Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blogville Christmas Tree Prize Winner

If'n you all rememmer way back last year at Chrissmusstime, Roo ofur at Roo's Doins asked fur cobblers to make ornaments fur the Blogville Chrissmuss tree.   My sis Dixie made her speshull snowflek ornament with her teefs and I sent it to Roo fur her.
In an eggsiting random drawing of the pawticipating cobblers my sis Dixie woz picked as THE WINNER!  And the winning prize prezzie woz a speshull hand painted ornament from Irene Featherstone!

So it taked so long to get the ornament, not coz Irene be a slow painter but coz mom be a slacker and furgot to send Irene the informashun she needed until Irene had to REMIND her!  So mom finally got her act togedder and sent Irene pikshures of Dixie and telled her stories about Dixie to gib her inspirashuns fur the painting. 
Dixie, even in her eggsitement of getting a prize prezzie, do be furry gentle with the package coz it say "FRAGILE".
Thank dog there woz lots of bubble wrap for pawtekshun coz we all had to stick our snooters in there.
Mom would not let us dig the box out with our paws coz we mite break the ornament. So she dug it out with her hands.
Yup, that be my sis Dixie.
Yup, that be Dixie, fur sure!
Dixie! Put your ears up!
Ta da!
So the story wot inspired the painting be how mom and Dixie furst met.  Mom woz at the dog catcher's place (the dog pound) and had her car doors open in the parking lot.  Some peeples was there looking to adopt a dog and they taked Dixie out in the field next to the dog pound.  Dixie made her big eggscape when the peeples dropped the leash.  Dixie jumped rite into mom's car.  The dog catcher did not like Dixie and Dixie did not like the dog catcher.  Well, he commed ofur to mom and sayed if'n those peeples did not take Dixie home with them that day, he woz going to make her DEADED!  So mom told Dixie to stay rite where she woz in the car and mom dognapped her and brought her home.  So the painting shows the field in the background where Dixie did jail break and commed to live here almost 12 years ago.

Thank you Irene fur the most pawsome painting of Dixie and thank you, Roo, fur hasing the most pawsome constest!


  1. Ohmydogness..........first we were totally cracking ups at Miss Doxie's 'snowflake'! Then, we got all teary-eyes at the story of how your mom dog-napped her! YAY fur Miss Dixie..........her is soooo beautifuls, and that ornament captures her most beautiful self! momma even liked the BOX that the ornament comed in. How cute!

  2. Hey Dixie!
    Wow, what a great pressie! It looks so pretty just like you. I love your dognapping story and you obviously ended up in the perfect pack. How sweet that your prize shows the field. Pawesome!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. What a fantastic story about how Dixie and your mom came to love each other! I'm glad your mom was in that parking lot -- but not as glad as Dixie, I bet!

    I love the ornament! Mom is envisioning them on the dog tree right now!


  4. Hurray fur Dixie's grate eskaype! Its teh bestest thing an her ornamint iz pritty too *purrr*

  5. What a cool story and bootiful Christmas Tree Ornanment.

  6. well for starters that snowflake was really good, well done xxx
    the bauble of dixie is fabtastic!!! and the story you told her to get inspired was so lovely. very good job you rolled up just when you did eh.
    big hugs

  7. Wow! What a rescue story! Yay for your Mom! and very smart smooth move on your part Miss Dixie :D

    That ornament turned out fantastic! What a memory bauble you and Irene have created! Just grand! :D

    Good to see you all are doing well :D

    I've missed yaz!

    Waggin at ya,

  8. The ornament is just beautiful. And, the story about Dixie is even more beautiful. You're a very lucky pup, Dixie!

  9. OH MY WORD... that is just a GLORIOUS dogoration. AND it is perfect fur hanging up ALL YEAR!!!

    Dixie you certainly did a wonderful job on YOUR Tree DOGoration and certainly deserved to win this FAB Prize Pressie!!!

    I love your story about how you made your escape from the Evil DogGrabber guy!!!

  10. I still gets da giggles when I sees Dixie's most beautiful snowflake, it's just gawjuss!
    Dat ornament withs her face on it is just priceless. It is very beautifully done and I just adres da story behind it. I can sees your mom bouts to pounce on da catcher man, I thinks her would has done it too.


  11. That ornament is beautiful! You sure were lucky to win that contest. I agree with Frankie that you should hang that up year round.


  12. We thought that was a cool snowflake. But we just love Dixie's ornament - even more we love the story about how she came to be a part of your family.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Beautiful ornament! I love that my former foster sis Dixie had such a happy ending to her story!!!

  14. Shawnee, your sissy got the most wonderful ornament ever. It looks just like her. We LOVED the story of how she came to live with your family. Horrible old dog catcher. He sounds like a meanie. Dixie knew a good mum when she saw one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. Well, we is not fursure sure which is the most booutiful deckoration - the one what Dixie maked, or the prize one what she got. They is bof special in their own ways.
    But we fursure sure know that we is glad your mom was right in that carpark that day. Dixie did sure pick the right car to git into.
    We also come by to tell woooo that we gifed woooo an Award. :)

    Happy tail wags

  16. Oh well done for Dixie!! She is a most bootiful doggie and also very clever wiv all dat escapin. We do send wuzzes for her and some to share for all of you. Woof

  17. Dixie, you have the bestest Mom in the whole wide world! Sounds like a dognapping that was meant to be.

    And now you have your very own ornament to prove it!