Sunday, April 18, 2010

Delaware Water Gap (Copper Mines, Appalachian Trail, Rattlesnake Swamp, Catfish Pond)

We wozn't akshually going hiking today. The wevver peeples sayed the wevver woz not going to be so good when mom checked wif them last night. So we sleeped in this morning. When I went outside for my morning toilette I noticed the skies woz all bloo - no clowds! Mom noticed, too. She sayed, "Shawnee, grab your backpack. We are going hiking!" YAY!

So we started out on the Copper Mines Trail where they had copper mines in the olden days. The road we drived in on wot you see here, Old Mine Road, is the road they used to take copper to Noo York. But I donnot think it had pavements back then.

The copper mines didn't make enuff monies for the peeples so they closed them down long ago. Thank goodess or this would not be such a beeootiful place now. Here is one of the old mines. They has it locked up so peeples cannot go in it. Bats live in there but that be OK. It be their home now. We woz rilly kwiet so we would not wakes them up coz they sleeps in the day times.

And there is some old wall left too.

But past all of that, things rilly start getting pritty. There is kewl waterfalls and the trail goes along ledges where you can see and hear the waterfalls.

And check it out. I has been praktising my bridge walking...

so we maded a movie on the big bridge wot we had to cross:

Ta da!

Then we woz on the Appalachian Trail again and there woz some pawsome seenik views.

See how little the houses is down there? We is up rilly high!

Hold efurrything, wot is that in my seenik pikshur mucking up the views?

Grrrrr. Those litter bugs woz here again. I packed it out in my backpack.

So then we got to bag anudder peak today! Yes, the fire tower atop Catfish Mountain marks the summit at 1,560 feets!

So mom thought she would tie me to the fire tower and go up. Well, joke woz on her becoz she only got up to the second landing when she gotted dizzy and had to hurry back down. I was sitting down there crying trying to tell her that would happen but would she lissen to me?

So then we taked the trail through Rattlesnake Swamp. We did not see rattlesnakes but it woz crazee loud with all the noises in the swamp from frogs and stuff. It sounded like we woz in the rain forest. Then we camed to Catfish Pond and I did not sees any catfish either.

But we did see this torned up tree and I think that is wot they call "signs of bear activity" meaning a bear woz ripping it apart to nom the bugs in the log. We did not see the bear either.

When we gotted back to the car we walked a little way over to the Delaware River wot is in front of me. The water on the rite is water from those waterfalls wot is going into the Delaware River. That is Pencilvania on the udder side of the river.

So today's hike woz 11.6 miles This is the most wot we has done two days in a row!

And thank you all for your comments about my hiking! I is happy to be able to take you all along with my bloggie and that makes hiking even more fun for me.


  1. Another awesome hike, Shawnee! It is really beautiful there with some great views. I'm gonna tell Mama to quit combing me so I can save up hairballs for all those litterers (not sure if I spelled that right). You are quite the bridge-walking pro! You should be really proud. I love your hikes, Shawnee. We got dizzy, though, just looking at that fire tower your mom attempted to climb. Yikes!

  2. You crossed that bridge like a champion - so proud of you!

    Another great hiking adventure. Thanks for sharing with us anipals with out of shape humans.

  3. Thank you, that was a nice hike. And we're not even tired. But we think we'll go rest up.

  4. Great hike again!

    It is always so khool to see!

    I'm furry proud of woo and your bridge work (and I don't mean toofers)!

    Our ride to Allentown and bakhk had lots and lots of khlouds. I think all of 'em left here tonight - me thinks it will be pawesome here on Monday!


  5. Bears? Snakes? Wow, you bin rilly brave there Shawnee. We are sure glad we live in the UK where we got none of dem things. Woof.

  6. Its always so nice to walk with you
    Its so beautiful nature there Wow!!

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Bridges and bears oh my!! I'm glad you tried to warn you mom about the dizzy tower, but they never listen till it's too late! Silly peoples!!