Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thompson Park (Lincroft, NJ) and My Toof

We talk bout udder stuffs furst. Today Dixie wented to the V-E-T for hers recheck after hers operashuns. The V-E-Ts woz all very, very happee wif how nice Dixie has healed up and they say she is now good as noo. Yay!

So I had to goes along coz mom wanted the dentist V-E-T to look at a toof I has broked off. One day I yelped when mom woz brushing my teefs so she looked and she founded the brokened off toof. The furst pikshur is my good side but flipped over so you can see the difference to the bad side in the pikshur on the rite. It be that big toof on the top wot is brokened.

The dentist V-E-T sayed my teef be cleaner on the good side like I chew more on that side. I has the gingivitis where my toof be brokened. So I has to go back for the dentist V-E-T to clean my teefs and x-ray to see if'n the toof is the pwoblem wot maded brushing owie or if'n the pwoblem is unnerneath where you cannot see. The V-E-T dussn't knows yet if'n she needs to pull my toof. There mite not be a pwoblem at all. I say it be fine like it is just no brushing my teefs no more. But no, mom and V-E-T does not agree wif me. And I has a wart thingie on my eye like Dixie had and they want to take that off at the same time. So it not be urgent and they is waiting for test results from the bloods they stoled from me afore they set my appointment. So I has a little bit of a repreeve. I did hear the V-E-T tell mom that they woz going to treat me like a police K-9 dog - KEWL! Apparently with the K-9 dogs the handlers has to be wif them until they is knocked out then be there to pick them up rite when they be waking up after surgeries. It has somefing to do with me getting all skeered and freaked out if'n mom not wif me (moi?) so I get to be treated speshul. Well, as long as I is getting speshul police K-9 treatments, I gess it be OK.

So now to the fun part. Coz Dixie and I woz so well behaved at the V-E-T, (stop laffing mom...) mom taked us to a park just a few miles up the street from the V-E-T wot she wanted to check out. We got rite on the hiking trails. It woz like the good ole days when Dixie and I did sinkronized hiking togedder afore 10 mile hikes gotted to be too much for Dixie.

We seened some wildlifes. This be a Red-winged Blackbird - If'n you click on the linkie you can see a pikshur of a gurl red-winged blackburd and you will know rite a way that this be a boy wot we seened! The gurls is brown like, um, like me!

And we seened a groundhog, too! I dunno if this be a boy or a gurl coz I think they all look the same.

It woz hawt and we had only hiked .6 miles when we alreddy needed a water break and a little rest coz Dixie is not used to hiking any mores:

Then off to the reservoir.

It be too steep down to get in the waters

So we just had to pose for pikshurs.

Anudder water break:

And then we headed back to the car. Dixie had maded it 2.3 miles in the heats and it be hawter for her coz she has lots of black furs. Eggsept for this last part we stayed on the trails in the shades where it be kewler.

When we gotted back to the car mom gibbed me running waters coz she knows how much I lub running waters...

Common Dixie, hop in. I leaved you a spot...

When we gotted home Sydney gibbed Dixie the thurd degree wanting to knows where we had been. Dixie would not tell. It be our sekrit.

I heard talk that Sydney be going to the dentist V-E-T next to has her teefs checked so she better be carefuls wot she wishes for! We has always all gone for bloodwerk once a year afore but it seems we is all getting complete overhawls this year. YIKES!


  1. I was gonna ask about your toof so I'm glad you did this post. It's very interesting that you're gonna be like a K-9 dog. That is very cool. That park looks really pretty. You two pose really well for pictures. You're like dog models. You really are getting overhauls, but it's good (according to Mama). None of us is getting any younger. We still can't believe how amazing Dixie's story is. I'm glad you didn't have any lumps, Shawnee. Your mom sure has been making the vets richer. Mama's been doing that too. We're worth it, tho. :)

  2. i so enjoy reading your posts, shawnee. you are quite the story teller.

  3. Sorry to hear you need to go back to the V-E-T. After your experience, mom will probably want to brush my teeth twice a day!

    I loved seeing you and Dixie hiking together. Those are some great pictures. Tell your mom that one with the bird flying is really fantastic. I can see the wings moving!

  4. Thanks fur sharing that great hike!

    Sorry 'bout your toof news -

    Khool about the having your mom there with woo - I'm sure they use the khorrekht kind of sleepy juice too!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. sawry about dat broken toof....mehbe iffen dat dentist doz pull it u can keeps it n puts it under u pillow fur da toof fairy. I hear dey brings u stuffs when u gib dem teef.

    (dunt tells Buttons cause herz will knok out all her teef fur squeaky toys)

  6. Hmmmm... *thoughtfully* I wonder how many teeths I have left and how many SQUEAKIES I could get out of that fairy...

  7. Sorry about your toof Shawnee. But you & Dixie had a nice hike wif Mom after the vet. Dixie looks happy to go. We gave you an award.Come visit us to pick it up. Thank you for being our furiend & for the nice ocmment about Tonka.

  8. I is so very happy you went to the dentist. Ginvitis can lead to the same kind of toothie problem I had (I know ou remember dat story). So, it's good you is brushing your toothies. At least you is doing everything you can possibly do. Park is neat!