Monday, January 18, 2010

Lewis Morris County Park (Morristown, NJ)

Today was a howliday and mom did not has to werk so of course, we wented hiking! It rained all day yesterday so the criteria woz a park wot woz hopefully not too muddy, pritty close to our house and one wot has no hunting since it is a Monday and just about every park has huntings on Mondays. Lewis Morris County Park woz only half an hour away and they hads no hunting today so off we wented. It woz nottin speshul, no seenik overlooks or kewl historikal stuffs (there is lots of history there but we did not sees any) but it woz a nice hike, we woz the only ones there and the wevver gotted up to 50 degrees. We managed to make a 6.8 mile hike out of it even though the park is not all that big. So here is some pikshurs, like I said, nottin speshul:

The only thing woz that the park woz very muddy! Gess with all the rains we had yesterday that woz to be expected.

When we gotted back to the car, mom sayed we had a pwoblem. I donnot sees a pwoblem, does you? So wot is a little mud? It dries and falls off, rite? Not to menshun it blends in very well wif my blond furs.

Mom tried to clean me up with towels she keeps in the car just for okashuns like that but she woz not hasing much luck. The mud woz smearing all over and she maded a bigger mess. I tried to tell her it woz no big deal but she would not lissen. Well, isn't I the luckiest dawg to has my very own grooming tub in my basement? NOT! I put on my most pawthetic pouty face and would not look at mom even when she gibbed me kisses.

Pawdon me now please while I lay unner the blow dryer in my hidey spot and ponder how to prevent this humiliashuns in the future.


  1. Oh my bunny! how did you get so muddy!! oh, poor Shawnee... I hate baths!! HUUUUUUGG!!! xoxox

  2. Did your mom have to have a bath too?

    If you're interested, the bloggie mom wrote about Arizona is here: Mom had someone from Arizona write her and say that the legislature stole money that had been specifically earmarked for the parks - even from people who left it in their wills. So sad.

  3. Spekhtakhular views are not rekhwired fur evfurry post!

    Just sharing WOO and your hike is fine!

    RutRoh on the mudding thing - I'm sure the pathetikh face worked fur some treats?


  4. Oh dear. Oh Shawnee. You look sooo pitiful. I send you big kitty hugs and purrs.


  5. Oh dat face! Me poor heart is brakin. I phink you saty dirty next time Shawnee

  6. AUGH! Baaaaath! Oh, my poor foster terrible for you...

    I'm gonna hide under my new mom's bed the next time she tries to do that to me. She'll eventually learn...

  7. awwww poor shawnee...
    I just love your pouty face though...hee hee
    but seriously what is a little mud? it dries and falls off. Yes! I get muddy sometimes but it's gone after a few minutes! *woof*
    I just love you pouty face...oh did I already say that?

  8. You are better in the bath than I am! I hatteee baths. I bathe myself... and tell the humans to stay far far away...

  9. Nice to see when you are in bad :-)
    Really cool ....... LOL


    Kareltje =^.^=