Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Road Trip!

Preparashuns is underway for exciting cross-country (well, half cross-country) road trip. We is headed to the Gateway to the West, to the Golden Arches of McDonalds!!! Ummmm, no. Make that the Gateway Arch of St. Louis. Yeah, that's it. So let me tells you how this came about.

So you mite knows that we has been fostering Buttons, the little doggie with a big abandonment story. We had gotten many applicashuns for her but none of them woz the home we woz looking for. She woz not going to go to a home as a giftie for the 2-year-old chilluns coz she is not a Barbie doll. She woz not going to go to a home coz she is supposedly "haipo allergic" - she woz returned to us once coz the husband woz hasing asthma, why would we take that chance again? She woz not going to a home wot would put her in a shelter if'n they could not keep her any more. We wanted to be shore Buttons would be fambly, not just a dog, coz we don't put fambly in shelters. Fambly stays togedder no matter wot.

So then one day my mom got to talking to my fwend Lexi's mom. Lexi is also a shih-tzu and her birfday is the exact same day as my mom's, but diffrent year. But, same year as Buttons' birfday! Plus Lexi looks just like the shih tzu Buttons used to live with afore she was abandoned. It woz too spooky! Turns out, my mom and Lexi's mom was talking about Buttons going to live with Lexi in Illinoy! Read wot Lexi writed about it on her bloggie! Lexi's mom said she would not be adopting anudder dog, she would be adopting another daughter. OMD! This woz wot we meant by Buttons being fambly. And Lexi said it will be Buttons' furever-and-ever home which is even way better than a furever home!

So Buttons had to go to the V-E-T first coz we thought she had a UTI and she did. Here is Buttons on her way to the V-E-T. And a pikshur to show Lexi wot her new sis looks like on the insides. We wanted to be shore there was no bladder stones in there and all clear!

But how to get Buttons to Illinoy where Lexi lives? Fret not my fwends, I has the answer. Turkey day is a howliday so I said to mom, "Mom, I has not seen my gramma in St. Louis in a very long time. How bout we drive to St. Louis and drop Buttons off in Illinoy on the way?" Mom and Lexi's mom thought that woz a grate idea. So we is bizzy packing our bags!

We has lots of exciting things planned. A little mini hike with Buttons in Ohaio on the way when we has to stretch our legs, a hike in Mizzouri with my gramma, a hike in Ohaio on the way home, mebbe spending the nite at the Red Woof Inn or the Howliday Inn, then anudder hike over on the udder side of Pencilvania wot is far away from our house afore finally getting home. These plans is all in place assooming the wevver cooperates so keep your paws crossed. And stay tooned. I is hoping to has lots of adventures to tell about.


  1. That is wonderful. An adventure and hikes and a forever n forever home for Buttons. Shawnee it is very good of you to share your home with pups like Buttons. Waiting to hear about your upcoming adventure with pics.
    Wags & Wiggles
    Ernie & Sasha

  2. How khool is that?!?!

    I think Buttons is furry furry lukhky and will be furry furry loved!

    Happy AND Safe Travelling!


  3. I thinks Buttons iz lucky an I rilly enjoyed your adventure

  4. I'm so excited for all of you!!! Buttons and Lexi are gonna have so much funs together. Safe trip my friend, waving to ya as you go thrus Indiana! And Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful you are our furiends :)

  5. *fizzing wiv excitement for all of you*

  6. Love this! Can't wait to see how Buttons loves her new forever home.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Can't wait to hear about the trip when you get back! Hope you took pictures!