Sunday, January 3, 2010

Being Helpful to Our Peeples

It woz rilly, rilly cold last nite. With the wind chillz it woz 0 degrees! So I hads an idea. When we wented to bed in the nites, I taked mom's slippers to my hidey spot to warm them up for her. You can see the one I has unner my arm and the udder one I stuffed unner the radiator. When mom woked up this morning, both slippers was warm and toasty on her feets. Mom woz rilly happy with me.


  1. You are really thoughtful, Shawnee!

    We had to laugh about your comment on our post yesterday. You are so right. I looked just like you with that expression on my face and they way my ears were!

    Mama says thanks for the hiking input. She would be one of those grouchy people if she got cold and wet. It's really cold and windy here too, but she still thinks about hiking somewhere when it's not quite so cold or windy but doesn't want to go when it's hot either. She's pretty picky apparently.

    Hope you're keepin' warm today!


  2. Wow -- that's so thoughtful of you, Shawnee! Did Dixie or Sydney help with the Boy's slippers?

  3. That was inkhredibly pawesome of woo to do that!


  4. Wow...I already knew you were sweet but...boy I am impressed...
    I think I tried to do that once but since I don't have hidey spot I took the ladybug slippers to the backyard. it got warm and toasty all right, thanks to ever great arizona sun. heheh

  5. You are so nice to your mom! I can imagine warm slippers was such a treat in the morning.

  6. What a luvvly thought, I hope your mom appreciated it.