Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Haunted Hike, Part Three

As you mite recall, Haley and I woz napping when all of a sudden we heared something and sounded the alarm:
Woz it the Haunted Dog of Hanging Hills?  Would we has to jump off the cliffs to get away?

I is embarrassed to repawt that it turned out to be a hiker wot Haley and I almost skeered the sawks off of.  Well, it could has been a demon wot had taken the shape of a hiker or a zombie hiker wot come back from the dead.  The cliff we woz on do be where many peeples has falled off and been made deaded. Honest mistake, I tell you.  I has nefur charged at anyone barking my fool head off afore and the moms told the hiker how furry sorry they woz fur our rude behaviors.  Haley and I hung our heads in shame.  The hiker woz a good sport about it and did not hold a grudge.  Hmmmm, mebbe he woz a demon in dis-guys after all?  I mean real peeples would has been furry mad about it.

It did, howefur, skeer the poo out of me.
Proof of Poo
Why do this be so spooky, you mite ask?  Well, mebbe you dussn't know that in my 10 and one half years on this earth I has NEFUR EFUR poo'd while on a hike.  Until now.  Mom has NEFUR EFUR had to carry a bag of Shawnee poo.  Until now. I be thinking it mite help ward off demons.  It warded off Haley's mom coz she did not want to be down wind of my mom, even with it dubull bagged.  I think I mite be onto sumpin here.

Anudder skeery cold spot with snow but I is fresh out of poo.
Then an abandoned pawty spot with lots of litter.  Litter, or did they has to run fur their lives nefur to return to get their pawty stuffs?
Or woz the pawtiers deaded by a chainsaw massaker?  YIKES!  Mom, hold that bag of poo high!
I found some blood and guts from the chainsaw massakers.  Gross.
Shhhh.  There be a haunted hayride ahind those trees.  The poo bag has warded them off in the udder direkshun.
Then, Oh. My. Dog. I founded the hideout of The Black Dog of Hanging Hills.  RUN EFURRYONE! WAVE THE POO BAG!
We made it to the end of the hike wot be the same as the beginning of the hike and duss you notice something missing?  The trail be all clear.  Wot happened to the gnarly fingers of the blowdowns wot grabbed our furs? The chainsaw massaker peeples must has deaded them too. Even the spooks is not safe around here.
Our car!  Hurry, efurryone in the car!
Whew.  Safely in the car.  Now step on it mom, we is dropping Haley and her mom at their car and we is going HOME!
And we drived off into the sunset.

~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~


  1. Ruh roh, I think I missed some posts, part one and two! You have never pooped on a hike?? I have not been on two many hikes in my day, but I am pretty sure I would poop along the way. BOL!!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Whut a skeeery hike that was. Good think your poo helped to save you all. A good job Shawnee. AND we like the story and pictures that went with the hike.
    Happy Tailwags

  3. omaigoonessgrayshush Shawnee! Iz holded mai brefs til you maded it to teh car. That wuz teh skardiest hikes evar!

  4. Oh thank god you're okay and it's not the Spirit of Shawnee typing this!!

    Now poo, yes, it's very powerful. I know this cause when Duncan poos on a hike (all the time!!!) I has to carry it in my backpack!! Maybe now I know cause mom and dad are trying to protekt me? Surely it's not cause it's stinky massive Duncan poo?

    Glad you made it! What a great adventure! Can you imagine how skeery it would have been if you ACTUALLY went on Howl-o-ween!! OMD!!

  5. Wow! That hike was filled with all sorts of scary stuffs! Glad you were able to produce some emergency Shawnee poo to carry you all to safety! Did that hiker that sneaked up on you have to borrow a poo bag, too?! BOL! Oh, sorry, Mom said that was gross! That was a fun adventure, though, if a bit scary - thanks for sharing it with us!

    The Road Dogs

  6. BOL - love the bag of poop :)

  7. Dat was a really skeery hike. Furst you lose da Momma and den all kinds of weird stuffs happen. It really be a good ting your Mom had dat bag of poo to get you back home safely. You shoulds puts dat bag in your backpack for da next hike!!! Just sayin'

  8. Phew! I haz ben so worried for you Shawnee. I am glad I dint find you dead by dog or spirits at the end. Good werk wiv da poo bag too. They can haz that trick for the next Halloween movie for sure.

  9. Wowserz, that sign was scary! Glad you made it out of there safely!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  10. Of course, I started at Part III and read backwards, but this was a most magnificent hike--poop and skeery hiker and all the cracks and crevasses! That would have scared the poo out of me too! I'm just glad you made it out of there safely and the Black Dog didn't show up! Except in disguise......

  11. OMC! That was some skeery hike. No wonder you poo'd in the forest. I would have too! *shudder* Glad you came out safe and sound. *pawhugs*

  12. "da powwa of da pooh"
    good thing you made some just in time.

    Good Girl Shawnee

  13. BOL Shawnee!! You had the power INSIDE YOU all the time!!

    The first skerry black dog looked like Puddles, butt the second one looks like US!! EEEK!!

    Glad you all made it out of there alive!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  14. Shawnee, we think this is one of our favorite hikes - you made it seem like quite the adventure. Ciara has one thing in common with you - she never poops on our walks, and Dakota didn't either, must be a girl thing, we boys can go anywhere - BOLOLOL!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. WHEW... I am soooooo very much glad that these SCARY Hikes are OVER...

    HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... GIRRRRL you are on to somethingy Amazing here. You can have your mom Bag Up ALL of your Poops and Save them Until NEXT OCTOBER and SELL them to all of us to WARD OFF THE DEMONS AND GHOSTS AND SPOOKY SCARY STUFFS.
    Girrrrrrl you will be a BAZILLIONAIRE!!! Who Knew your Poo was SOOOOOOOOOO powerful!!!????
    Put me down fur a pre order.

  16. Loved your story Shawnee! You and Haley look pretty done in by the end of it all.

  17. This was great and so funny! We're MOL'ing and LOL'ing over here. Shawnee, I'm thinking your poo may even more powerful than Simba's and that's no small feat. If we ever have a chainsaw crazy come here, I'll have her wave the litter box at him. Really, I'm just amazed that you went poo out there for the very first time!

    Great story!!

  18. Oh Shawnee, we are just so glad everybuddy got back to the car in one piece. Thank Dog for your amazing Power of the Poop. Probably that's why nothing ever happens to us out walking cause I just like to poop every single time. Mum loves it. Honest. We loved your story even though we had to sit on mum's lap to listen. No worries, and love Stella and Rory

  19. I can't believe you have never pooped on a hike before! I make a point of pooping 2 or 3 times on every hike. I like to make sure Mommy has something to carry.

  20. BOL! What a great adventure! I LUVED it!!! :D Good thing you had the poo to keep those evil spirits at bay ;)
    Glad you are off the mountain and safely back at home :D

    Waggin at ya,

  21. You POOPED?! Holy cow!!! Glad you had that bag of poo for an added weapon, though!

  22. Wow it is a good thing that you created the poo bag safety mechanism! It looks like no one was safe in those woods without it!

    Nubbin wiggles,