Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greenies For A Year Smile Contest

OMD! It would be like winning the lottery if'n I woz to win Greenies fur a year!

Greenies is hasing a contesty fur the bestest smile so I gibbed it my bestest shot:

It will be tuff to win coz here is lots of pit bulls competing and you knows those pitties has the bestest smiles ever. But I figgered I'd gib it a shot. If'n you has a minit, could you pleeze vote fur me? They lets you vote one time efurry day from the same email address until June 18. I so appreshiate your support!


The Greenies peeples gibbed me a direct link to my pikshur but iz not werking so when you clickie the linkie above, just type in my names wot is Shawnee in the search bar and you find me that way, k?

And I would like to thank my sisfurs for their participashuns in treat nomming and supervishuns of the photo shoot to capshur my bestest smile. (They is not smiling coz they is waiting for more noms.)

and I is dreaming of Greenies...


  1. OMC dat iz a pawsum smile u habs der. I will be votin ebbery day fur u.

    I will also keeps ma paws crossed fur u.

  2. I'll be happy to vote for you friend. Good luck - hope you win.

  3. Yes, Shawnee, I will vote for you! I'm on my way now. I love your smile! Your sisters look so anxious waiting for their treats. I love the pic of you dreaming of greenies too. I really hope you win!

  4. OMC! Dat is da cutest doggie smile I has ever seens, momma agrees too! I voted for you my furriend, well momma did.


    *nosetap* and good lucks!

  5. I did vote for you, Shawnee, because that is some smile you've got there! Smile-tastic, I'd say!

  6. I've been known to smile myself -

    SO I know a great one when I see one!

    Paws khrossed fur woo!

    Off to vote!


  7. Just voted! *woof*
    and now.....BOL BOL BOL
    sorry...*still laughing* but after your smile ...sydney and Dixie look so serious...whahahahahahah

    Good luck!

  8. I've been voting for you, former foster sis! Maybe, just maybe, you could spare a Greenie for me if you win? *snickers*

  9. Greenies are great! Hope Shawnee's wish came true.