Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Got A Prize Today!

Rememmer I wonned a prize from Baby Patches' store, Nip and Bones, for being the best of the worst, or hasing the most terribull story? Well, the prize camed today! It woz on my porch when I gotted home from hikings. Of course there is lots of eggsitements in our house when a prize comes so my sisses has to has their noses in efurrything.

Oh no she did not! Does you see wot Sydney is doing?

And she sticked hers tong out at me like "neener, neener..."

And Dixie BOL'd...

OK, so here is wot I gotted (eggsept for the pink flamingo wot Sydney swiped)

Pentapulls Dog Toy
Orbee-Tuff Ball with Rope
Skinneeez Pink Flamingo (wot is MIA)
Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Cookies

Oh, let's has some of those cookies so we can put on our silly nomming faces!

Oh. My. Dog. Woz they way delish!

And if'n you is wonnering wot Sydney is up to...

No worries, I swipe it back as soon as that winder of opportunity arises.

Thanks you so very much Baby Patches for the wonnerful prizes and the very fun contesty wot you hadded.


  1. Baby Patches has the BESTEST STUFF EVER!!!!

    Rumblemum says it's good to share toys, but we're like you. No way, it's MINE!

  2. Those are great prizes pal. Congratulations on the win.

  3. You are one lucky dog to get all those wonderful prizes. Concatulations to you. And, so nice of you to share...


  4. OMC! She gots off wif your Flamingo! MOL I guesses she really wanted dat one huh hehehe

    I hopes you has much funs wif your toys Shawnee and dis is one pawsome post, luvs da pictures! Thanks you!

    Momma can't stops gigglings MOL so CUTE all of you!


    Pee Sss - silly nomming faces da bestest MOL

  5. Yay! Nomming faces! They're the best. :) Love the pic of Dixie laughing. You got some great stuff, Shawnee!

  6. BOL BOL Go Sydney go!!!
    Pawsome prize. Pawsome.
    Thank you for nomming pics. I love them! Some I saved of course heheh

  7. If I was still living with you girls, I'd probably be giving Sydney some toy swiping competition... *snickers, snort!*

  8. Wow Shawnee!!! Those are some great prizes! I can't blame her for swiping the flamingo... it's CUTE!

    Hope you lots of fun with everything!

  9. Wow, wot a lot of great prizes for you and the pack. I fink you save me one bisskit

  10. Congratulations on winning and the great prizes!!! We are sure the winder of opportoonity will open up before u know it.

  11. Easy for me to say since I have no other doggies to share toys with, but I think you should let her keep the flamingo. She was so attracted to it from the very first.