Sunday, November 29, 2009

Road Trip! Visiting Furends and Fambly

This woz our lastest day in St. Louis afore heading back home and we had furends wot we went visiting. Furst I wented to see my furends Hannah and Molly. Hannah is in the back and Molly on the rite.

Hannah is a rescued doggie and she is about 7 years old now. She camed to live with my furends when she woz 10 months old after she had been adopted from a shelter but returned coz the chillun was allergenic to her. So this is her thurd but final furever-and-ever home. Molly has been here since she woz a little puppeh wot her V-E-T woz trying to find a home for. Her birfday woz November 6, 1996 so she just turned 13 years old.

And their boy, Mike is my very speshul furend coz he has Down Syndrome. When I furst metted him 7 years ago I woofed at him coz he was diffrent and it skeered me. But he gibbed me cookies and then I becamed his bestest furend and even tho we had not seened each udder in a long time, we remembered each udder and I did not woof at him coz I knows now he is not skeery at all.

We all wented out in the yard for a while:

And then I gotted skeered mom mite leave wifout me so I knocked on the door to come back in.

We also taked this very speshul pikshur of me and Molly where I gently touched Molly's paw coz I knows I will never see Molly again and that woz very sad. Not only is Molly 13 years old but she has Cushings disease and she looks horribuls. She is wasting away to skin and bones and hardly any furs. But she luvs her noms and can still play a mean game of tug o' war wif her toys!

Then we wented to my cuzzin dog Casey's house. I had never metted Casey afore coz she has only been at her furever-and-ever home for a little over a year. We hit it off rilly well.

Casey was going to get the needle at the shelter but a rescue group taked her just in time to saves her life. You see, Casey had been in a puppeh mill all 5-6 years of her life just to crank out puppehs to sell in pet stores. Casey never knowed kindness from peeples coz she lived in a cage all her life so she woz very skeered. Well, that is all behind her now coz she has the bestest furever-and-ever home with my boy's aunt and uncle fambly!

So that woz our visting and tomorrow we is heading back to Noo Jersey but we might stop to has some more adventures along the way if'n the wevver is nice enuff.


  1. Mom is leaking as I read this post to her -

    Woo have some furry special furiends there -


    Tank woo fur sharing them!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom's transport with Vikhtoria and Her Ten Speeds today was pawesome! Just wait until woo see them!

  2. *sniffles* That's such a sweet picture of you with your friend Molly. I'm glad you got to visit her on your trip. *sniffles*

    Casey looks a little like a certain girlie who used to be your foster sister but is now my forever-n-ever sister!

    Have a safe trip home! Hope the weathers are good for you. Buttons and I will wave at you when you're going through Illinois again!

  3. So great to visit furiends...glad you got to see them, specially Molly. So sad....And puppy mills, those are aweful places! So glad that Casey found a furever home...Off to read your other posts about your trip, so cool!

    Hey don't furget to enter my giveaway photo contest K? We need some pretty babe over theres to spice things up!

  4. What a wonderful trip! Full of friends and family! Although kinda bittersweet, at least you all got to have a great last time. And poor little Casey. Puppymills is bad. Whenever mom watches something about them she gets all mad and leaky, then huggy.

    Be careful on the way home!!!

  5. We dusst be sad for Molly but then we remember she as you for a furrend and so we is appy again and kno she ave a nice life

  6. It is so nice to see that you are so welcomed in other peoples home. Shows you are a very well behaved guy.
    It warms my heart to see that your family & friends do so much to help find forever homes for so many dogs.
    You take awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing so many here!