Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ten Things Bout Me

I gotted this passer-on thingie fwom my good fwend George the Duck. I is supposed to tell you bout 10 interesting and honest things bout me then pass it on to 7 of my fwends. I is going to put a pikshur by each of mine for visual aids but you doesn't has to do that.

1) When I woz 2 years old, I wented to swimming camp in Connecticut but I would not swim the whole weekend coz the weekend afore I jumped in the river wif a bunch of udder dawgs, the water camed over my hed and I thoughted I was drownded! So I just sat in the shallow part wif mom the whole time.

2) When I woz 4 years old I gotted a butt lift operashun. Rilly, it woz a nip and tuck. It woz for medicinal reesons - I had a recessed vulva wot gibbed me infekshuns all the times. All better now that I has a perky behind.

3) I is a Canine Good Citizen but I flunked the test twice afore I passed coz I was skeered of George, the tester, and I hided behind mom's legs. Once I passed I lubbed George and leaned on his legs. Hehehehe.

4) I used to drool and puke every time I would go for a ride in the car. Then mom taked me wif her to St. Louis and I runned out of drool and puke after 17 hours in the car and I has not hurled in the car since. This is a pikshur wot my mom's fwend in St. Louis taked of me while we woz visiting. As you can see, there is no drool or puke. Mom's fwend had it fwamed and it hangs on our wall. It is the boy's fave pikshur of me.

5) If'n a dawg is on the televishun wot is in a shelter and is woofing or whining, I sit up, look at the televishun and cry wif the pore shelter doggie. I only does that if'n they is shelter dawgs. If they is not in a shelter, I pay no attenshun to the televishun.

6) I eated bout a dozen remotes when I woz a yungun. The boy kept forgetting to put them up high. They would look somefing like this when I gotted caught nomming:

7) I eated three pair of mom's $300 eyeglasses in two months. Mom kept forgetting to put them up high. They would look somefing like this when I gotted caught nomming:

8) Elliot, the Dobieman Pinscher, wented to the bridge just afore I was borned. Elliot had been trained to tap the doorknob wif his nose when he wanted outside. I never knowed Elliot and nobody ever taughted me to do that. But as soon as I was big enuff to reach the doorknob, I tapped it wif my nose for mom to let me out. Mom looked at me like she had seened a ghost! I has done it ever since. We donnot knows how I knows to do that. I just somehow knowed. This woz Elliot:

9) I is skeered to death of baby kittens and will shake and not come in the same room where they is at. Once they is older, I play wif them. Here I is wif an older kitten when I woz just a puppeh myself:

10) OK, this one mite gross you out so you don't has to read it. But look at it this way - one less dog mom has to scoop up after. I eat my sis Dixie's poo. Only Dixie's, nobody else's. Ever. Mom has tried to stop me but I is too sneaky about it. (Pee Ess - Dixie does not has one black and white leg - our scanner is pooping out on us. Oh, pooping out, hahahaha!)

OK, so I is passing on the passer-on thingie to:
  1. Lou and Pebbles
  2. Khyra
  3. Lexi-Lou
  4. Euri
  5. Sasha and Ernie
  6. Johann
  7. Anna


  1. Khongrats on the award and fur sharing that honest

    That was some furry interesting stuffs!

    I've done this one already but I'll mention it next week! TANK WOOOOOOO!


  2. Its was very lovely to read all ....
    You make my Mommy smile about those eyeglasses
    Have a wonderful sunday

    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Shawnee,
    You never cease to fascinate me. You are such an interesting doggie. Mama cringed when she read about the eyeglasses. It sounds like you have a very empathetic side cuz you cry about the shelter doggies. I MOL'd about the poo. Mama and I love the pic of you. I am glad I got to know you better. :)


  4. i did lerns even more about u ma puppeh pal! fanks fur sharin dis wif us....well almost all if it....i could haz dun wif out nosin about da poop eatin!

  5. Wow! #8...awwww #5...Eeeeew #10...BOL #6 #7
    umm no wonder I always catch myself looking at your perky derriere. heheh
    Thank you giving me this prestigious award Shawnee. I am very much honored. Alas I already did get this award before as you can see here. That was my first and last post ever concerning bloggie awards. :o)
    Thanks again Shawnee. I really appreciate it and enjoyed reading this very revealing post about you.