Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stokes State Forest and Delaware Water Gap (Tillman Ravine/Buttermilk Falls/Rattlesnake Mountain)

Whew, that's a lot in that title and it woz a lot to hike! We hiked in two parks, thru a ravine, up a huge waterfall, up mountains, along ridges and down in valleys and saw incredible seeniks views all in 11 miles. We started out at Tillman Ravine in Stokes State Forest. It woz spectacular and of course, the pikshurs does not do it justice.

The waters woz so loud! If'n you lives close enough to visit there, you should do it! Even if'n you is not a hiker the trails and bridges through the ravine isn't more than a mile and anyone can do it. It is spectacular and definitely werth a trip. It is very dark in the ravine coz the pine needles up high at the tops of the trees keep the sunlight out. A kewl and refreshing place to visit in the summertime. (Lucy, I is thinking of your mom here, and Boris' Human1 and Human2 in Pencilvania ...)

So we walked on a dirt road a bit to get to Buttermilk Falls in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area right next to Stokes State Forest. Whoa, that woz a huge waterfalls. It doesn't look so hoomungus in the pikshur but trust me, it is HUGE and goes strate up the side of the mountain and we had to get to the top - YIKES!

If'n you visits Tillman Ravine you can drive up the road a bit to see Buttermilk falls but I would not recommend going to the top. Iz up to you but I is just saying... If'n you knows me, you knows I is deathly skeered of stairs and even tho it does not look so bad in the pikshur, those stairs go STRATE UP! SKEERY!

I tried to go around the side but it gotted too steep. I wanted to go back down but mom nabbed my leash and would not let me. Then she gotted weak in the knees and dizzy coz she looked down when I went past her to go down and she seened how high up we woz and how steep down it woz. I woz shaking rilly, rilly bad and crying very lowd. Mom woz hanging onto the railing wif a death grip. We both needed Prozac. But mom finally sayed we both had to get a grip and move forward becoz there woz no way she woz going back down . So finally we gotted ourselves unner control and maded it up the skeery stairs.

At the top woz a deck where it woz safe coz of the railing and we could look down and see how far we had climbed. The red dot is where we had been on the ground.

OK, so mom and I survived the trauma of the day.

We climbed up and up and up over 1,000 feets in about 1 1/2 miles.

Now keep in mind I had to go up steep rawks like the following pikshurs but that is purrfectly fine with me, does not skeer me at all. Just stairs wot hoomans make, those skeer me.

Then we gotted to the Appalachian Trail and commed to Rattlesnake Mountain but we did not see rattlesnakes. Some hikers coming towards us sayed they had seened one on the trail in the direkshun we woz going but we did not see it. They must has skeered the rattlesnake and it runned away. They does not want to be bothered by peeples and dogs as much as we don't want to be bothered by them.

We taked a break on Rattlesnake Mountain so I taked a little nap. Today would has been my nap day after hiking yesterday but I cannot nap coz we woz hiking again today. I need to catch my beeooty zzzzzz's whenever I can.

OK, break over and on to Bird Mountain.

And next stop, Blue Mountain. (This pikshur looks almost the same as the one from Rattlesnake Mountain but rilly, I is on a different mountain.)

Blue Mountain has a wonnerful panoramic view and mom tried, not very suxessfully, to capture that by cropping 3 pikshurs togedder:

Well, you get the ideer.

Then as we woz getting off of the Appalachian Trail to head back to Tillman Ravine where our car woz pawked, we wented by this shelter wot looks like a log cabin from "Little House on the Prairie."

This is where peeples wot hikes the Appalachian Trail from Gorja to Mane sleeps in at nite. They is not here now. Those hiker has left Gorja and should be coming through Noo Joisey in June. So we is getting in lots of Appalachian Trail hikes now afore it gets crowded in June.

As we gotted closer to the pawking lot, we founded some pritty spring flowers just in time for Easter. We does not knows flowers well but they looked like yeller daysees.

And, of course, as we gotted closer to the pawking lot where lots of litterbugs hangs out wot does not hike or has respect for where hikers go, we founded the litters. Anudder one growing on a tree...

And my haul for the day...

Mom sayed she mite tweet the @leavenotrace peeples wif this pikshur so they can see how I is putting my Leave No Trace Bigfoot patch to good use. Peeples always ask why I is wearing a backpack and we tells them it is to haul out wot litterbugs leave behind. I, a dog and a shelter dog at that, is a role model for peeples, how does you like that?

Pee Ess - So Mom tweeted the @leavenotrace peeples wif my pikshur and they liked it! This is wot they rited back:


  1. We think you're a really good role model my friend! And we're glad you didn't see any rattlesnakes on the mountain!!

  2. You're a great role model, Shawnee, and those people should be ashamed of themselves.

    Wow, you went up high! It looks like you two covered a lot of ground. Those panoramic views are incredible! I bet it was pretty warm. Mama went to New Hope today and there were many, many people there and it was about 76 degrees. There were lots of doggies too. Oh, there were tons of and tons of bikers there in the midst of all the people and tourists. Thanks for the tip about hiking there. This looks very doable and mama says she's going to go very soon (before it gets any hotter). The waterfalls are amazing!

  3. Buttermilk and no Rattlesnakes...

    Furry furry nice hike!

    Thanks fur sharing it AND fur khleaning up after the slobs and lazy khreatures...

    PeeEssWoo: My mom works hard to stay white and pale!

  4. You're a very good role model for peoples, Shawnee!

    Those were some awesome views, too. Wow.

  5. I am really proud of you for doing all those stairs (you and mom both). I loved the waterfalls!

  6. Yep. You're a great rold model Shawnee, for everybody. So proud of you and your mom for not giving up on those scary scary stairs. that takes guts and sheer will. *paw claps*

  7. oh and your mom did a good job on panoramic view pictures too :o)

  8. OMC u tooked sum mitey fine pikshures on dis walkie. We lubs dat one wif u up hi lookin back at da momma (not da skeery steps one tho....dat just skeery).

    U iz such a gud role models dat i finks u should be da spokes dog fur dems bigfoots patches! U can tells dem I sez so.

  9. OMG that is scary tall! Good call to make it up and not look back, that would have been a tough trip down (especially trying to avoid tripping!)

    Glad you could get in your beauty sleep! A nap in the fresh air ans sunshine, awesome! Not awesome is the litter bugs. You should totally send your photo to the bigfoot badge people and let them know if a doggie can do it, anyone can!

  10. Love all your pictures. Felt like I was right on the hike with you. Now I'm tired out too! Nap time! I'll jump up to my high peak of dad's lap.

  11. Oh......juss when I thought I had been on a good walk, you do this one. I feels like a ammyteur now.....but that picture of you asleep, oh hahahahahahha, wiv your ears peepin straight up. BOL

  12. Hello Shawnee, Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I was just at Buttermilk fall yesterday. I need to stop being cheap and by a map. I had little hard time following my friend's hiking instruction.