Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold Day Hiking

Even tho the wevver peeples sayed it woz going to be furry cold and windy on Sunday, me and mom decided if'n we hiked way down in a gorge, we would not get frozened by the wind becoz it would not be able to reach us.  Brilliant!  But I wore my new ofurcoat just in case to keep my unnercoats warm.  Mom had to put on eggstra unnercoats. 
So at my house we nefur got the snow we woz supposed to get but this hike woz only 45 minits away from my house and OMD, they has some snow!  Check out wot the cold snow and winds did to my water bottle!
Brrrr.  My water bottle had an ofurcoat on too but it got frozened and mom had to break thru the icy sickulls to pour me a drink of ice cold water!
I found sumpin furry interesting ofur here...
Nobuddy be home but I wonner who lives here?
Skooze me, I is reading pee mail, but this is supposed to be a seenik of Solitude Lake and Dam but, the waters has been leaked out and the falling waters of the dam be shut off coz they is doing construkshuns on the dam.  Wowser, wot an ugly seenik!  (All the pee mails agree with that assessment.)
We is walking by the ugly dry lake when wot do I see?
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.  Hey, who duss this look like to you?
So I hurried mom away from there and then wot do I see...
...eggscaped snowmans from Frankie's house!
Finally we made it to the pritty part of the hike along the river in the gorge.  The icy winds did not reach my furs down here.
Later we be going atop that bridge on the Columbia rail trail but now we go unner it.  That bridge woz built in 1891 after the furst wood bridge broked when a freight train went ofur it in 1885.  The bridge, freight train, efurrything went down into the river.  Only one person woz deaded.  You can read the whole story here.
Can you beleef there be a man fishing IN the ICY river?  Brrrrr.  Mom asked him if'n he wozn't frozened and he say no, it feel good in there and we should come on in.  We sayed to him thanks, but no thanks.  Brrrrr.
I is on that rail trail now where the trains used to go in the olden days.  Now it be joggers and bicycles and ME!
The rail tail even has speshul posts fur leaving pee mail on and they even has nummers on them wot say how far to the next pee mail!
Now I is going across that bridge wot I went unner afore.
We only had 2 more miles to go on our hike and it woz only 10 o'clock in the morning coz the hike had been all easy peasy flat so mom asked if'n I wanted to hike ofur to anudder park 2 miles away and grab a map to plan a hike fur anudder day coz they did not has their maps online.  I say "Bring it!"
So we got to that park and decided to do a little hike there anyways while we woz there.  I slipped off the rawk crossing a creek and BRRRRR my paw got cold!
We found some Fred Flintstone rawk chairs in the middle of the woods. Not furry comfy coz they has no stuffins.
The park has an observatory where you can look fur aliens but they woz closed.
Then we commed to a seenik of a reservoir that did not has the waters leaked out of it.
The seenik biggified.
So mom and I started figgering out how many miles we needed to hike to get back to our car and OMD, we made a miscalculashun somewhere.  I mean, I is a dog and I is not eggspected to know math but mom could use a remedial refresher course.  Let me just tell you we needed to head on back coz we had a long, long, long, long, long, long, long way to go.
A long, long, long long, long, long, long way back...
Finally heading back down into the gorge.
The rail trail went by these peeples' house and they had a silly skeery crow.  He not be looking so skeery to me.
I found some more FURniture but it has no stuffins either.
So we finally got back to our car and you will nefur beleef how far we hiked.  SEBENTEEN (yes, 17) miles!
This be wot a Shawnee looks like after hiking sebenteen miles.
Can you beleef I is not stiff or gimpy or nuttin today?  I had a good nite sleep next to the warm radiator in my hidey spot and I is good as new.  Mom do not be stiff or gimpy either.  Thank dogness coz we need our meals served.


  1. It sure does look cold there to us, Shawnee. Glad you had that warm coat on. 17 miles!!!! That is awesome, but then you and your Mom always amaze us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Oh Shawnee, it does look cold! But you do look very stylish in your jacket especially sitting in that Fred Flintstone chair! I bet it felt much longer walking back to the car. Too bad about the miscalculation - my mom makes lots of those, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. You two constantly amaze me. You should be a search dog team cause you could really cover a lot of ground and find someone.

    For a minute I was scared for you when I saw the tree knot that looked like Allred. Cause, see, we dont' know where he is right now and I am terribly afraid for when and where he will show up.

    17 miles means you get to take a really good long rest tonight. You deserve deserve deserve it.

  4. We agree wif Bert, you and your sweet momma is amazing! You hiked 17 miles??? My mom looked at me and said no way to dat fur us! You deserve a good snooze after such a busy day !

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  5. Meowza sebenteen miles iz huj! You shure looks pritty in that fancee cote looking ovar seeniks an efurrythings. Iz nawt skarded of that ole skarcrow eethurr *keeps ware eye owt fur skarecrows*

  6. I felt a shiver go up my spine when I saw your foot in that cold water! Brrr! It looks like such a fun and interesting place. I wonder if that little house was for fairies or mice.

    I am going to have nightmares about that tree, though! Good heaven, Shawnee! A cat?! I'm going to tell Dad it's your fault when I have to curl up right between him and Mom tonight and be buried under all the covers. We have a tree like that near us, with a sign that blew into it during a tornado. I'll bark at Mom and see if we can go take a picture of it!


  7. I khould almost be to Harrisburg if i hiked that far!

    I am still trying to hoard my snows!

    I wonder if Frankie knows his pals are missing?


  8. shawnee that coat is fab you look great. looks like you had a really fun day :) whats on your collar by the way never seen anything like that before???

  9. Shawnee, I founded dat hike rather disturbin'...kittehs and squirrels in trees, a insane man fishin', Frankie's escaped snowfreaks, a scarecrow in da middle of no wheres, I could go on and on and on and on. I gotts say, you do seem to find da oddest stuffs where evers you go.

    I thinks dat litle bity house was a fairy house. Did you see any fairies? My Girl knows aaaaaaall bouts fairies and they is fur reals too.


  10. 17 ice cold weather...dat turns your water to ice....Me could go on and on bout how much me loves me nice warm house in da winter time. BRRRRRRRR

  11. Shawnee... those are NOT any of the snowmen from MY house.. PLEASE don't tell them where I live though..
    beclaws I do NOT want them comin HERE. AND you saw ALLRED on that tree!!! Aiiiiieeeeeeee Snowmen and Allred. PLEASE PLEASE do NOT EVER hike THERE again..that is the mostest scary hike you have EVER taken us on... even worst than Halloween. I am Shivering.. and not from the COLD either.
    Butt I did like the fairy house and the unstuffie furnitures.
    I am super glad that you and your mom neither one had any of the stiff gimpies!!!

  12. wow! i'm so gld u got away before dat skeery tree tried 2 eat u!! 17 miles!! holy moly!! thanks for sharin ur stories! i always lub seein dem! xoxo - zackrabbit

  13. An accidental 17 mile hike is a long way to go! How far did your Mom think you were going to go? Oh, and the nomming tree was funny.

  14. No stuffins in that chair... Um was Mayzie there? I mean her stuffies explode quite often, she might know what happened.

    woof -Tucker

  15. I love the tree eating the sign

    Stop on by for a visit