Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Park

You knows, I gots to thinking, I always show you where I goes hiking but I has never showned you the park wot is rite by my howse wot I goes to all the times! Pwoblem is, I has to share this park with my sisses and mom rilly does not like to take all 3 of us at one time. The boy ratted me out the udder day and told mom I howled the whole time she woz gone with Dixie and Sydney. The boy used to tell me to be quiet. This last time he decided to howl along with me. It woz very weird. He does weird me out like that sometimes.

So anyways, we has to start off our walkies in the park with a song and dance of excitements:

(Mom says to tell you she has raked those leaves up a gabillion times but the wind keeps blowing more over to our side.)

So we gets to the park and first we does walkies around the lake and that is .7 miles. When there is no udder peeples or dogs over there and we is far enuff away from cars, mom lets me off leash for a bit to check my p-mail.

Wate a minit - those last two woz from my sisfurs! Oh wate until I get back home...

So here is the lake where there is usually gooses swimming but it is all frozened rite now.

And on the udder side of the walk is the river where there woz some ducks but they swammed away when they seened me so you can't see them very well.

So then when we gets closer to the road with cars I has to go on the leash and heel. Coz I heel so well mom does not has to hold my leash. She hangs it over her shoulders so her hands is free. That helps her walk better with the fast musiks she lissens to on the iPod thingy wot is plugged into her ears.

We then heads over to the big walking circle wot is 1 mile long where there is always lots of peeples. Cept for today coz it woz rilly cold out, like 25 degrees. There we has ball fields

playgrounds for the chilluns

litter boxes for the peeples

and a swimming pool wot is closed now but I is not allowed in it anyways coz it is only for peeples

So that is my park for during the week when we can't do hikings.


  1. It SOOOOOO looked like woo wanted to go!

    Merdie and I get excited fur our walk too but we do it khwietly!

    Those SAME leaves are at our door too!

    How do they do that?

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Did I ever tell you that my mom's mom was from New Jersey and when mom was little she would visit relatives there. She said New Jersey had so many neighborhood parks it was wonderful! Your looks great.

    I also think it is funny your mom had to say that about the leaves. You should see mom - every picture she takes of me she has to carefully crop out or even erase from the picture junky stuff we have in our house so she isn't embarrassed.

  3. Wow, you are really excited for your walkie. Your park is awesome! Mama wishes she had a park like that to walk in even though she doesn't have any doggies to walk. Your p-mail was very interesting. I wonder if you ever met up with Frank. :) We are extremely impressed with how well you heel.


  4. Hmmm...maybe the boy should go for the walks, too, so that all three of you doggies can go at the same time. That way he wouldn't have to weird you out at home. :)

  5. Wow what a PAWESOME park you have, no wonder you get excited. Is that where all our leaves went, I know we had big blowings last night, but to blow that far wow.

  6. What a fun park! But I don't know if I'd go back to meet Frank the Pug for a good time...could be a trap!

  7. Shawnee, you is just like @loaterrier the way you gets eggsited befor your walkie. I did rilly like seein you "in the flesh" cos I am so far away in England. More videos pleez

  8. we are soooooooo jealous! wish we had a cool park like that right by our house!
    *envious woof woof woof*

  9. Thanks that we could walk with you
    its beautiful where you live :-)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  10. hahahaha!! "litter box for people" oh if only they were that toilet trained!!!
    Love your park & silly messages your friends/sisters left you!! hahhaha!

  11. You are so excited about your visit to the park! I loved the video!

    What a nice park you have so close. Thanks for showing us, Shawnee!

  12. dat p-mail wuz beary interestin...i not allowed to gets p-mail in ma house, but sumtimes I gets sum when I go outsides.

    U sure wuz excited about goin on u walkie n noa dat i seed u park i can see why. beary nice park.

    tell u mom to gets a bideo of u n da boy singin next time. i would likes to see dat!