Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve (Woodland Township, NJ)

Today we hiked 9.5 miles at the Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve. This park is in south Noo Jersey where it is flat and there is no mountains. Mom had buyed snowshoos and wanted to try them out here but a lot of the snow had melted alreddy and wot woz left woz rawk hard from hasing frozened overnite, so mom did not get to use her snowshoos.

They had a nice kiosk there and if'n you open the top of that box, it is full of maps inside. That is wot mom did even tho she had printed a map from their web site. Sometimes the "real" map is different so mom always takes one to be shore she has the most up-to-datest.

This park woz nice for a change coz we needed to see some green instead of nekkid ded trees. There woz lots of green pine trees here and they woz very pritty. So we hiked in the pine forest.

That last one woz mom playing around wif the camera but better than taking my pikshur all the time.

We camed to a place where the trail woz flooded out. It woz not a pwoblem for me at all. Mom eventually figgered out how to get across wifout getting hers feets wet.

The we saw this ladder thing going up a tree...

And this creepy looking howse in the woods...

OMD! That is where hunters hide waiting for deers to come by. That is so not fairs. They should play fair if'n they is going to hunt. But as you can see, I did not has my no-huntin-me orange vest on today. That is coz not only is it Sunday which in most places in NJ is a no-huntin-me day, (even tho I weared it on Sundays afore) deer hunting season is over now, we is pritty shore. And it woz 48 degrees today so mom sayed I did not has to wear it. We knows there woz no hunters there coz there woz no feetprints in the snows. Mom and I woz the only ones wot had been on that trail.

Then we camed to this bridge.

You would think you could just walk across the logs in front of me to get on the bridge, rite? Oh noes, I stepped in, everything collapsed, and I went in the deep waters. Mom had to grab my collar so my hed did not go unner. I woz in a panic and almost slipped out of my collar. Mom was alreddy on the bridge so she had to hold me still so I would calm down and quit wiggling then she pulled me up out of the waters and onto the bridge. Whew. That woz skeery. Mom had a rilly hard time getting off the bridge on the udder side. When she gotted over it woz my turn but I knowed if'n I stepped off I would go under the waters again so I did my biggest jump and maded it over to the land.

The park peeples rilly needs to do somefing about that or close that part of the trail. Had mom known it woz going to be that bad, we would has turned around and wented a differnt way. I woz just starting to get so brave crossing bridges and now that mite all be messed up coz I had a bad experience. We will has to see wot happens the next time we come to a bridge.

Then the next part of the trail afore we gotted back to the car woz all swamps...

So I woz good and muddy again...

Mom taked handfuls of snows and cleaned me off the best she could then used a towel when we gotted back to the car. She did not want to gib me anudder baf since I had one not too long ago and it's not good for dogs to has too many bafs. (That is my story and I is sticking to it.)

So when we gotted home mom sprayed me wif this doggie cleansing spritz..

And buffed me up wif a towel and I woz all clean again. Not to menshun I gotted belleh rubs!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22: The nice park peeples gotted my mom's email bout the brokened bridge, tolded her they woz getting rite on it and asked if'n I woz OK. How nice of them to ask about me!


  1. Can you identify what trail that bridge was on? Park officials need to know about it and specific details would help.

  2. You have the most FUNTASTIC walks Shawnee, that bridge sounds real scary...Finn

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Mom will notify the park peeples about the bridge directly wif particulars.


  4. That must have been so scary Shawnee. You are a really brave girl! I bet it was hard pulling you up out of the water. Your mom must be strong. I bet she was scared too!

  5. Shawnee, I think you're still a really brave doggie! Look at all of the adventures you've been on. You couldn't have done all of the stuff you've done and still be a scardy dog. You rock, foster sis!

  6. What Buttons said. You are BRAVE, girlfriend. That sounds pretty scary, though, and I'm glad you and your mom are ok. Too bad your mom didn't get to try out her snowshoes.

    Mama loves pine trees. It looks very pretty. We do NOT like that hunter house. HISS!

    You look so cute getting your tummy spritz and buff! Looks like you had a great day all in all.


  7. What a great hike - save fur the bridge khollapse -

    I applaud the underkharriage khoating!

    As yes, that is yet ANOTHER of snow's magikh powers!

    Mom wishes we had snowshoes fur the bakhk yard but some is ice - some is snowsand - she nevFUR knows until she puts her paws down if she'll sink or stand - it is fun watching AND hearing it!

    That was furry khool the park peoples asked about WOO!


  8. Dear Shawnee I iz so happy you iz safe, that wuz a skardy story. You be a brave gurl an duzn't let it make you nurvous again okai?

  9. Wow!!
    The nature at your place is wonderful ... looks so peaceful :-)
    Lovely to walk there !!
    Fantastic photo's ..

  10. Thanks dog you're ok...


  11. Awesome hike Shawnee!! Are we ever glad your Mom was there to save you. We would really miss you. That's a scary looking bridge - don't know if we would have even tried to cross it. Thanks for visiting us.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  12. Interesting walk. Looks like it was fun, all but falling in the water and having to cross a bridge in need of repairs.

  13. Yikes, what a hike you had. I'm glad you woz safe in the end my chum

  14. Just walked this trail recently and that metal bridge is in just as bad shape. And the trail through the swampy area behind it is impossible to find. It was getting dark and I could not find it, so I had to backtrack (in the dark) the LONG way to reach my car. Also saw signs that hunters were there. Not sure if they were poachers. It was not deer hunting season.