Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (Jefferson Township, NJ)

We woz at this park afore on February 14 when there woz lots of snow on the ground. We commed back to this park today and hiked 11 miles. The wevvers woz icky and the wevver peeples could not agree on the forecast so we wanted a park with lots of trails so we could short cut back to the car if'n it started to rain rilly hard. Also, at this park we woz able to bag two peaks. Wot is peakbagging, you ask? That is when you collect being atop of the highest mountains. Mom signed up on for us to keep track of our Noo Joisey mountain summits. We has 10 summits now. So when you get to a summit, you has bagged a peak. I show you today's in a minit. Furst I want to show you how much diffrent this park looks since we woz there last.

The creek on February 14, 2010:

The creek today:

Headley's Overlook on February 14, 2010:

Headley's Overlook today:

Saffin Pond on February 14, 2010:

Saffin Pond today:

Iz like a whole udder werld, no? I wanted to point this out to you also coz we did not notice it the last time coz of the deep snows. The sign on this bench at Headley's Overlook say a boy scout builded it (and a fine job he did) but they has to bolt the bench down to the ground wif chains so peeples not swipe it. That is so very sad. Bad peeples!

So that woz a part of the park we alreddy hiked. Now on to the udder side wot we has not hiked yet.

On our way we seened this:

Ooooo. I gess the bears gotted caught nomming in the dumpster. Oops.

Our first peak: Bowling Green Mountain at 1,381 ft (that boulder ahind me wot has a cairn atop of it marks the spot)

While we woz on Bowling Green Mountain, we heared "GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE..." Wot could that be? OMD, a turkey! He woz crazee loud wif the gobbling. He must has been courting hims gurlfurrend.

So then we camed down off of that mountain and headed on over to the next summit:

So that woz the two peaks wot we bagged today and mom dooly noted it on the member web site. You think we is reddy for Mount Everest now?

The wevver woz crazee today. One minit it woz like this:

The next minit like this:

Then it would spritz rains on our furs. Mom was hasing a skeery bad hair day!

We did not find a whole lot of litter. All of wot we found woz on trails wot had not been adopted. You see famblees adopt a trail and that means they go and keep after the litter bugs and they all does a very fine job coz we woz not seeing any litters.

We helped out by picking up wot woz on trails wot had not been adopted.

Oh, and woofing bout adopshun, I has to tell you this story. We seened a man wif a dog on the trails. He sayed he had just adopted his dog wot is 4 1/2 years old. The dog woz in the shelter for, are you reddy for this, 18 months! OMD, that is way too long to be in a shelter! He woz there coz his fambly lost their home and put him in the shelter. (Now keep in mind, we know lots of peeples has used this as an eggkuse coz it sounds better than "I is lazy and don't want to take care of my dog no more" so that mite not be the troof.) The man lubs this dog and takes him hiking all the time now. The dog looked so happy. He is now hasing the time of hims life and we tolded the man wot a good man he is to give the dog a good home. The man smiled rilly big and looked very happy too.


  1. What a sweet story about the man and the dog, and how nice of you guys to tell him what a great thing he's done!

  2. Hi Shawnee,
    It's amazing how different that place looks in the winter than the spring. Saffin Pond is so pretty. I can't believe they have to chain that bench. That is pretty sad. Peakbagging...I like that word. The adopt-a-trail is great. It's just really too bad that it's necessary. It's amazing how people just don't care or are really lazy.

    That's so cool about the man and his dog and how much he loves his dog. I'm so glad the dog has a great life now after being abandoned and at the shelter for 18 months.

    We had to laugh about your kitties. It's so true. We are really persistent when we want our foodies. I've noticed how trim you and your sisters are. It's probably also because you get all those great walks and hikes.

  3. Of khourse, woo know how pawesome I think the trail looked in February!

    We had that same weather! I even have two pikhs on my Sunday blog of me in about the same place in the yard about thirty minutes apart!

    Thanks fur sharing your khool hike AND the grest stories too!


  4. You and your mom are such fit ladies, Shawnee!!! I love the turkey pic!!! heehee And thank you for sharing the story about the doggy from shelter!!! I'm sooooo happy for him - and of course the man!!!

  5. Shawnee you & your mom have such a great time hiking & going different places. We think it would be fun to be able to go with you. You are a good tour guide. Good job of picking up litter that other peoples leave. They are bad people... We realllly liked the story about the man & the dog he adopted. They both sound very happy now!!!
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  6. Shawnee you and your mom have the greatest adventures and post such beautiful pictures. We always look forward to your bloggy.

  7. Gobble gobble gobble. Do you think that will help me get a girlfriend too? Actually, I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with a girlfriend ...

    Another great hiking story. Those folks who adopt the trails are great people! You and your mom are sure racking up the peaks!

  8. You sort of found the best and the worst of peoples on this hike, didn't you? The litter bugs, the people who might swipe the bench...but then the man who adopted a dog and gave the doggy a second chance at a great life!

    That looks like a totally different place in your winter/spring photos!