Friday, April 2, 2010

High Point State Park - Lake Rutherford (Sussex, NJ)

Last October we hiked at High Point State Park to the big monument atop the highest mountain in Noo Jersey. This time we wented the udder way to Lake Rutherford. That is Lake Rutherford way down there but we hiked on the Appalachian Trail furst and you will see we wented close by the lake on our way back way later.

OMD! Look at this big rawk wall! I is so glad I did not has to climb up that. It would not has been pawsible.

There was rilly grate seeneries but it woz foggy in the morning and the pikshurs did not does the beeooty justice.

But I must say, I is kwite proud of "Kwik Draw McGraw" mom with the camera. In this shot below she managed to capshur the last seconds of this annoying bug's life afore I put the bitey on him for buzzing my hed. Nom.

Mom also managed to capshur 4 hawks in one pikshur at the same time.

We camed to this seenik overlook where we rested a while...

... and had some snacks...

(Mom must has forgotted about me nomming that bug - she tutched my mouf BOL!)

The we gotted off the Appalachian Trail and started to head back on the Iris Trail. There woz places for me to get my furs wet:

Bravo for mom rememmering to take my backpack off.

Coz of all the rain we woz hasing, lots of the trail woz flooded out so I had plenty of opportoonities to cool off my paws. And it woz hawt out - 70 degreeses!

Finally we gotted to Lake Rutherford. It woz very beeootiful. But we woz not allowed to go all the way up to it or in the waters coz that be where drinking water comes from so nobody is allowed to go in the waters. I dinnot even see gooses or ducks so they must know the rools.

We taked a long break there and sat on a rawk where I catched a few zzzzzzz's

And mom and I werked on our tans... (mom had shorts on and her legs is rilly white - yikes.)

After that it woz a cuppul more miles until we gotted back to the car. We hiked about 9.5 miles. Mom sayed we is going to see if'n we can hike three days in a row since it is Easter weekend. She sayed we has a big hiking road trip coming up at the end of the month in Furginia so we has to be in top hiking condishun. Woo hoo!


  1. Wow! You really put the bitey on that bug! Those bug noms are high in protein!

    I know what you mean about white legs, mom is wearing shorts today (just around the house, thank god not in public). It's SCARY!!!

  2. Good for you on eating that bug! Most bugs are pretty tastey (except silverfish...bleck).

    Great shot by your mom of those hawks.

    You really got lots of water action today. I bet it's nice to cool off. I had to laugh about your mom's white legs. I bet they aren't as white as my mamma's. Oy!

    Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend! Enjoy!

  3. Woo have the khoolest hikes!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: It was warm enough here my mom almost broke out her WHITE legs too!

  4. Yeah for hiking snacks! Were they some more of those yummy Lucky Dog treats?

    Oh, a big hiking adventure coming up? Mom and I are intrigued! Sounds exciting.

  5. BOL BOL was it nommy? I've never tried a bug...
    I love when you eat, especially in the middle of hike. heheheh