Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wharton State Forest/Batsto Village (Hammonton, NJ)

Today we hiked 12.5 miles in Wharton State Forest wot is in southern New Jersey in wot is called the Pine Barrens or Pinelands. First I had to do some studying. You has heard of the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, rite? Did you knows that New Jersey has a creature like that? We shore does! It is called the Jersey Devil and I had to knows wot he looks like so I could find him on our hike.

I dunno why Buttons woz so interested in this. She is getting adopted next week and won't even be living in New Jersey any more. (We is going to keep you in suspense and blog about that later - it involves a very long road trip we is taking.)

OK so we gotted there and here was a big giant map just like the one the State Park Service so kindly sented us in the mails.

And almost rite away we woz at Batsto Lake. Isn't it pritty?

We had the most beeootiful wevvers:

I gotted to go in the Batsto River and get my furs wet:

Here is me and the boy on the hiking trail:

Then we passed a gramma and grampa with two little granchilluns and I letted them pet me. They woz nice little chilluns.

Then, OMD, did we has a pwoblem! We camed to this bridge wot had grating on the bottom that we had to walk on and it just woz not werking with my delicate little paws:

Mom was skeered I would cut my pads up or that my leg would get stucked so there was only one thing we could do...

I did not like it at all. It was hoomiliashuns and skeery. But mom says I should be grateful the boy was with us coz she could not has carried me like that and we would have had to has gone back the way we camed.

But I forgotted all about my trauma after mom and the boy shared their homemade low-fat banana nut bread with me. Nommy!

Then we smelled something burning and founded that campers had lefted their fire burning! It was hawt with red flames! Mom and the boy tried pouring water on it but it just maded more icky smokes and kept burning.

Mom and the boy had to kick the logs into the river so the water would drownded the fire out then they kicked sand over the rest. Then mom called the park peeples on her cell phone to tell them bout it. They woz very glad mom called coz fires in the Pine Barrens is very bad. A wild fire can start and then the whole park gets burned up. A little while later the park ranger passed us in his truck going to check on it to be shore it was all the way out coz we was not shore we had put it out enuf.

OK, so now we woz on the Mullica River wot I was sitting on a little cliff nearby. They say this is a very popular river for canoeing in the summertimes.

I did gets to go in the Mullica River many times for swimmings.

Remember that Jersey Devil? He is supposed to has hoofed feets. We saw hoof marks in the sand and we woz thinking it mite be the Jersey Devil but it turned out it woz just horsies.

Then at the end of the hike we was woz at Batsto Village wot is a historical village where they restored the old houses wot peeples used to live in long times ago. Does you knows how much Mr. Wharton, who owned the land in the late 1800's, charged for rent for a house like the one I is standing in front of? TWO DOLLARS a month! That does not buy much of my kibble.

(Pee Ess: That is not a ghost or the Jersey Devil inside, that is the boy.)


  1. Hi Shawnee,

    I love the picture of you in the Batsto River. I cannot wait to find out about Buttons. I can't go on the computer for a few weeks while mamma is away, but I will be sure to read it when they're back. I'm so glad you guys put out that fire! That is scary. I'm sorry you had to be carried over that bridge, but it is good that the boy was there. Plus, you got good noms after. I just wish you saw the Jersey Devil!


  2. Woo have the most exciting adventures!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  3. Wow - that grate bridge looks scary to me! I'm glad the boy was there to help you.

    Looks like you had wonderful weather for your hike today!

  4. Wish we could have been there with you. Looks like a great hike except for that grated thing. OUch on the paws. Lucky the boy was with you. Good job on trying to take care of the fire. Someone was VERY careless. Those fires can be scary and dangerous. We found one one time on a hike but it was small and we were able to put it out. What were the peoples thinking??
    Thanks for sharing. Even if we weren't there we felt like we were. Good news for Buttons. Waiting for the update.
    Ernie & Sasha

  5. Wow!!
    Amazing adventures
    it looks fantastic by the river :-)
    Great shots !!!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  6. It do be obvious to em Shawnee that de Jersey devil did set the fire and then put down that horrid bridge to stop you comin to put it out, yup

  7. That looked like a fun hike! Good thing the boy was there to help you out. :)