Saturday, April 24, 2010

Norvin Green State Forest (Bloomingdale, NJ)

So we hiked here once last year but started at the udder end of the park. We did mostly diffrent trails this time eggsept for one overlook coz we rilly wanted to go there again, it woz so kewl. On this hike we hitted lots of mountains for lots of seenik views and bagged anudder peak, so off we wented for a 10 mile hike!

Well, rite off the bat, in the furst 1/4 mile, we founded our furst litters and we has never founded litters like this afore!

Somebody must has been reading a book and nomming a candy bar. Mom sayed we would leave it there but if'n it woz still there in the afternoon when we woz finished hiking and coming back that way to the car, we would take it wif us.

So we starting climbing this rilly steep mountain up high and the furst seenik we sawed woz the Noo York City skyline:

We climbed up some more steep mountains and bagged our peak at Buck Mountain. This is not rilly a pikshur of Buck Mountain coz peeples woz sitting there hasing a picnic for breakfast (wotevah...) so we did not stop, but this pikshur woz in the vicinity.

Then we woz over on Assiniwikam Mountain enjoying the seeniks when I founded this:

Somebody had lefted they platsic sammich box wif some tomater in it. Ewwwww. Mom squished it and put it in a poop bag so I would not stink while hauling it in my backpack. There woz not even any bugs on it, it woz so stinky.

Here is a shot of the trail wot shows wot a beeootiful spring day we woz hasing today.

And on some more mountain tops

Check out this rawk! Dussnt it look like if'n I blowed on it, it would fall over?

But is has prolly been that way for a gabillion years.

So then we woz at the Wyanokie High Point, our fave overlook where we woz once afore. It is the kewlest place coz you can stand there and see 360 degrees around you, even Noo York City! If'n you click on this pikshur to biggify it, you should be able to see the skyline:

I could see Wanaque Reservoir, too. Shore would have felted good to goes swimming there bout now. No waters for swimmings up high on the mountain top.

We then hopped on over to Yoo-Hoo Point. Now you mite ask, wot kind of silly name be that? Well, once you get atop Yoo-Hoo Point, you can look over to where you woz on Wyanokie High Point and if'n you yell "YOO HOO!!!!!" if'n anybody is over on Wyanokie High Point, they can hear you! See how close it is? But we could not see anybody up there so we did not yell "YOO HOO!!!!!!!!!"

I gotted a little squished here:

Ahhh. We finally commed down out of the mountains and I founded a kewl and refreshing creek.

So that book woz still there and mom nabbed it. It is supposed to rain rilly hard starting tonight and then the book would has been totally ruined and wasted. We is assuming somebody lefted it yesterday since it was there at 7:30 in the mornings and still at 2:00 in the afternoons. Mom putted it on to see if'n we can find it anudder home, but if'n any of you want it, just gib me a hollah and I has the postal peeples bring it to you, k? This is the book: Faith of my Fathers by John McCain. But we won't be sending you that piece of rotten tomater so no worries bout that.


  1. OMC! Dat is so pawsome, momma and I very much enjoyed seeings your pictures and it looked likes a wonderfur time! Momma use to hikes a lot when she was younger but daddy says he never really hiked befores maybe momma gets a doggie and do it agains some day.

    Dat rock did looks likes it would falls over MOL


  2. What awesome sceneries!

    Thanks fur sharing AND fur kharing about the earth so furry much!


  3. You have such awesome adventures friend. The pitures are breathtakig again.

  4. Pawsome pictures of your hike. What a great thing to get out in the woods like that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. That picture of the creek is so pretty. Looks like you only got your paws wet though. That tomater sounds so gross. Again, you two are so great to throw all that yucky stuff away. Those views are awesome, especially being able to see the New York city skyline! Yes, that rock looks like it could tip over at any moment. Nature is so amazing. I'm wondering if you went hiking today since it's been rainy most of the day.

  6. Beautiful! Green Green Green :o)
    What a treat for my sore eyes!
    I could see the skyline without biggifying it!

  7. You had a really beautiful spring day! Just rain and humidity here for Mom and I.

    Everything's getting all green and pretty again!

  8. I'm wondering what kind of trash you are going to find at mom's park. I hope none but I;m sure we got bad litterbugs who visit Furrginia too.

    Great views on this hike. Yoo-hoo to you and your mom!