Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walkway Over the Hudson/Franny Reese State Park (Poughkeepsie, NY/Highland, NY)

Eggsiting hikings today in a PARK IN THE SKY wot is called Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park. It used to be a bridge for the choo choo trains in the olden days but they maded it into a park in October 2009 so peeples and dawgs could go over it. But first we wented to Franny Reese State Park and hiked there on our way to the park in the sky.

From the trails in the Franny Reese Park we gotted a preview of the bridge wot we woz going to be on way back ahind the trees:

We passed some old broken howses. We woz able to find the whole story bout them online right here. Is very interesting to read but in a nutshell, the man wot owned the houses woz a dentist. In the olden days they did not gives you anything for pains but this dentist invented drugs to take the owies away and he maded a gabillion monies. But then his chilluns put the bitey on each udder over his monies when he woz ded, all of the monies gotted used up and nobody taked care of the houses any mores so they gotted brokened.

So then we camed to a tunnel under the Mid-Hudson bridge - not the bridge we woz going up on, a diffrent one.

And on the udder side of the tunnel - Oh noes! Houston, we has a pwoblem!

(Those of you who knows me knows I is SKEERED TO DEATH of stairs!)
But mom sayed if'n I did not go up the stairs, we could not go to the park in the sky so I gibbed it my best shot.

And yay! I maded it! (We just won't menshun the fact that at the end I ranned up so fast I almost maded mom fall flat on hers face.)

At the top of the stair woz a little memorial park for these two soldiers wot had died in the war. That bridge in the background is that Mid-Hudson one again, not the one we is going on.

And finally, ta da, here we is!

This bridge is 1.25 miles long across the Hudson river wot woz full of ice! Here I is in the middle, way up in the sky!

Then a nice man asked if'n we would like for him to take my pikshur wif my mom wif our camera:

There is a coast guard boat in the river so I suppose if'n you falled off into the waters they would catch you. Doesn't it look like a toy boat? But it woz a big for real boat, for real!

And remember that Franny Reese Park where we comed from? That is the dark mountain on the right in this picture just behind that Mid-Hudson bridge wot we is not going on.

Click here for some rilly kewl pikshurs of the bridge from the olden days and from when it woz brokened and they woz making it into the park in the sky.

So we turned around at the udder side of the bridge and wented back the way we camed, back to our car in Franny Reese Park. We hiked 8.7 miles today. But if'n you goes and just want to do the park in the sky, it is only 1.25 miles each way. We saw rilly old peeples with walkers and canes, little chilluns (and they all wanted to stop and pet me so we woz on the bridge for forever), peeples on bicycles, roller blades, skate boards, even a gurl with a brokened foot on crutches... so anybody can do it. Check out this guy on the left, he must has losted a wheel on his bicycle coz he was riding across the sky with only one wheel!

And it is not skeery at all. Take it from me wot is skeered of stairs. This park in the sky did not creep me out at all coz it is rilly big and just like being on solid grounds.


  1. What khool hikes woo get!

    I'm sooooo furry proud of woo braving those steps!

    Tank woo fur sharing your aweseom day AND sceneries!


  2. You go girl! Kick those stairs' butts!! I too am jealous of all the cool hikey places you go...when we try to find cool hikey places mom gets lost and I puked in the car...maybe we need to try again!

  3. Wow!!
    You had a wonderful walk :-)
    Its always fun to see your trips!!

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. This looked like a fun hike. I bet those old houses were pretty cool. I love the picture of you and your mom!

  5. This looked like a real exciting adventure to the park in the sky!

  6. Great adventure!
    Shawnee, didn't kno you were scared of stairs! Do they bite?

  7. wow...*turning green with envy* I wanna go to the park in the sky too...woof woof...
    Thas is so cool!!!
    I love that biggified pic. heheh New camera huh?
    thank you Shawnee!

  8. Wow - cool hiking, foster sis! And you were very, very brave with those stairs! I make my new mom carry me up the stairs to our house. *snickers*

    Can't blame all the people in the park in the sky for wanting to pet you. I bet that was fun!


    Oh -- sorry. Got distracted by a toy for a second there...

  9. OMC dat looks likes an amazin walkie u did haz 2day. I beary proud of u goin up dem steps (stairways to heaven mehbe) & walkin on dat way hi ups park in da sky. So cool. sekret werd for dis commenty iz NOMMEN nommin' ma favorite fing to do!!

  10. Wow! That was fun to read about your adventure. I'm so proud of you for goin' up all those stairs! Mama loves the picture of you and your mom. That was tragic about the rich man's children and his money. The houses looked like they were beautiful at one time. You're so sweet to let all the children pet you. :)


  11. Oh Shawnee, Roger & I are so impressed you went up all those stairs! Great job!

    And we love that pic w/ your mom, wish I had more pictures together w/ Roger!