Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'd Rather Be Hiking

Today woz sposed to be hiking day and it woz cold out, but sunny. But mom's back had been owie all week long and the chirovet maded it better but not good enuff for hiking so we had to stay home. We werked on our taxes today BLECH BLECH BLECH!!! Here is my tax form. You can click on it to biggify it.


  1. Oh no. Mom and dad are going to owe a fortune. I am way more loving and cute than I am expensive.

  2. Nothing is better than a great hike!

    We hope your mom feels better!


  3. Ugh! Taxes! Mama and I hear Papa complaining for a couple weeks every year about this time. Your tax form is so funny! I think your mom is going to owe a lot for all of you. Either that or she'll have a ton of deductions.

    I hope your mom's back gets better very soon. So sorry to hear it kept you from hiking!

    By the way, you look very serious with your tax stuff.


  4. Mom & I haven't started ours yet. She said she's still waiting on forms to come in. Ugh. Glad I don't have to worry about taxes. I'm sure Mom'll fill my form out for me. She's going to be in TROUBLE when she gets to that "Adjustments" line for squeaky toys!

  5. OH NO!! don't remind me!! arghhh *flailing paws in air* not dat time of year again!!! *running away*

  6. Mom wants to know if you'll do our taxes, you look very professional! All I remember is last year when mom and dad waited till the last minute to get taxes done, I got fixed. Boo on taxes!!!

  7. HILARIOUS!!!!!
    where is my tax form???

    Sorry to hear about your mom's back.

    300 hours a week?