Friday, November 27, 2009

Road Trip! Noo Jersey to Mizzoori

So we loaded up in the car early in the mornings and headed off on our big turkey day road trip to take Buttons to her new home in Illinoy and for me to go visit gramma in Mizzouri.

First we went thru Pencilvania and had a cupple of shoutouts to some of our Pencilvania furends.



As you can see, it woz kwite foggy in Pencilvania.
And it woz raining in West Furginia

But luckily it stopped raining in Ohaio.

That woz a very good thing coz we had to get gas for the car. (We is telling mom to hurry up coz we has to pee!)

And we wanted to do a mini hike wif Buttons to stretch our 10 legs! (Me 4 legs, Buttons 4 legs, mom 2 legs = 10 legs) Mom had founded out about this little town in Ohaio wot has a rail trail called the National Road Bikeway rilly close to I-70 to we gotted there and hiked 1.5 miles with Buttons.

There woz a loverly gazebo:

We saw some udder peeples walking in the distance:

Oh, those peeples was walking with two shih tzus wot looked like Buttons' kin!

We woz sad that we could not go in the tunnel coz they was doing construkshuns. Buttons told me not to go closer or the pawlice will put me in jail like the sign sayed:

So then we gotted back on the road and napped.

Now this last pic mom taked wif the camera backwards over her head while she woz driving coz she could not see wot we woz doing behind her head. Silly mom.

Then we gotted to Indyanna and it woz raining again.

Anudder shoutout to an Indyanna furend close to Indyannapolis (yes, furends, that is Indyannapolis in the dark rains)... AROOOOOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOO to Johann the Dog!
And then here we were in Illinoy:

And metted Lexi and her mom who is Buttons' new fambly!

We had takened lots of pikshurs of our meetings but we woz all so excited and moving so fast that all the udder pikshurs woz just big blobs of blurrs.

So after seeing Buttons off to her new home, we drived on to my gramma's house in St. Louis where we spented the nite.

Stay tooned - more to come!


  1. Mom knows THAT split! That's how she gets bakhk to me in York if she's headed bakhk from Allentown or Hamburg after dropping off Xterra passengers!

    I bet it was a furry wet and foggy ride! We finally have some sun today!

    I khan't wait to see more khool pikhs from your trip!


  2. It looks like Buttons n Lexi-Lou do be a lil askeered of each utter wif all da excitements! But I nose dey will be bestest buds rite qwik!

    Dat wuz such an ugly day fur such a long drives. We iz beary glad u gotted der safely.

    Fanks fur da shout outs...i thoughts i hearded sumfin off in da distance...MOL

  3. Buttons says "HI!" to you and your Mom!

    I've been sharing my toys, and I think Buttons likes 'em. She's been squeaking up a storm today.

    Thanks for bringing my new sissy to Illinois for us!

  4. Hellloooo...Shawnee and Buttons from Indiana!!!! It did rain a lot that day you were drivin' thrus. We waved at ya!!!

    So glad Buttons and Lexi-Lou are togethers...they will have so much fun!

  5. Well done Shawnee. You deserve dogmanitarian award for takin Buttons to her new ome likes that

  6. What a great trip you had. It must be so hard to give Button's up after all the fun you had.. You really had a long trip. We are so proud of you Mom for taking the time to get Button's to her forever home...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  7. O hai! Is wunnerful story. Kthx. :)

  8. That's a lot of traveling. You must be exhausted. But feeling good because you delivered Buttons safely.