Friday, April 16, 2010

Bath Time Contest

My good furrend Boris the Kitty is hasing a fun contesty where you has to post pikshurs of you hasing a baf or why you be needing a baf. I has both so I is entering these pikshurs in hims contesty.

Click here to read 'bout Boris' contesty and how you can enter! Hurry, go find you a pikshur so you can enter.

My pawthetic baf pikshur:

Why I woz needing a baf:


  1. OMC dems iz pawsum entries. How in da werld iz anybuddy gonna beats u?!?

    It gonna takes sum werks fur dem to beat it dat fur shur!

  2. Oh Shawnee, you look so pitiful getting your bath? How could your mom stand to make you look like that?

  3. You win! You get the shower thingy so that you have to take more baths! He he he he he!

  4. Yup - definately needed a bath. (sniff sniff) - you smell much better.

  5. OHHH!!! Woofie!! We feel so sorry for you!! You look so beraggled!

  6. Nice stuff!

    I khould smell woo from here!


  7. I looked. I don't have any pictures for the contest. Guess HH never thought she could take her hands off me during bath time in order to take a picture.. I don't do "wet" gracefully. Can't say that anything would compare to yours though. You got some winning pics there.


  8. You look soooo pathetic, Shawnee. I remember these pictures. One can't help but empathize when seeing how sad and forlorn you look. I'd say you're a shoe-in!