Sunday, February 26, 2012

Therapeutic Hiking

I did not knows if'n we would be hiking this weekend coz here be mom all week:
Yup, that be how old she looked hobbling around all hunched ofur and stuffs.  Her back went wonky.  I think she broked it. She went to her chiropractor and it helped some, at least enuff that she could walk better.  So today we decided to check out a park kinda closer to us wot udder hikers say be a kind of an icky place to hike coz the trails and map be confuzzling.  We figgered this way, nuttin lost if'n mom's back did not gib full cooperashuns and we had to cut the hike short.  Well, furrends, once I dragged mom up and down hills mom got to moving, her back went BACK into place and woz FINE!  And, turns out that park has new trails and a new map and it woz wonnerful and I dragged mom around hiked fur 10 miles!
There woz lots of seeniks through the trees.  In the summertime the trees hide the seeniks.
Wowzer! Somebuddy woz bizzy with their chain saw clearing the trail fur us.  Thanks!
I had to cross creeks on rawks.
Then the trail went on the road a bit so I had to put mom on the walking string.
The trail taked us to a cornfield on the FARM!
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Farmer fur letting us walk around your cornfield!
We did find one of the furst signs of spring - skunk cabbage be popping out of the ground!
We had lots more waters to cross.
At the top of this mountain woz an old chimney thing and part of a peeple potty - ewwww.  Must be from the old farm house wot used to be here afore they gibbed the land to be a nature preserve.
We had to go down this rawky trail...
... down to the bottom on this flat trail where a train used to go.
The Musconetcong River do be down there.
I found some falling waters speshull fur Frankie but they be much prittier seeing them in furson.
So we got back to the parking lot and I seened this pawsome car.  I think mom should pimp our ride like that.
So then on the way home I seened this sign and OMD, mom flipped a u-turn and went back!
You see, mom dussn't buy eggs in the store coz those chickuns is treated rilly, rilly bad even if'n the eggs say they is organic.  Used to be those organic cage-free egg chickuns woz treated better but not by much.  So the only time mom buys eggs is when we pass a farm while hiking where the chickuns run free!  Well, in a fence so the foxes dussn't nom them but they is happy chickuns with lots of space to be chickuns and flap their wings and nom on grass and bugs and stuffs.  If'n you think the eggs you buy is cage-free, check here to be sure coz many rilly is not.
Pashuntly waiting while mom say yak, yak, yak with the egg farmer man.
Eggs.  It's wot's fur dinner.


  1. I bet your human don't really look like that.

    You are so lucky. Even with a sore back your mom takes you hiking.

    I am glad she got feeling better.

    Those eggs look good good good.

    We have a friend who loves her chickens and they get to be free an dhappy all the time. Those are the eggs we get too.

    see ya soon.

  2. Thats so grate your moms back got all betters an you had such a grate hike an eggs!

  3. You taking your mom on a hike was probably the best thing for her back. They say exercise works wonders, as long as it isn't over done. Nothing like farm fresh eggs - they are the very best.

  4. One thing mom does not miss from NY is stinky old skunk cabbages. MOL

    What a pawsome hike. I'm glad it made your mom's back better.

    We agree with your mom about eggs. Mom only buys eggs from cage free chickens. They sell them in the grocery store here.

  5. Nice of you to take your mom out and get her back healed up, Shawnee!

    My favorite foto was you, waiting in your, Let's Get This Show on da Road! Heehee

    PeeS....and it be very nice that your mom is so kind to da chicken populations

  6. Also, chickens that aren't caged have cleaner, better tasting eggs. Mom used to have lots of chickens growing up, and our current conditions don't allow for it - but she misses those good eggs!


  7. You means eggs comes in cute little shapes? How coms our eggs comes in a carton?????? And then you has to pour 'em out? Sumptin' must be wrong at my house.

    I'm glads your mom's back is betters, it was prolly cuz you put hers on da walkin' string.


  8. I am very much glad that your mom's back is WAY better!! That turned out to be a GRRRRREAT hike place. THAT is really cool so somethingy GOOD came out of the BAD back.

    Thank you fur the falling waters pic and all the different rocks. You are such a grrrrreat furend.

    Those Eggs look amazing.. I hope everybuddy notices how YELLOW they are. THAT is how they SHOULD be.

  9. oh shawnee you have the best adventures!!! i wish we had places like that near us. that skunk cabbage looks freaky :S never seen one of them before does it stink then? is it to atract flies? glad you had some yummy eggs for tea. i tried stormy with some once and he was very unimpressed, he mashed it all over the carpet and then left it. xxxxx

  10. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm so happy your Mom is all better now! Great outdoorsy pix. Gosh, creeks, river, rocks, chimney, fields, road, waterfall, you had it all!! Now that's a pawesome hike. Not a big egg fan, but those chix should run free ... especially if I can chase them! BOL.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. You got brave Momma goin into da woods wit a bad back. You might of had to carry her out yourself. Butt all is well so dat be good!

    No snows on dat hike, me sees!

  12. Phew! Wot a releef. We was worried mum mite be crocked and unable to be taked on any more hikes..nice nommin face BTW

  13. So glad your mom's back is feeling better. My mom has some back problems, too, so she can relate.

    We are super picky about where our eggs come from and only buy from a local, humane farm.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Your mom's like K's mom - if the back hurts do some serious exercise!! WOWZERS!! Glad she's better!

    -Bart and Ruby

  15. Your poor mom! I'm sorry she was so poorly! My mom is today, too. What on Earth is skunk cabbage? Does it stink? Your hike looks awesome!


  16. Howdy Shawnee, we are so glad you fixed your mums back with a good walk. We loved your photos of your hike and we agree, cage free is the best. Our neighbours have chooks (that's Oz for chickens) and we get eggs from them, mmmmm, yummers. See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. OMD, I thought you'd taken a picture of my Mom for a minute! Oops, sorry Mom....

    Sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, we get some eggs from Mom's son's chickies. They are delish, so I know what you mean!

    I'm really glad you got to get a little stinky on your hike, Shawnee. That's what us dogs gotta do, right?

  18. I SO think woo should pimp your ride!

    Of khourse, woo need a 'My German Shawnee is smarter than your honour stooooodent' to start!

    I'm glad woo helped heal your mom's bakhk with some thairpootikhk hiking!

    PeeEssWoo: We have lots more khrokhis out there now - just wrong!