Sunday, February 19, 2012

Superfund Hike

Did you think I make a type-oh with my big ole paws and writed Superfund instead of Super Fun?  Nope, did not!  It woz a Super Fun hike on a Superfund site in Pencilvania!  If'n you dussn't know wot a Superfund be, that be where pollushuns has made the earth deaded and full of contaminashuns so nuttin grows and no plants or animals can live there.  When the plants died there woz no roots holding the ground so it washed into the river and leaved all rawks behind.  See, there used to be pollushuns blowing on the mountain from the udder side of the river:
I biggified the sign fur you so you can see the icky pollushuns coming out of the chimneys. Ack. Ack.
So now the Nature Center peeples is trying to restore the mountain to a thing of bootifullness once more.  They flied airplanes ofur wot shooted grass seed and fertilizers out.  That would be poop to us dogs and kittehs - do that mean airplanes has poop shooters?  So now grasses be growing and later when it be pawsibull to grow trees again, trees will be planted.  But fur now while the mountain be almost nekkid with only some little trees and grasses on it, OMD, do it has some pawsome seeniks.  So lets go enjoy the seeniks.  Hold on to your collahs, furrends, here we go...
Did you think I woz going to walkie rite off the mountain? Hehehehe.
Nope, see the trail goes along the edge and it not be skeery or nuttin.
Sumtimes there be big rawk sekshuns like this where nuttin can grow.  Takes mom furefur a long time to get across.  I wait pashuntly.
Super Fun time on the Superfund!
There be an ugly communikashuns towah on the mountain.  Us dogs, we dussn't need no communikashuns towahs, we has an eleborate system of pee-mail distribushuns invisibull to the nekkid eye but not the canine snooter.
So then we had to go down steep rawks to the Devil's Pulpit.  It be a little skeery and mom sayed we didn't has to go there if'n it be too skeery but I sayed no, let's gib it a try so we did and made it all the way down.
This be the way down these rawks, YIKES!
Here I is at the Devil's Pulpit.  We maded it all the way down.  You can see that udder mountain ahind me is still deaded coz they has not done any restorashuns ofur there.  That plane must has runned out of poo. 
See me up at the top waiting fur mom?  She do be so slow climbing back up.
There be test plots all ofur the place coz they has to see wot kinds of grasses can grow there coz it can't just be any kind of grass.
Break Time!  Blooberry/Pear Bread?  No thank you.  BLECH!  (No worries, I had chickun jerkey.)
Ohhh, see up there, those communikachuns towahs where we woz afore.  We is down in the grasses now.
Hiking in the grasses wot that airplane shooted out.
Then at the end we hiked back to our car at the bottom of the mountain on a trail where trains used to go in the olden days
Mom did not want me to has pollushuns from the ground on my paws (the heaby metals will always be in the ground) so my paws got wiped with STINKY (PHEW) wipes.
Then when I got home my paws got a bucket baf to get the rest of the pollushuns off coz I did not want to glow in the dark...
... like this.


  1. OOOHHHH,Shawnee - you look like an alien in the last pic ;)

  2. Shawnee that sooperfund place iz nawt seenik, maybe in teh summer but I dowt it. Iz glad you did gets yer paws washed frum that bad place but I duzn't think you shud go there enymoar jusht in cayss.

  3. Aiiiiiiieeeeee SHAWNEE you SCARED me with this last picture!!!

    Oh my.. I think maybe you could see clear out here to Ohio from that superFund Seenic place. I think it is wonderful that the Plane Poops are helping the mountain to heal the tree and grass killing boo boo.
    I guess a long time ago peeps just didn't know any better.
    I so totally agree about OUR communications systems.. MUCH better than the ones the Peeps use. One more example of how WE are better than They are. I'm just sayin' girrrl.

  4. OMD OMD SHAWNEE... Your song was GRRRREAT. Maybe Blogville should think of doing some theater in the round.. You could do the pawt Of SHAWRIA. Can you play the guitar? Your MOM could sit on a PINE CONE.. and you would Never be afraid of a little Frog. Can you SEW clothes from drapes?

    I hope my mom doesn't start singing Your song!! She sounds like a squirrel with its tail caught in a wringer. NOT Good!

  5. OMD OMD Don't turn it off just fur ME. Esp. since you have had some bad stuffs in your comments.

  6. Thanks fur telling me where MY snow is!

    It will khome in handy when Lance Mackey and FURIENDS visit Bethlehem on Monday!

    PeeEssWoo: Khool hike!

  7. Yikes - Shawnee, you are downright scary! What a hike and what a view in some of those pictures.

  8. OMD, Shawnee, you mean we aren't the only pups who have to endure the torture of getting our paws dunked in the pan of soapy waters??? Thunder is pretty good about it, but Ciara and Lightning hate it. AND they are the ones with the muddiest paws. Of course, Mr. Phantom never gets his feet dirty.

    That was a most interesting hike - we hope that stuff the planes pooped out will help make those mountains all green and full of life again.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. I would love to be there when a plain pooped out the seed. How cool. We know we told you already but we love your blog cause you take us on so many different hikes and we gets to see all these places we will probably never see in person.

    And I agree with Frankie that last photo scared me......

  10. What a cool place to visit! We've never seen any Superfunds around here, but maybe that's a good thing that means we haven't had such bad pollution here. You and I did go to similar places this weekend, though. Mom and I walked on an old railroad line that's been transformed into a beautiful place to walk. I think it's cool how quickly Mother Nature can restore things if we give her a chance and a little help!


  11. What an interesting place . I've never heard of Superfund.I'm glad that airplane is pooping out help for that poor place. There sure are some great seeniks there, that's for sure!

    I love the picture of you way at the top of the rocks waiting for your mom.

    I'm really glad you won't glow in the dark because that picture was truly scary! I'm also glad you got some chicken jerky!

    Your Friend,

  12. Shawnee, you are so funny. Pooper shooter planes hehehe. Its good though that peeps want to try and fix up what they did years ago when they didn't really know any better. Thanks for taking us on your hike. Your mum wiped and washed your feet but we think she forgot the rest of you, yikes. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. My pups love playing on the edge of trails

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. ewww shawny you dirty pup walking where plains have been shooting poop. your mum has wierd ideas of fun places to go but you look like you enjoyed yourself apart from the foot washing bit :) XXX

  15. I did think you were going to walkie right off the side of the mountain and I got SCARED!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. I wondered if there were still pollutions in the ground! Glad to hear you go those wiped off, even if the wipes were stinky!

  17. I am pretty sure that peemail be elimmynatin the hebby metals my pal so no worries ofur your paws. Well done to the peeple wot had the idea of the plane-poop reconstrukshuns of nature. Very clever.

  18. I didn't know planes pooped grass and the glow in the dark you photo was creepy! Did your mommy have to go down the rocks on her butt? My Mommy would have.