Saturday, November 28, 2009

Road Trip! Greensfelder Park (St. Louis County, MO)

Today we hiked 6 miles in Greensfelder Park with my gramma. It was like in the summer coz it woz 72 degrees outside. There is horse stables in this park so we sawed lots of horsies wot woz out enjoying the beeootiful wevvers.

Here I is hiking with my gramma:

We hiked up high to a seenik overlook:

We taked a break at the Beulah shelter. If'n it woz nite times we could has maded a fire in the fireplace and had a pawty! Wot funs that would be.

This is a sign wot woz in the shelter.

We looked on the interwebs to see who this mule named Beulah woz and we founded her story here on page 3. It says Beulah is the only mule to has a shelter named after her in Mizzoori, prolly in the whole country!

There woz also some waters for me, my fave part of the hike!


  1. I'm glad you had such great weather for your hike! Couldn't be much fun swimming in the cold.

    Lexi-Lou (and Buttons, too!)

  2. Woo always find the most pawesome hiking spots!

    How khool woo got to see horsedoggies and Beulah's special place!


  3. BOL! A shelter named after a mule...gotta love that! Hope they name something useful after me somedays :)We love horses!