Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Lemon Squeezer Hike

Well, it be more like the "Mom Squeezer Hike" seeing as she still has not lost those annoyink 10 5 pounds.  I say sharing some of her noms with ME and more hikes would take care of that.  Oh, I furgot, mom dussn't nom meats - well furget about sharing noms. Anyhoo, we will get to the Lemon Squeezer in a minit.  The hike started out on that Appalachian Trail wot we run into efurrywhere but this time it be in Noo York
You mite notice sumpin not rite in my armpit.  Let me biggify it fur you:
It be all healed now, just stained from my slobbers but last weekend my skin be all angry red so I had to lick it and I licked so much I licked a hole rite into my armpit!  So wot duss mom do?  She made me wear THE CONE OF SHAME all week long while she cleaned it and put auntie bionics on it efurry day.  It woz horribull tortures, I tell you.  But I is not licking at it no more so mom put away THE CONE OF SHAME but she keeps checking to be sure I dussn't has slobbers on my furs or I has to wear it again.  So I lay here in my hidey spot saying to myself "No licking the armpit.  No licking the armpit.  No licking the armpit..."

Sorry, I digressed again.  Coz of the trauma.  So anyhoo, mom taked off werk yesterday coz it be 50 degrees and a bootiful day and the wevver peeples sayed this weekend be snowy and horribulls altho rite now, Saturday afternoon, they is changing their minds again so we mite get anudder hike in tomorrow.  We shall see.

We climbed up on this mountain wot has a little bit of seeniks.
On the udder side of the mountain woz this old road wot woz builded in 1905.
Then there woz Island Pond but it woz too cold to get my furs we it in that early in the morning.  No 50 degrees yet.
So I stayed high up to see the pritty pond without getting wet.
Then here I is at the portal to the Lemon Squeezer.
Mom woz futzing with taking pikshures so I went on in without her.
No mom, I is not coming back down into the Lemon Squeezer so you can take a pikshure of me in it.  Take a picture of youself.
Mom stuck in the Lemon Squeezer.
OK, so mom finally unstucked herself from the Lemon Squeezer.  Here at the udder side of the Lemon Squeezer we has opshuns.  The "Easy Way" to the left or strate UP A WALL to the rite.  Which way you think I be choosing?
This be the "Easy Way" - can you imagine how hard the hard way woz?
Here I is way atop the Lemon Squeezer with Island Pond way down there.
Is we going left or is we going rite?  I is confuzzled.  Thank dog mom knows where we be going.
This be Greenwood Mine.  In the olden days they used to bring iron out of there to make stuffs with.  It be full of water now.  I dussn't think any bears be sleeping in there.
Doing the Moon Walk.
I is in Times Square, Noo York.  Fur real coz the rawk say so.
Lots of seeniks atop Hogencamp Mountain.
This be called Ship Rock but I think it look more like the Titanic sinking.
Some more seeniks.
I found a little bit of snow from the last time it snowed.
And some icy sickulls but mom made us move thru furry fast coz you can see on the left big chunks of ice wot melted and falled down - if'n more woz getting reddy to fall they could make us deaded!
Hold on tite coz this be a steep fall down!
Back in 1920 this used to be a big fenced field where peeples put elk from Yellowstone Park but the elk did not like it here and they all died :(
I found our car!
So that woz a big werkout hike up hills and down hills.  Up hills and down hills.  Fur 11.3 miles.  Mebbe mom can fit through the Lemon Squeezer a little better now.


  1. Wow Shawnee that Lemon Skweezer wuz kinda skardy but Iz glad mom did maykes it threw safe. You got sum rill pritty seeniks an i hopes you can hike moar tomorros.

  2. I am glad that big Lemon Squeezer only wanted to squeeze LEMONS and Not Shepards!! THAT would be awful.

    You know I have a thingy fur lookin at ROCKS and Water Fallings. There were some Super rocks in this hike.

    Now Shawnee.. you KNOW not to be lickin arm pits.. Pee U. Lick Paws instead.. they smell like Fritos.
    Steer Clear of Ship Rock.. and Cones of Fame.
    I don't know why you didn't get the Snow that WE go.. AND the COLD that came with it. BUTT I hope you DON'T so you can have ANOTHER Hike.

  3. Woooo! That lemon squeezer looks like tough business! We were hoping to hike today, but it is bitter cold, so Monday is looking better and better! BOL! It looks like you found a great place to hike, though. I love places with lots of history!


  4. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, you take the most amazing hikies! I'd just be happy with the 50 degrees, but a walkie would be icing on the cake. Great pix of those cool seeniks!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. To hear Mama tell it, you had a much better day than Mama. Your hike was beautiful. Mama and Papa went to downtown Los Angeles and walked around. Mama would've preferred the Lemon Squeezer. It was 65 degrees and sunny here.

    I am so glad you don't have to wear the Cone of Shame anymore. I had to wear one several years ago. It was terrible! I was licking my arm pit too.

    I hope you get another hike this weekend and you have a pretty day like this one!

  6. We are all exhausted just thinking about all those ups and downs. And those rocks look scary. It was nowhere near 50 degrees here today - winter temps finally, and maybe some snow on Monday - we will beleive it when we see it.

    Hope you are able to get another hike in this weekend. Thanks for sharing the Lemon Squeezer Hike.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We liked seeing that little bitty Shawnee head peeking out from behind that lemon-squeezer rock!! You take the best hikes :-)

  8. That was some pawsome hike you and your Mom did. I think that Lemon Squeezer was a bit skeery, though. I 'specially liked the frozen water, 'cept I bet it wasn't good for mud wallowing.

    I do have to tell you my Toby has the lickies on his feet--just like you did. What's up with that? I think Mom needs to put booties on Toby's feet, but he'll probably lick them too......

  9. Me and My Vickie have been trying to see everyones blog tonight, but I guess we are too far away or something cause we only get words and no pictures and we really like the pictures, especially of your hikes. DAng it all.

  10. Mom is going to be hearing LZ all night -

    Something about juice running down legs -

    Nice hike woo had!

    As fur snows, we have some - and BIG winds and KHOLD!

    I didn't get a walk Saturday night - Mom said something about too wet and she might slip - or some khrap like that!


  11. OH...your poor armpit...(No lickin da armpit).

    Me is so chunky dat me would still be stuck in dat lemon squeeze ting! Better goes on a diet!

  12. Thanks for another great hike... That lemon squeezer is really a squeeze...

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. Whoa - M nearly choked on her brekkie when she saw your mom in the Lemon Squeezer. Fantastic pictures again Shawnee. So very scenic too. Sure hope your owie gets better so you don't have to go back into the cone of shame again.

  14. You gots to watch out for that self induced licking trauma, the vets will puts it on your permanent record. I gots it on mine.....

    woof _ Tucker

  15. Wow mom says if your mom has trouble losing extra pounds with all that hiking, it will be hopeless for her. She is trying though and her Doctor is much happier about her diabetes. Of course if she were out hiking with me instead of watching Subaru commercials on the TV, it would be maybe a little easier. At least your mom did not put pictures all over the innerwebs with you wearing the cone of shame!

  16. Mommy thinks she took that Lemon Squeezer hike back in The Dark Ages when she was in college! I think it would be hard to tell since that was so long ago EVERYTHING must have been wild then. She wants to know if the hard way up was something called a chimney climb.

  17. we were supposed to hike today but alas the weather did not cooperate

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. I was impressed that there was no photographic evidence of the cone of shame, but then I said: I bet Shawnees mom took pictures and is holding them for an embarassing day post!

    Speaking of embar"ass"ing...that rock was a cussing rock! I hope you didn't go to the right, that looked like a embar"ass"ing way to go! BOL!

  19. Yikes - that lemon squeezer hike looked a little scary ;/

  20. You're a brave doggie to go those places. Between getting squeezed, having icicles fall on you, or falling off the edge of a cliff, that's a lot of ways to get deaded! You should get a medal!

  21. Hi Shawnee, we hope your armpit sore is better. You sure do have good hikes and we loved the lemon squeezer rocks. Its a tough job keeping the peeps fit isn't it? Gosh knows what they would look like without our help. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  22. That look like an espeshully bootiful hike Shawnee. I expect mum be able to fit fru da eye of the kneedle soon.