appropriate! And you got to spend it with your mom. My mom and dad went to her sister's to have dinner and left me home! Humpf! I did have to laugh about the deep puddle!

  9. Hi Shawnee, what another fab hike you had. Lucky you covered the hole filled with water with your body so your mum wouldn't fall in. You are a good dog. Mum felt sick just looking at the rickity tower thingy. No way she would even go up one level. Your mum is very brave.

    Sorry about the snarly dog. Lucky your mum was watching your back (even had time for a photo hehehe). Have a great week. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. You have to be the most well-trained pup ever. You just hike and hike, off leash!
    Looks like your Thanksgiving hike was wonderful. : )

  11. Wot a bootiful day fur yer hike Shawnee. You must haz been very appy doin it in such nice wevvers. I am sorry abowt the puddles and the meanie dogs. I ope they dint be spoilin your day. Woof

  12. Great way to work off those calories!

    Stop on by for a visit