Monday, November 14, 2011

Ho Hum Hiking

Sorry I is late with posting my hike.  I know you is all waiting with bacon bref (as the Road Dogs call "bated bref", BOL!)  But I has a good eggskoose.  I has been rilly, rilly bizzy helping mom rake the leafs wot commed down all at once:
So after last week's haunted hike-o-rama (mom and I LOL'd and BOL's so lowd at all your commenties) we did a ho hum easy peasy hike this time.  Nuttin terribully eggsiting but we did hike 15 miles coz it woz close enuff to home that we did not run out of sunbeams.  We started at Washington Crossing State Park, hiked ofur to anudder park and back then drived to a seenik on the way home.

So anyways, I has to tell you a funny story about Washington Crossing State Park.  Back when my old geezer sis Dixie used to hike, like 4 gabillion years ago, we both hiked at this park togedder.  After the hike mom leaved us in the car with the winders half down, coz it be a nice day and not hawt enuff fur the cold air blower, and headed to the powdah room:
The Powdah Room
A laydee screamed and mom turned around to see Dixie skweezing herselfs out the open car winder.  She is SOOOOOO noggty!  She wanted to go in the powdah room with mom.  She jumped out and ran to mom.  Not me, I is the good one, I stayed in the car.  'Sides, I could not fit thru the winder.  So mom taked Dixie in the powdah room stall with her.  Dixie waited until mom woz, errrr, not able to stop her, then she dived unner the divider wall and went a visitin' with the udder powdah room patrons:
A reconstrukshun of akshual events.
Efurry time Dixie popped up into the next stall, a laydee would say "OOOOOHHHH!  Hello!"  and mom would say "I am SOOOOO sorry!  DIXIE! GET BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  But Dixie, knowing mom could not chase her, went on a visitin' and a schmoozin' until mom woz done then Dixie meeted her outside the stalls all innocent like.  Mom did not has a happy look on her face when she dragged Dixie back to the car by her collah.  Dixie woz in the dog house big time!

So back to my hike.  Furst we had to walk on this pawdestrian walkway into the park from the parking lot.

Wowser, no wonner they call it "Fall" - the leafs all fall down:

So we hiked on the Continental Lane.  The pee-mail on the sign say this be where George Washington marched in the olden days after he crossed ofur the Delaware River by where we parked our car.
Where George Washington's army marched.
Where George Washington's army crossed the Delaware River.
There woz lots of nekkid trees...
Sometimes little bits of color...
Sometimes lots of colors.
Here be a wildlife blind where you can spy on the wildlifes and they cannot see you.
No wildlifes inside.
No wildlifes outside either coz sumbuddy furgot to put the noms out.
But we runned into Mr. and Mrs. Duck.  They woz enjoying a nice relaxing swim around their pond now that the yungun chicklet ducklings is all growned up and out of the nest.  They do be enjoying their peace and quiet on this bootiful fall day.

Then I had to stop and look both ways to cross the road to get to the udder park, the Ted Stiles Preserve.
Hey, dussn't this belong in last week's hike?
Anudder pond but no ducks.
To get back to the car we had to hike on horse trails...
And a towpath by a canal with rood gooses wot honked at me.
Then we got in the car and drived just a short cuppull of minits to Goat Hill.  It be a furry short trail, only half a mile, up to a seenik of the Delaware River.
Heading up Goat Hill afore the sunbeams is all gone.
I stick my tung out coz peeples be in my seeniks.
This prolly be the last of fall I has to show you.  The leaves is coming down rilly rilly fast now.  Boo.  How long until spring be here?

(PEE ESS - Coz of Frankie's commenty all worried that we not be hiking all winter, no worries, we DO hike all winter.  I MAKE mom hike all winter or she gets fat.  But we HATE winter and nekkid trees so we will be counting the days till spring hiking.)


  1. OH I LOVE the Dixie story.. and the reconstruction of the EVENT. BaaaaWaaaaah Way to GO Dixie.. and your mom too. hehheeepeee

    WHAT? No Winter HIKES???

    HURRY SPRING... I won't be able to stand it without my WEEKLY HIKE with you. Waaaaah WAAAAAAH SOB WHIMPER

  2. What a furry good story!

    I was furry impressed with your ability to keep an eye on your mom's raking AND snag some pawesome beaWOOty Zzzzzzz's!

    My mom was to that park shortly after George was there - of khourse, she was a wee bean but...


  3. Bacon bref - BOL :)
    Shawnee - I love your first pic!
    Wanna know why? Cuz I'm doin' the same thing at my blog today - resting!

  4. That story about Dixie cracked us up! I could totally see Morgan doing that. Mom would not be amused, either.

    Your hike was lovely! I agree, I like hiking when the leaves are on the trees the best, but in the snow, it's pretty, too. We probably won't get any chance to hike in December because of all the Christmases we have to get to, but hopefully we'll get to go see the frozen waterfalls again this winter!


  5. That hike didn't look HO-HUM to us!! You're a furry good napper, Shawnee!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. I got distracted by the pepsi machine.... so much better than coke :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. Those wuz bewtyful pikchures Shawnee, Iz gonna be sad fur your cold paws in da snows, brrrrr. I think Dixie iz pritty smart MOL

  8. Oh yeah, 15 miles, easy-peasy! BOL!! The leaves sure are beautiful and I love the idea of the wildlife watching house.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Silly Dixie!

  9. Hi Shawnee, we loved the story about Dixie visiting the ladies in the toilet hahahahaha. That was so funny, mum was cracking up.

    You are nearly the same colour as some of those beautiful leaves. You could play hide and seek.

    Our mum walks all year through too, cause she can't stop eating cake and chocolate. Silly old girl. See ya buddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. Thanks for the great hike and stories. I love seeing all the fall colors. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. I know Dixie just wanted to be sure your mom was safe and not on an adventure without her. I did like your hike, Shawnee. There's still quite a bit of color out there!

    But, yes--come on spring!!

  12. Your pictures of fall are wonderful! I MOL'd at the story about Dixie in the powder room. She really was naughty.

    Can't wait to see your winter hikes.

    Thanks for commenting for my commentathon. I did reach my goal! Poor Mom. She's gonna have to shell out lots of green papers. ha ha ha. She didn't think I'd do it.

  13. I haz been inspektin your pishures under a micreescope and I am pretty sure then one wiv all the falln down leeves be a picture of my back garden. It look da same anyways. You should have knocked, we could ave had tea.

  14. Dixie was just being like the bathroom attendant, you know, the peoples who ask if you needs towels or mints or whatever? I think it's a good job!!

    Mom noticed today all our pretty leaves are falling away was a lot brighter in the back yard with all the leafs gone. But we don't get snows, we just get cold...and mud. :)

  15. Do the horsies poop all over the place on those horse trails. Up here they do and I have to walk around it! They should have to pick it up like we do. Hmph.

    woof - Tucker

  16. Mommy was laughing and laughing at your Dixie story.

  17. Shawnee,

    A 15 mile hike is Ho-Hum? I don't think so! ;)
    Dat Dixie just cracks me up!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  18. Shawnee.
    hee hee i do what dixie do. momma takes me into bafrooms sometimes and I peekies at the other ladies. They usually giggle. I don't know.. must be a cattle dog thing.

    Anyways your short hikes still be long. I keep seeing the squirrels packing things up... no more birds.. just honkers like woo. hey no chicken jerky snack break shot today? what gives....that george guy gets around. there be signs about him over here too.

  19. Hi Shawnee! I can tell you were super busy helping your mom. That's my kind of busy!

    I LOVED the story about Dixie. She is so funny!

    Guess what? We used to live just a few miles away from Washington's Crossing (about 20 minutes away or less) and Papa went there a lot to take pictures. Mama went with Papa last Christmas to see the Washington Crossing the Delaware reenactment. They loved it. Love the pictures of the fall leaves. The colors are so beautiful.

  20. Tehehehehe!! That be a fery funny story about what your Dixie done. Well, I finked it was funny.
    Mumma just sayed, " I know a blue dog what would do that too....." I usually hafes to escort Mumma to the pawder room at home, because I don't be too sure that she cud find her way back to the rest of the house.
    I bet wooo be glad woooo don't hafes to help your mom rake up them leafes what falled down in that park!!!! Them trees do look real nekkid now. :(

    Tail wags
    Your pal,

  21. I'm sure glad you didn't have to help mom rake the leaves at that park - you would've been so tired!!

    There's something nice about fall hikes - all the leaves crunching...I love it!

  22. Gosh, we are SO late reading about your hike, you probably just finished ANOTHER one! Plus, it was really pretty today! This was a great hike! We'll bet even our ancient pawrents could do that flat hike :) Does it seem like there are MORE leaves falling down this year? Or is it just us? We don't like winter either and wish we could hibernate like bears!

    PeeS - If we don't get around before Thanksgiving, hope you all have a very wonderful one!

    The Road Dogs

  23. Dixie's adventure had me laughing out loud! Sounds like something Miss Stella would try to do. Another great hike!