Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pinnacle (Hamburg, PA)

Today we hiked 12.8 miles, wot is in hawt pink on the map, to The Pinnacle in Hamburg, Pencilvania This map woz in the parking lot where we lefted our car. No worries, we did not writed on the map like Jim, Matt and Nick did. We colored wot we hiked on the pooter.

We camed by some little waterfalls where I could get my paws wet:

Then we climbed up, up, up on the Appalachian Trail to the top of the mountain wot is in the Blue Mountains:

We wanted to go to Hawk Mountain while we woz here but they say "No Dawgs Allowed" coz it is a sankshuary for raptors. So this is as close as we gotted wif Hawk Mountain in the background:

Then we saw some tents - that is the colors you see in the twees. The peeples sleeped in the dark nites by the trail:

Then look wot we seened:

OMD! Somebody had a pawty. But if'n they can haul the heavy beer cans up the mountain, how comes they cannot take the empty beer cans back wif them? Well, I say to those peeples, poo on you! We cleaned up your mess, you, you, you.... LITTER BUGS!

We squished the cans, put them in a poop bag, tied it shut and put it in mom's backpack. Mom still reeked of beer the rest of the way. Oh, wot the udder hikers must has thought!

And then, ta da, we woz, on top of the werld at The Pinnacle!

There woz lots of udder peeples there coz it is a popular place to hike to. But there woz also lots of dawgs. It was like a dawg park on top of the werld!

This is Riley, an 8-year-old Irish Setter. There woz anudder Irish Setter there and they not knowed one anudder. How weird is that? That is a breed we hardly ever see (I had never seened one) and here woz two at the same place on the same day! Riley and I is saying "hello" in prawper doggie style:

Then I sayed hello to this little dawg but I not remembers wot his name woz:

The all of a suddens there woz dawgs all over the place:

This is Penny. She is very speshul coz her mom was saying she woz adopted and woz very sick and they nursed her back to health. Her first owner was putted in jail and not taked good care of her. She had a broken knee and they think she was hitted with somefing. Penny had operashuns to fix her knee and walks fine on it now. Her mom was sad coz she forgotted her camera and wanted to take a pikshur to show Penny maded it to The Pinnacle. Mom told her no worries she would take pikshurs and email them to her. Penny's mom woz very happy bout that. This is Penny and her mom:

So then we headed back to the car. After we drived into Noo Jersey, the boy tooked a pikshur of these hawt air balloons we sawed fwom the car - how kewl!

OK, we is going to email those pikshurs to Penny now. Bai!


  1. O wow u did haz a most be-ooo-tiful day for da hikin!

    Okai dog! u iz SO on da list nao tho! U wuz dis close ta me n u not come say hai! pfffft....maybe we no furends any more? u not like kittehs? or did Edgar n Human2 do sumfin ta makes u hates me?

    I gonna hab a BIG talkin to dem n see wot dey dun did ta u on dat utter walkie dat u no ma furend any mores!

  2. WOW!

    My mom was THERE today as well!

    She took her passenger to the park by Khabelas and The Khrakhker Barrel off Rte61 - it is along the base of Blue Mountain -

    How khool is THAT!?!

    Tank woo fur sharing your khool hike! The weather was pawesome - Mom's pikhs fur her part of my Monday MOMday post have the same blue sky!


  3. Dog park on top of the world! *shaking with sheer envy* We so need to go hiking one of these days. It's the perfect weather here for hiking after all!
    That is, uhh... when my leg gets better. I'm limping now. Mom's gonna take me to the vet if it doesn't get better. *sigh*

  4. That's a COOL picture of you on top of the world, Shawnee! I'm glad you were wearing your "no hunting me" vest. Didn't the other dogs have them? I hope nobody hunted them!

    Did that little tiny dog walk all that way? I hope she had a ride!

  5. Phew, Shawnee. that do be a lot of walking there for you. I am lying down and restin my paws just thinkin about it.

  6. Its almost winter at your place
    all the leaves are gone !!
    Here are always a few leaves on the trees :)
    You had fun I can see that ....
    Amazing pictures all
    thanks for your trip :)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Way to fight the litterbugs! Boo on you litterbugs! Looks like lots of fun. Mom says we may go hike in the mountains in Feb. I hope it's a s cool as your trips!

  8. That wuz a great hike, U hads loads of fun an meet new pals.

    Ur pal Tweetypie

  9. Another great hiking adventure, Shawnee. Poo to the litterbugs! Penny seems so sweet. You met some good friends there. Really nice pic of you on top of the Pinnacle.

    When my papa came home yesterday from a drive, he said he saw a bunch of hot air balloons way in the distance. We think they were these same ones. That's cool!