Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Hike

Sorry to be so rude and gibing you my backside but impawtant new furrends incoming!

Meet my new furrend Diesel.  He be 8 years old.  We hiked togedder fur a bit while my mom and his dad did yak, yak, yak, yak, yak...
We had a tail-gait pawtay at Blue Mountain Lakes ...
... sniffed some public pee pail...
... and confidenshull pee mail.
We even did some zoomies.
Diesel showed me seeniks at Indian Rawk.
Seenik at Indian Rawk.
Then Diesel and his dad be going anudder way and we sayed good bai.  Wot fun times me and Diesel had!
Here I is at Hemlock Pond.
More Hemlock Pond.
Then I found that Appalachian Trail again.
The Appalachian Trail taked us to Crater Lake.  I woz there afore on the udder side.
So mom rememmered when we hiked this pawticular stretch of the Appalachian Trail afore there be a steep skeery rawk wall wot we needed to go down and she had to yank me, make me fall and catch me assist me in getting down.  So mom woz a little worried that I be gibbing her a hard time about getting me down again but joke be on her coz I went down all by myself ahead of mom!  I showed her!
My route down the skeery rawk wall.
This be a swamp.
This be the road back to our car.  Irene nommed this road up.
So we hiked 12.5 miles today.   This dog should has been werking out with us!


Lucy the Cat said...

First, I just want to say that this place is beautiful and all your pictures are just gorgeous. I definitely can't pick a favorite. However, I love the ones of you and Diesel by the lake and doing the zoomies.

I'm so happy for you getting down that skeery rock all by yourself!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WOW... I like Diesel. Will you be going on hikes with him again? He looks super fun.

It looks like it was a BEAUTIFUL day fur hittin the trails.

PeeS.. I loved the comment you left fur somebuddy the other day... about the mom gettin her UnderFurs all in a Bunch. hehehehe Now THAT was hysterical girrrrrl.

Dog Fence said...

Wow, That was really cool adventure with your dad! hiking is the best way to enjoy our life with nature :D

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rottrover said...

We love meeting new furiends on the trail. Diesel looked like a good match for you!! LOVED the Volkswagen ad!!

-Bart and Ruby

BOL! our vari word is PEEJA!!!

Maggie Mae said...

OoH Shawnee,

What a wunderful Super Bowl Day hike! Gotta is gettin' very very excitin' !

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Berts Blog said...

What a super beautiful place you hiked today. Diesle looks like a cool dog to play with and walk with too.

Gosh, you sure have a great life Shawnee.

Mr. Pip said...

Tail-gate pawty! Bawahahahahahaha! That's the funniest thing I have read in awhile.

Your pal, Pip


Huh Shawnee
Your new pal diesel has a fluffy tail like my MFT pal Khyra. I bet he wishes there was snowballs. Nice work on the skeery decent... jeepers it was trickery.


houndstooth said...

Diesel looks like a fun sort of guy! I hope you get to go hiking with him again!

I agree! That dog should definitely be out hiking with you, Shawnee! He'd be able to outrun that red car for sure!


Bailey Be Good! said...

Great hike! You're so lucky you had a friend to travel with! :)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Max the Quilt Cat said...

What a beautiful hike... Glad you made it down that rock wall. That does look dangerous....

Have a great day.

Kolo Martin said...

Oh wow you do live in a beautiful place and you had lots of fun with Diesel!

3 doxies said...

Bwhahahahaha...OMD, dat guy from da commercial looked liked he hads a butt in his mouf...hehehe.

Okays, on to udder things...Diesel is very handsome.
I wonders what dat confidential pee mail said...hmmmmm,


marley said...

Diesel and Shawnee sittin in a tree....K.I.S.S.I.N.G....he he. He looked like a pawsome pal.

Anna the GSD said...

Wow a huskerwoo off leash?? Impressive! Not as impressive as your mad evil-killer-rock-climbing skillz!!

Mariodacat said...

You had a great hike Shawanee and how nice to meet a new pal to share part of the hike with,

Busy Buttons said...

Was Diesel a Giant Alaskan Malamute? He looks like the dog that tried to EAT ME, and he was a malamute, so that's why I'm wondering...

sagechronicles said...

Ooooh, Diesel is one cool dude. I sure hope you found some good pee mail out there. I've found some really interesting stuff, let me tell you! Stuff you don't want to repeat....sssshhhh.

And would you believe, your "word verification" word is...drum roll....SCENT! Did you plan that?

Kari in Vegas said...

What a fun outing. Yes humans like to yak during hikes

Stop on by for a visit

Stewey said...

Great super bowl Sunday hike, Shawnee! Blue Mountain Lake looks

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Shawnee, Stella went into a swoon when she saw your friend Diesel. She says he looks like a keeper for you for sure (i.e. wrap your paws around him and don't let go hehehe).

Great photos of your hike. You and your mum must be very fit. We loved the advertisement too. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Merlin Wylt said...

Another great hike. You have become very brave about those steps lately!

Ruger said...

Hiya pal!!!

What good funs you hafed with your new furiend! I hope woooo can pawsuade your Mumma to take woooo hiking wif him again.

Meybe wooo is gitting better at them steps & rawky places because your a-line-ments is making woooo feel better? Did your mom follow your suggestions about how to git down that rock wall?

Happy zoomies