Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Orijen Review for Mr. Chewy

So I woz checking email the udder day when, OMD, there be an email from Mr. Chewy!
So I had done a review about and he woz asking if'n I would want to review Orijen foodables fur him if'n he sent me a bag to try.  OMD, I know Orijen do be a top rated foodable and I has been wanting mom to get us some.  It has NO grains in it coz us dogs rilly is not supposed to eat grains.  Gib us our MEATS!  Drool.  And Orijen be 75-80% MEATS!  It be free range meats, too, not the icky factory farmed meats.  The rest be froots and veggies (BLECH!) but there be so much meats I mite not notice the froots and veggies (BLECH!).  You all know how I feel about froots and veggies and if'n you furgot, let me remind you - BLECH!  So seeing as me, Dixie and Sydney is all seniors I asked Mr. Chewy to pawlese let us try the Orijen Senior.  (Oh, and fur you kittehs, Orijen makes 80% MEAT kitteh foodables!)

So the packaged woz delivered to my house!
I smell foodables in there.
Sydney confirms there be foodables in the box.
Dixie mite be a rilly old geezer but nuttin wrong with her snooter!
OMD, this smells DELISH!  I did say GRRR at Dixie and got into trubbulls.  Sorry mom, I not do it any more.
Mom, serve some up, pawlese!
So you all knows when we get speshull treats we do silly nomming faces.  We nefur do it fur the regular foodables, coz, well face it, kibble just is not the same as nommy treats.  So wot did we do when mom started passing out Orijen?  See fur yourself:
Tasty!  This cannot be kibble.  Tastes like treats.  No froot or veggie aftertaste.  I will has more, pawlese.
Old geezer sis Dixie sayed she could nom this WITHOUT mom mixing in incentives to make her finish her dinner.
I has no werds fur this.
Oops.  I drooled in the bag while trying to helpie selfie.  (Mom be too slow with the distribushuns.)
No wonner we like it.  Check out the ingredients!  You can see the full list on Mr. Chewy's web site but I want to show you the furst 15 wot has the ingredients wot is impawtant to ME - the MEATS and FISH!

 1  fresh boneless chicken*
 2  chicken meal
 3  fresh boneless salmon*
 4  turkey meal
 5  russet potato,
 6  herring meal,
 7  sweet potato,
 8  peas,
 9  pea fiber,
10  fresh boneless turkey*,
11  fresh whole eggs*,
12  fresh chicken liver*,
13  fresh boneless lake whitefish*,
14  fresh boneless walleye*,

* DELIVERED FRESH, preservative-free and never frozen

The only thing we did not like about Orijen is mom PUT IT AWAY coz she say we has to transition to a new foodable gradually and we cannot nom the whole bag all at once.  We so would have if'n she would have let us.  We is all in agreement that we ♥ Orijen!  Thank you Mr. Chewy fur letting us taste test fur you.

Pee Ess - Mr. Chewy sent us the foodables fur free to try and gibs our opinion on and it be our honest opinion and our opinion only, not influenced by Mr. Chewy or mom.  We woz not offered eggstra treats to write nice things coz you know me, if'n I dussn't like sumpin, I spits it OUT - like froots and veggies, BLECH!


  1. Lemme ask...does you not likes fruits and veggies? I twas kinda hard to detect from da post.

    I be very embarrassed cuz I has nevers heard of dis food but it do sound very healthy which my mum likes. And my brudder and sissy be old farts so they has to has more special foods, it usually be taste free thoguh.


  2. OMD I am soooooo very much glad to see this review beclaws Mr. Chewy asked ME to do it too. I said YES, butt was really worried that it is gonna taste all Blechy. I can now tell that is not the case though. WHEW! I want to thank you fur this grrrreat review. Or should I call it a PRE-view in my case.

  3. Maybe you can jus tink of da food as treats and Mom can NEVER hold back on giving you treats...right?

  4. Oh, boy, Shawnee. I'm with you on that fruit & veggie thing. Blech and double blech. Toby likes them though, but what does he know?

    We eat something very similar to Orijen called Acana. And you're right! Let the noms begin!!

  5. M has been over to their site and said she'll order me some Tiki brand, which she's been looking for. I don't want anything to to with vegetables either.

  6. Gotta love the foodables that don't have any blechy fruit or vegetable aftertaste! Heeheee!

    Pawsome review guys, butt you gots me slobbering here, just watching you do da taste testing!

  7. You are SO lucky. That Orijen IS very tasty and good. We tasted it before and really liked it. We are eating Honest Kitchen with some kibble added. Would prefer to just have the Honest Kitchen. It smells good and so tasty. Hope you get more.

  8. Great reveiw, Shawnee... Very wonderful write up.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  9. neighbor just gots arrested!


  10. Mommy says maybe I could eat that stuff since it is birds and fish and not the cows and pigs and sheep that I'm allergic to. I say it would be a good hiking treat for me.

  11. We have heard good things about Orijen, maybe we can get mom to get a sample bag for us - who kmows,maybe even Picky Boy Phantom might like it.

    We love Mr. Chewy too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. I tried that food awhile ago and liked it, but it upset my tummy. I have a pretty sensitive tummy so I am sure it was just me. It sure looked like guys liked it!

    Your pal,

  13. I think that's pretty lucky that you were wanting to try that food and then Mr. Chewy asked you to review it! It sounds delicious!


  14. We're so glad to meet you Shawnee. We just had to become your newest follower and say hello! Our mum's favourite breed ever is the German Shepherd, and she's obsessed with them! She can't have one yet, but someday she will. Until then, she will drool over your blog pics/posts

  15. I see you haz been eatin PEAS!! Hahahah.....seriously tho, good werk on da review.