Saturday, April 10, 2010

Schunemunk Mountain (Woodbury, NY)

This woz kwite the pawsome 10 mile hike today at Schunemunk Mountain in Noo York! It woz better than we thoughted it would be. But when hikes is rilly good, that means they is rilly hard coz you has to werk for those beeootiful seenik views. So you will see, I hadded to face anudder one of my fears. Last week it was steps, today - going down a rawk wall wot goes strate down. I mean I climb up and down steep rawks all the time but this was strate down wif no place to put my paws like if'n you woz to has to climb down off the rufe of your howse! Well, why not start off wif that and git it out of the way. So here was the rawk wall. Mom had gonned down alreddy but she had to throw her trekking pole and backpack down furst coz she could not get down the wall wif them. (Does that tell you rite there that this is not going to be a good thing?) Here I is at the top looking down at mom saying, "You have done gone and lost your mind, mom. I is NOT coming down that rawk wall! You cannot make me. No way. No how."

So I would take off to try to find anudder way. Mom kept saying she alreddy tried that and there be no udder way. So she would have to climb up to get me and bring me back to the wall. Mom would go down, tell me to come, and I would say 'no way' and take off. After climbing up and down the wall three times, mom woz gitting rilly good at it. So finally she leashed me up and taked me over to the wall wif her. Mom would go down a bit then make me come and catch me. (OK, she PULLED ME so I had no choice!) Then I would has to stay on a little ledge where there woz hardly enuff room for my four paws while mom went down a little more. Finally the last part I gotted really skeered and hanged on wif my one back paw while mom was trying to lift me down. She woz yelling at me to let go wif my paw and not hold on. I swear I has little suckshun cups in my paw pads, BOL! I finally letted go and mom gotted me down safely. The arrow shows where I woz and how for down I had to go. Ta da!

See, I is all happy and wagging my tail now. Good thing is, we had anudder hard wall like that and I cooperated better and I wented down udder really steep parts by myself coz I woz not so skeered any mores.

So let's get to the good stuff. This is wot we gotted to see for all of our up and down climbings and keep in mind the pikshurs does not does it justice. In real life it is way better.

Those is the Catksill Mountains where mom sayed we will go hiking pritty soon but they is rilly big mountains, like dubull big wot we has been climbing.

It woz rilly windy so that is why my eyes is skwinty and my ears is all flat.

That is the Hudson River in front of the mountains back there:

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's..... Oh, it IS a plane!

We woz so high up atop the mountain that mom woz able to get a rilly good shot of the airplane.

Mom also taked a pikshur of this cave but we got away rilly fast coz a bear could has been sleeping in there. YIKES!

After we gotted done wif all of the steep down climbings, there woz some nice easy trails to walk on:

And a creek for me to get my furs wet. Mom did not take my backpack off coz it woz not deep.

But there woz one thing mom had not thoughted of. I laid down in the waters BOL!

When we woz almost done wif the hiking, we comed to some railroad tracks where the arrow is pointing:

When we gotted around to the tracks to cross over, mom had a hold of my leash and she said to wait quietly for a minit. Mom thought she heared something so we did not move. Good thing coz all of a sudden...

That train went whooooosh by so fast if'n we would has not lissened and tried to cross, we would has been skwished!

Here is our litter hawl for the day:

But mom had to help me carry it out coz this one sodie bottle woz so big it would not fit in my pawket.

In closing, wif this being the furst weekend where we has rilly been able to see spring, I would like to share wif you some spring wot we found today in the mountains:


  1. What an exciting hike today but the most beautiful views! And so clear - probably cause it was so windy. You were really brave about the rock walls. I don't think I could do that. I wonder if there were any bats with white noses living in that cave? Mom talks about those white nose bats all the time.

  2. WHOA!!!

    Woo were furry FuRrY FURRY brave fur THAT!

    I'm khwite impressed!

    Thanks fur sharing those great scenikh pikhs!

    I loved the windy pikh with the skhwinty eyes and flattened ears!

    I bet woo will sleep well tonight!


  3. Wow Shawnee! You're like Super Dog! Able to go down mountains/scary rock walls in a single bound! I'm so impressed! I would have told mom to find a good looking park ranger to come save me!

    Can't wait to see when you guys go to the BIG mountains! Whoa!!!

  4. The flowers and terrain are lovely and your momma is such a GOOD person to be picking up other's waste so she can help our world. She is a good PurrSON.

  5. We want to first thank your mom for the kind comment about Bucky. Mama is having a tough time but she really appreciates the caring from others.

    You're a rock star, Shawnee. You overcame another fear, but I don't blame you for being scared! Those views are are so pretty. The trails look really nice. That cave is amazing to see but I'm glad you didn't stick around.

    It looks like you had another really great adventure. Just sorry it had to involve litter yet again. Thank you for picking it up.

    Many purrs,

  6. Rilly? You went down dat rawk wall? Wow, you gets a medal for sure.

  7. Rock walls, trains, and bears...oh my!

    You're SO brave, Shawnee. Wow. I've so proud of you!

  8. Wow! You were so brave to climb down the rock wall! I would have been pretty scared, too...

    And pawsome job with the little haul! Looks like it was a fun hike.