Sunday, November 15, 2009

Delaware Water Gap/Worthington State Forest, NJ

Totally pawsome 11 miles hike today wif beeootiful warm wevvers! Since I do not has my pooter back yet, I cannot does a map like I usually does so I will has to esplain. When you is leaving Noo Jersey on I-80 on the rite is Mount Tammany, the furst mountain of the Kittatinny Mountains and on the left is Mount Minsi in Pencilvania wot is the furst mountain of the Blue Mountains in Pencilvania but that is a hike for anudder time. These two mountains was cut apart from each udder gabillions of years ago by the Delaware River waters going in between them. So today we hiked up, up, up big steep rawks to the top of Mt. Tammany. I must note that mom should never go to a cocktail pawty the nite afore climbing Mt. Tammany. I spent a lot of time waiting for her.

Finally we is at the top of Mount Tammany! But coz we is higher than the cloud, we cannot see our seenik overlook very well.

Here is Mount Minsi on the udder side.

Then we walked along the tippy top of the Kittatinny Mountains for 3 miles and coz there woz no leaves on the twees, we had a seenik overlook the whole way!

Then we headed west for a bit and comed to Sunfish Pond wot is a glashul lake meaning it is a body of water up in the mountains where you don't find ponds and lakes!

Then we headed back 3 miles along the Dunnfield Creek trail. It was a very pritty trail wot followed the creek with little waterfalls and I got to go in it swimming whenever I wanted to!

So it was a grate hike with lots of different and intresting stuffs to see. But we is hasing a streak of bad luck. We got back on I-80 and had only gone 15 miles when all the traffics comed to a stop. In one hour we moved almost 2 miles. We woz almost out of gas. Wot to do? Mom had to pull off the highway onto the grass and shut the car off. We could not sit there any longer with the car running or we would has no gas left and be stucked. So there we sat...

and taked powah naps...

for over THREE HOURS! Mom had called the boy on her cell phone and he founded out online that a tractor trailer had flipped over and the whole I-80 was closed down! After 3 hours when it was dark nitetime the boy called and said he heard the highway just opened up. Shore enuf, the cars started moving again, we gotted back on and gotted gas in the nick of time. Whew! I woz never so glad to be home afore.


  1. You hiked higher than the clouds?! WOW! That's really, super-duper high!

    You and your mom really had lots of bad luck this weekend. Sorry to hear about all of the problems. I hope next week is much better!

    And as for that spot on Mom's leg that you said might be drool... I wish I could blame it on that, but my "other end" was on that side... *giggles*

  2. Whoa!

    What fun but sorry about the sukhky ride bakhk!

    Mom was bakhk in Hamburg again today - hardly any kholours left on the trees!

    Tank woo fur sharing your pawesome hike (and pawesome tale about your mommy's day after)!


  3. Oh my goodness, Shawnee I'm sorry to hear about the drive trouble, but sounds like it was a great hike! Roger & I always love seeing your mom's pictures and hearing about your adventures.

    *nose taps*
    Lou & Roger

  4. What an awesome hike and pics. Great adventure. We almost felt like we had gone with you. Wish we could have. We like your orange jacket. The color looks good on you.
    Ernie & Sasha

  5. i iz so glads dat u iz no still stucks on i-80! dat iz awfuls!

    But it wuz a most bootifuls day fur walkies n looks like u did haz a beary gud one at dat!

  6. Shawnee, I love all your mom’s pictures of your hike. You look so cute swimming in the water. Mama laughed about your mom going to a cocktail party and you had to wait for her. It’s amazing how high up you were; the views are so pretty.

    We were so sorry about being stuck for so long! That is so terrible. We’re glad you made it home safely, but three hours is such a long time to be suck. It’s a good thing you had each other. :)

  7. Oops! We meant *stuck*, not suck! (blush, blush)

  8. Sometimes mom says things like "I shouldn't have had all that red grape juice last night!" Why do they do that!?!?

    Great walk! But that was a close call with the gas and the car! But on the otherhand, thats an awesome pimptastic comfy bed you have in the car!

  9. It was a great adventure
    Fantastic shots !!!

    Kareltje =^.^=

  10. WOWZA! Great hike with lotsa' good pictures that you shared wif us. We is so happy to see that you's momma put orange vest on you's so you's is safe in the woods. Sometimes peoples wif guns are just nuts an' shoot at anything that moves.

    We is sorry 'bout you's car an' the gas. You's momma is a smart lady ta pull to the side. We see that you had a goods nappies.

  11. Hey Shawnee! Maybe mom is interested in joining Shepherd Talk? A NEW message board/online community for German Shepherd owners:

  12. Wow, what an adventure! You go more places than I do!