Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I thoughted Friday the 13th was sposed to be a good day. My mom was borned on a Friday the 13th and it has never been unlucky for me. Till today. We rebooted the pooter and instead of it turning back on like it always does, we gotted a skreen wot looked somefing like this:

Oh noes! It woz the black skreen of deth. Wot to do? The boy could not figure it out. Mom emailed a fwend from her werk pooter coz her fwend has a nefew wot werks on pooters. He was nice enuf to come to our house in the evening to has a look. He tolded us the bad news. Our hard drive was ded. I mean, it had done gone to the bridge. We had a long moment of silens. It woz tragik. Mom had not backed up for many months so we losted lots of stuff. Our finanshul data wot buys our noms, the reskoo groop finanshul data, all my pikshurs *sob*. Mom is going to has lots of rekonstrukshun to do. At least she is good bout keeping all her receepts. And mom pwomises she will backup at least weekly now. I is holding her to that.

The boy hooked up his MacBook for us so we is using that temporarily so I can read my e-mails and tweets. I will try to read the bloggies but I is still learning this Mac stuff so I mite be a little slow. It is only hard to teach an old dawg new tricks when it comes to pooters.

RIP hard drive. January 2007 - November 2009


  1. Oh no! I feel so bad for both of you! This is my worst fear because my mama does not back her stuff up either. Your mom is going to have some pain having to deal with all this.

    Our condolences.


  2. Oh no! That is one of my worst 'puter fears! I'll make sure I back up this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

    I hope you didn't lose too much important stuff. Maybe if you take it to the computer store they can save what's on your hard drive? Sometimes I think they can do that.

  3. The dark skhreen of death is even worse than the mikhroskhwish blue skhreen of death...

    sorry fur your losses!

    I hope woo khan rekhover some of the lost tribes!


  4. It sounds very sad :(
    But its the technology we can't change it !!!!
    I hate also a dark screen ...

  5. i so sawry u pooter drive did go cross da rainbow bridge. dat iz a beary tragik fing ta happen in da 13th (human2 iz a 13th babeh too).

    gud fing da boy wuz der wif hiz pooter fur u ta using.

  6. The black screen of death sounds horrible! Mom's got an online system set up to back-up our 'puter each day. It's free if you don't have lots of stuff on there.

  7. We're so sorry, especially about the photos. Lisa had this happen a while back and was so sad. One nice friend sent her an emails with all the photos of Otis and Eddie Lisa had mailed her over the years. She then had other friends do the same. Maybe you can ask? *nosetaps*