Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents' Day Hike

So with it being a howliday and all, I got to hike again!  Mom say that since we has been doing two hikes a week here lately, the nummers on the scale finally be going down fur her.  Her loss, my gain, BOL!

So we woz in Noo York, just the udder side of the New Joisey line and hiked 11.75 miles.  Furst we woz at Buttermilk Falls:
Ahhhh.  Pritty.
Then we commed to a memorial fur Sean Hunter Ryan ofurlooking the Hudson River.  He was from that pawt of Noo York where we woz hiking.  He then woz a park ranger in Mount Rainier National Park where he died when he fell trying to rescue a hiker.  How sad.
We had some seeniks looking back into Noo Joisey:
So then, here I is just la di da strolling along checking pee-mail off the sides of the trail...
When I stuck my snooter in a hole and seened....
OMD!  A CRITTER!  He commed flying out of his hole and I did wot any self respecting dog would do - I tried to grab him in my mouf...  until mom screamed...
Geez, such a pawty pooper.  She got her unnercoats all in a wad ofur that coz I is not supposed to bother the wildlifes.  Well, wot is a dog to do when they almost jump rite in your mouf?  So I let the critter go up the tree and did not bitey him.  Then mom woz all like telling him how sorry she woz I be so rood and woked him up but could she just take his pikshure and just one more pikshure and 25 pikshures later....
Furrends, this isn't just any plain old skwerrel, nope, this be a FLYING skwerrel, like this one:
So mom woz all eggsited coz she had nefur seened a flying skwerrel afore.  They only come out at night and that be why he look so sleepy.  And to think I woz just a whisker away from nabbing him.  She could has seened him up close and pawsonal instead of up in the tree.  Sigh.

So on with the hike.  The trail taked us to this place called Camp Bluefield Tweed Tunnels
These woz builded in 1910 so soldiers could practice shoosting their guns.  Udder soldiers could walkie through the tunnels to get around the camp without being shoosted.  But the bullets woz flying off the mountain down on the houses below and the peeples complaned so they had to stop shoosting.  Now peeples has decorated the tunnels with their artwerks.
You can still go inside the tunnels and here is a portal into the dark tunnels of doom...
Mom sayed no way woz we going in those tunnels so she just stucked her camera in the portal and shoosted a pikshure rilly quick:
Then we woz like so outta there and went to a pritty place with pine trees:
So you know how when peeples do a balloon salute when they let go all these balloons into the air?  You know where those balloons end up?
Mom poked it with her stick and...
Then we taked it with us and throwed it in the trash where it belonged.
More pritty pines.
Oops.  Somedog be out here hiking without his poo bags.
We hanged them up in a tree so if'n they commed back this way the dog and his peeple could see their poo bag dispensory.
Back at our car.


  1. Ineerestin views back into New Joisey there Shawnee. No Sopranos tho I notiss. Qute disappointin fur us in the Uk. We fort they was on every corner wiv theire noggty behaviours.

  2. He he, we jsut laughed and laughed about the flying squirell story. I bet it skeered the beejeebees out of you. (What ever beejeebees are)

    I stuck my nose in a hole once to and out came a badger. You shoulda heard my Vickie screamin as she rean the other way. It scared me so much I ran after her. Later I learned it was very smart to run away from badgers....

  3. Holy squirrels...dat squirrel hads some of da biggest eyeball I has evers seen! I just can't believes your mom wouldn't even lets you taste it.

    My mum says your mom is so smart furs not goin' in da portal. Hers bets da bugs in theres would be biggers than ya'll.


  4. Meowza that wuz a lotsa avenchures Shawnee! I wish I cud see a flying skwirrel to, that wuz kewl! An you iz smarts to stay owtta dat tunnel acuz it looks dirdy.

  5. How cool that you found that flying squirrel for your mom. Even though she yelled at you to leave it I think secretly she was glad you woke him up so she could get those pictures.


  6. Wow, a squirrel in your mouth (even for a second) is amazing! I know my Mom would be yelling at me to drop it too.....

    That's awful that 8 dogs jumped you on the trail. It's stuff like that that makes me NOT want to go back to the place where something like that happened. Good thing there's lots of trails!

  7. Oh dat poor dog wit no poo bag. Guess he be havin to hold it. Dat bag looks like it be purrty high in da tree. Maybe da dog will need da flyin' squirrel to get it down again!

  8. Oh, those tunnels look SCARY!!! I bet they'd be fun to squeak toys in -- like an echo chamber!

  9. How could your mom not go in the tunnel? We would have had to see what was in there! How cool that you got your mom on an extra hike this weekend. Hopefully that dog didn't need his poop bags!


  10. If a squirrel tries to fly into your mouth you should be allowed to bite the squirrel. Just saying.

  11. Dear friend,

    Sorry for not dropping in awhile :) I've been busy working (helping mom) thus kind of forgot to update my blog.

    I might not be able to post as often as before so please head over to my newest post and leave a comment so I could add you on mom's new site. With this we could still keep in contact and it'll easier for me to drop by often to your page :)

    Autumn & Jasmine

  12. you sure make me realize I need to hike more

    Stop on by for a visit