Friday, January 1, 2010

Ramapo Valley Reservation (Mahwah, NJ)

Happy Noo Year! Of course, I had to start 2010 out with wot else, a hike! It snowed yesterday. The snows woz mostly gone by our house this morning but we figgered there would be more snows up north. We headed north but to little mountains at the Ramapo Valley Reservashun, not big mountains like last time. Shure enuff, there woz about 1-2 inches of snow at this park. Now I has to point somefing out. Peeples shore does need lots of stuffs to go hiking in the snows. Us dogs, we need nothin. Our paws is designed for this kind of wevver and donnot be thinking I is going to wear booties coz it is not happening. Allow me to demonstrate my point:

Thank goodness mom invested in her winter hiking gear so she can take me hiking in the snows! I think I should has some extra noms for all the monies I is saving mom since I does not need all that gear.

So anyways, first we headed up to a seenik overlook wot is called Hawk Rock and it woz kwite loverly:

Then I found somedog had lefted me some p-mail in the middle of the woods:

Oh, here is who the p-mail woz from! Two Bernese Mountain Dogs wot woz hiking with their dad. How kewl, mountain dogs in the mountains!

Then we camed to a remote trail where no man, woman or dawg had gone afore... Only mom and my paw prints woz in the snow:

We crossed over some beeootiful little streams. Of course mom slided in again, this time on her behind and she sayed a werd I cannot repeat. She woz surprised she did not get soaking wet. It pays to has the rite hiking clothes when you is peeples and not a dawg.

Then we camed to Bear Swamp Lake and hiked almost all the way around.

The lake woz frozened and there woz a nice part with Chrissmuss trees.

We sawed anudder deer! Can you see the deer in the pikshur?

So we told the deer not to walk over into anudder park coz this park is a safe no huntin me park. But there are parks all around this one where there is huntings.

So we hiked 7.5 miles today. It woz a good thigh werkout in all that snow!

Pee Ess: Wanted to menshun also that since I started keeping track of my hikes with my bloggie, in 2009 (since beginning of June) we did 35 hikes for a total of 333 miles!


  1. 333 miles?! WOW! That's very impressive, Shawnee.

    Love the comparison of dog paw vs. human hunting equipment. Hysterical picture!

    Happy New Year!


    When we count our friends - by gosh, we count you twice because you give us double the fun and double the pleasure each and every time we come to visit your blog!

  3. Oh my goodness. Human hiking gear is so expensive. Yes, Shawnee, you sure do save your mom a lot of money. Mama was thinking of wanting to go on hike today (she has no hiking experience mind you). She had no idea of all the supplies one needs in the snow.

    That second picture is awesome.

    Congrats on the number of hikes and miles you and your mom have logged! That's awesome!


  4. Fabulous post - wif beautiful pictures, thank you!! Congrats on da number of hikes & miles U haz trabelled!

    Lub, Mattiedog

  5. Wow! That's a lot of hikings!

    The snow pictures look beautiful. I love how your mom takes all these pictures when you two hike. It's great to see them!

  6. Furry khool!


    Woo had the same fog we did yesterday!

    Tank woo fur sharing your BMD pals! Baloo akhross the street from me loves our snow too! He'll just sit in his yard like I sit in mine!

    Good job with keeping your mom hiking along with woo!

    Happy 2010!


  7. Happy New Year Shawnee! Thanks for making us smile and laugh in 2009! And congrats on 333 miles! I like the number heheh
    Please keep up the good work in 2010! More hike! More fun!

    thinking of all the extra treats your mom's gonna get you...*drools*

  8. You visit even more parks than I do. What fun!

  9. Happy New Year
    or in Dutch we say
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)