Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday Mini Hike and the Chiropractor

Can you beleef it has been a month alreddy since my last chiropractor appointment?  All has been well with my alinements and I is just going fur monthly maintenance to be sure efurrything stays alined but coz the chiropractor be in hiking country, mom takes a vakashun day and we do a shorter hike afore my appointment.
So here we is getting reddy to hike around Echo Lake but see that sign up above?
I has pawmit in my window.
No worries! Coz we woz able to get there on a week day when the watershed office woz open (and the watershed office is close to my chiropractor), mom went in and buyed us a pawmit so we can hike legally on the watershed lands.  That gibs us 35,000 acres more to hike on in Noo Joisey where we has nefur hiked afore!  And we can use the pawmit to hike all we want fur the rest of this year afore we has to go buy a new one fur next year. 
So here we go crossing ofur a dam.
And here I is at Echo Lake.
There woz these ducks in the lake called Common Mergansers.  Look at the gurl duck on the left - the gurls has this wild brown fevverdo going, BOL!  The one on the rite be a boy and he has his fevvers slicked back.
At the far end of the lake the beebers made a dam wot made a swamp.
I kinda falled in, yeah, that's rite, falled in the swamp.  Mom woz not amused that I reeked of swamp muck afore my chiropractor appointment.  Oops.
Wet, swamp-scented dog.  (Ahhh, nice!)
Hey! I found some snow and it be 50 degrees!
Mom had to climb ofur this tree coz she did not fit unner.  Thank dog nobuddy woz around to witness this.  I mean, she be my mom and I lubs her and all, but a graceful tree climber she is not.  Embarrassing.
We packed out some litter, too, and left Echo Lake an even more bootiful place.


  1. Shawnee, You are VERY good to pack out other peoples trash. You have the best hikes and the best seeniks. Wish we could go with you...
    How did you find the chiropractor? Glad it has helped you!!
    Ernie and pack

  2. What great pics, especially the ones with the birds flying.
    Did the chiropractor wrinkle up his nose when he smelled your lovely swamp smell?

  3. BOL!! You got all stinkafied before going to the chiropractor!!! Did he have to wear rubba gloves??

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. That wuz rill thawtfuls of yew to git stinked up nice fur dat chiroprakturr. Iz bet dat chiro wuz hapee you dids that I now I wud likes it.

  5. Wow your whole hike seemed like it was near water. Water Water, oh I want to hike along some water.


  6. That looks like a nice easy hike for you and mom - purrfect for a day when you have to cut it short. Great pictures.

  7. Have you ever visited Albert Payson Terhune's place? I think it is there in New Jersey!


  8. Ooooh, SwampWater Scent! Nice!!

    I'm gonna be sure an tell Lucy about this.....I think it would be a wonderful addition to her Avon fragrance line!

  9. Is that a poop bag being used for litters? *snickers*

  10. I suspect your Dr. was thinkin you smelled like... SUCCESS fur his good works on your back and stuffs. YEA fur YOU and THANKS to HIM.

    I am crazy about that pic of the geese!!!

  11. OOOOH...now you's can do even more hikin! And swamp snoopin! BOL

  12. Shawnee, we found your bloggie and we love it, you sure do go on some beautiful hikes. your so good at picking up trash!

    We can't wait to read more of your adventures :)


  13. What a great working dog woo are!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom is nodding in agreement that months go by sooooo furry khwikhkly - she has a difFURent way of knowing...just sayin'

  14. I am green with jellyness! You got two hikes and I got to sit in the van and watch the dogs do their tracking practice. I'm putting my paw down this weekend! No more promising hikes and then not delivering. I don't see anything wrong with eau de swampwater, either!


  15. Pawesome hike,Shawnee. Beautiful photos too. We loved learning about the boy and girl ducks with their funky feather dos:) You are at least lucky to have a mom who could get over that tree, ours would have said, nope, let's head back:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Mmmmm, swamp water. It sounds wonderful. You are so good to pick up others peoples trash. Why oh why, do they litter, those lazy bums. HOpe your chiropractor visit was good. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. He he, iffens you check out my werdless wednesday blog you will see i haz a wild air-do like dat ducky!!

  18. What a beautiful place for a hike!! Glad we found your blog. My pit bull Motley and I have a nice place like this too that we hike!!! Beautiful pictures and thanks for cleaning up!!! cant let these places go down hill.

    Check out my pit bull Motley and our adventures at http://thepitbullpalace.blogspot.com/ if you got time

  19. Echo Lake is a lovely place! Mom was smart to get a permit - now you have many more hikes in your future. I'm glad your chiropractic adjustments are going well. I think Arwen will have some of those in her future.

  20. You should get that permit for free since you are picking up the litter for them.

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