Friday, November 27, 2009

Road Trip! First Day At Gramma's House

We woz not going anywhere today.  For one, we spented all day in the car yesterday and for two, it woz Black Friday and I think that means the whole werld goes shopping but if they is not shopping for noms, count me out.  So we did stuff wot did not involve going in the car.  Gramma taked us to a new multi-use trail rite by her house wot woz not there afore the last time we was here.  It is called the Grant's Trail and we walked 4.75 miles on it.
It was a beeootiful day out and there woz lots of udder peeples on the trail walking, on bikes and roller blades.  We sawed udder dawgs too.

Then we camed to these apartments. Does you remember hearing about Shawn Hornbeck? It woz all over the news in the whole country.  A noggty man had kidnapped him and hided him in his apartment for FOUR YEARS.  This is where that apartment woz. Gramma did not knows exactly which one but it woz one in this pikshur.  Skeery.  But that noggty man is in jail now.

Then we walked by a pond and a little park on the way back to gramma's house.

When we gotted to gramma's house, I metted grandma's kitteh.  Can you sees her up on top of the air condishuner?

I don't think gramma's kitteh woz so happy to has metted me.  Her sayed "HISSSSSSSS GRRRRRRR HISSSSSSS GRRRRRRR..."  That woz not welcoming, woz it? 


  1. I do believe THAT is the international khytty symbol fur GO AWAY WOO KHREATURE WITH MORE INTELLIGENCE THAN ME!

    Great Work Shawnee!

    Nice pikhs - glad to see woo had a nice day!


  2. I'm sure the kitty will realize how nice you are and be friendly soon... *tail wags*

  3. Waht boootiful weather you had for your hike with Gramma. That kitty doesn't know you well yet. With a little time maybe the kitty will get used to you. Thanks for sharing the pics of your hike.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. I love it to see you walking
    I am always in the house :(
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. That was such a PURRty walkie. Our momma said that she didn't shop yesterday cuz of alla' the lunatics. We must have lots of them where we live cuz we stayed home today, too. Momma said that Monday alla' us will shop. We has PURResents ta buy fur humans and doggies. We will give suggestions☺

  6. Nice little path Shawnee...except for those apartments...kinda creepies! Kitteh...can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em :)