Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mountaintop Meadow Hiking

Today we woz at Trexler Nature Preserve in Pencilvania where we hiked ofur 11 miles and had pawsome advenshures with lots of wildlife, or not so wild mebbe.  Anyhoo, furst I need to tell you about my new hiking gear.  I woz surfing the innerwebs the udder day looking at dog hiking gear and OMD, I seened this and just HAD to has one!

Mom thought this woz a GREAT ideer coz it do be such a pain hauling my leash along and this way I has a collah (in sporty no-huntin-me orange, of course) with a magic leash inside.  It came by UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) the udder day, just in time fur today's hike.  I gibs you a quick demo.  I dussn't has any snazzy muzak and nefur mind the patched up hole in the fence wot the neybor dogs made so they can do snarly face at us.

I had to do that moovie in slo-mo coz mom walks too fast.

So, on to our hike now!  Furst we seened rilly wild wildlifes and mom woz all like SQUEEEEEE and saying good morning at them and stuffs and they thought mom woz weird.
So at the nature center, OMD, you can walkie up on the ROOF, fur real!
Going up on the roof of the nature center.
Ta da! Seeniks from the roof.
And seeniks from the ground.
So we woz in the rolling hills of Pencilvania and efurry time we commed to the top of a hill, it woz seeniks all around.  We woz on seenik overload!
Wot do we has down here in the field?
OMD, it be elk - this do be the furst time I efur seened elks.  Kinda like the deers I think.
This nature preserve has a zoo in the middull and I is not allowed in there but I can look down inside from the mountaintop.
That ahind me is the Schlichers Covered Bridge wot woz builded in 1882.
We went inside the bridge but cars is not allowed to anymore coz it be too old.  They is going to build a new one in 2013 with 90% new stuffs so the old one be all gone.  I say leave it alone and let peeples and dogs walk thru it.  Cars dussn't need to drive thru the nature preserve.  Peeples should hike here, not drive here.
Then I had to go up steps on a bridge and mom thought I would be all skeered and stuffs coz you know how skeered I is of steps.  Well, watch this:

You know why I woz not skeered?
The skeery stairs woz camooflodged with LEAVES so they looked like NATURE! Brilliant!
We commed to anudder mountaintop where there be fields of veggies (BLECH!).
OMD, wot is this?
I had mom engage the magical walking string so we could go check it out.
It be horsies and they stopped to say at me NEYYYYY and that meaned "snazzy magical collah you has there."  They had some pritty snazzy leg warmers, too.
More seeniks on the way up to a break spot.
Break time.
Break ofur, moving on...
I see something atop that hill.  Mom, engage magical walking string and let's go check it out.
WOWSERS!  It be a bison!  This one woz HUGE and there woz a gabillion of them!
A gabillion bison and a gabillion bison poo.
It woz a pawsome hike and I LOVE my new hiking collah!


  1. Cool new collar, Shawnee. And another fun hike. Wowe, elk and bison!!! And lots of big bison poop:)

    Glad you and Mom had such a nice hike.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Wow Shawnee

    Those were some cool lookin elk and deer. My Vickie said her and Jamie met a big buffalo on a search one night. They were lucky the big guy didn't get mad at them and tromple them.

    I think I would like seeing them on the other side of a fence, myself.

    Thanks for takin us along on all your hikes


  3. OMC Shawnee you hazd so meny avenchures I canawt baleeves it all happened in one hike! That noo majikal collar iz amayzin AN fashunubul. Thoze wild aminals iz skardy mai tayl iz huj jush lookin at em - eek!

  4. Oh! Deers! hehehehe

    Love the new collar!! Is very sporty!

  5. Hi Shawnee, that collar is definitely pawsome. What a great idea. Mum usually ties the lead around her waist and it is annoying she says. We love the bison. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. That was a fantastical hike, and I am SO impressed by your new hiking collar. Do you think it would hold a dog who pulled hard on the leash? I'm wondering if Dad and Kuster would like one for when they do their training stuff.

    That was some ginormous poop!

  7. Yes, that was a pawsome hike and I love that new collar... magical and all.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Elk!!! You saw ELK!!! OMD, that's exciting. Buffalo are exciting, too, but Elk are amazing! What did they think of you?

    That covered bridge is lovely and looks very peaceful. I sure like that break photo - that would be my favorite time of the hike.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Wow, wot an excitin time for you my pal. I might haz freeked out seein them bisons up close like that. I wonder if @sidthecatahoula has seen yer blog cos I no he love to see wildlifes which he dont see in Cheecargo.

  10. Hi Shawnee,
    Wow, you look like my kind of pupper!! Just found your blog and look forward to following your adventures. If you have time check out my's got a GSD in it too!!!
    hugs, val

  11. That collar is brilliant!! Wonder if it comes in hot pink??

    And dude...that was A LOT of poo! WOW! Time to cut back on the fibers!!

  12. What a gorgeous hike for a gorgeous pup! I love seeing megafauna on our hikes--but the dogs go nutso! Shawnee seems very well-behaved :)

  13. OoH My Doggies Shawnee!

    Dis hike has it all, a fancy new hikin' collar, beeOOtiful seeniks, covered bridges, stairs, elk, bison (and bison poo), horses and YOU!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. Wowee! I didn't know there were bison and elk near where you live. Now you won't come here to see bison and elk. :(

  15. That is a great new collar and perfect for you. But your mom is very well behaved so it is probably plenty strong to keep her attached. If a dog had humans that were not well behaved (like mine) do you think the leash would keep them attached too?

    I think I like the elk better than just plain deer. I like that extra fur around their necks.

  16. Wow! What a great hike! Elk, horsies and bison. You have to watch out for those horsies tho because they will steal your snacks if you aren't careful. We had that happen once. And the way you went up those stairs like, "yeah, I do stairs all the time", was fantastic.

  17. Hiya there Shawnee, Mumma hafe not letted me read your bloggie recently. Well, it mostly be bekcause her & the hu-Dad hafe been travellin'. But not wif me. No, they just leaves me at da prison camp fur doggies.
    That be a fery fantastic hike - bootiful seenicks and critters and that old bridge. Mumma & I finks the same as wooo and your mom - those 'fix eferyfink up' humans should just leafe the bridge for feets & paws to walk on it. There be no need for drivin' over it.

    Slobbers & tail wags

    Pee Sssss - That new collar wif the magical walking string be pawsome. And that colour be fery nice wif your brown furs.

  18. Shawnee that magic walking collar is fantastic! So glad your Mom ordered it for you! Orange is my favorite color! :D

    You got to see some BIG wildlife on this hike! Wow! I've never seen any of those animals before. We have deer here butt they are very small and rarely seen. Thank you for sharing your hike! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  19. Shawnee, we cant even read your post cuz we are soooo excited about that collar!! We want two!!
    -Bart and Ruby

  20. I is so scared of deer. I bark like crazy when I sees them. I was in the car when the car two in front of us hit a huge buck - I was so scared!

    woof - Tucker