Sunday, August 1, 2010

North/South Lake and Escarpment Trail, Catskills, NY

We did do very eggsiting hikings in the Catskill Mountains in Noo York yesterday but I is a little slow with getting my bloggie done coz I has to keep taking care of mom. You see, she has commed down with a case of kennel coff. I rememmer when I gotted the kennel coff buggie in the shelter and it woz no funs. So I sented mom to the store for some remedies:

I dunno if it helped lots but I think it holded the werst off long enuff fur us to do our hike. Mom sounds funnee now and sometimes her mouf moves but no werds come out, BOL. And when werds does come out, it not be sounding like my mom at all!

So on our hike the boy wented along and there woz lots of historikal stuffs to see and some seeniks views. It do be furry impawtant to sign in at the trail register so if'n you goes missing, the park pawlice knows where you has been. There woz 4 trail registers on this hike and we signed them all saying we woz two peeples and one dog from Noo Joisey.

The furst point of interest woz this memorial for Frank Layman, a fire fighter wot was killed rite there on August 10, 1900 (almost eggsaktly 110 years ago) while helping to put out a big forest fire.

Here be wot the werds say:

We commed to an overlook and check out wot I has biggfied fur your ease in viewing - peeples lives on the steep side of the mountain!

So there woz lots of seenik places along the trail and here do be some of them:

In this pikshur that be the Hudson River ahind me and the mountains way back yonder be the Taconics where we hiked afore. So from this spot you can akshually see 5 states. I be in Noo York. Straight ahind me be Massachewsits to the left, Connetikit to the rite, and to the very far left be Furmont and Noo Hamsheer but I don't think the last two fitted in the pikshure. You has to be there for the panoramik view to see it all at one time.

Then the boy woz being silly. I thoughted in my brane, OMD, look at the muskels the boy has!

But he woz pulling my paw coz that big rawk woz not going to fall over even when we tried to make it fall over with our combined hebbiness:

We did see lots of udder peeples on the trail espeshully little peeples wot all wanted to gib me pets. OMD, I was hasing the bestest time wif my fan club! Efurry place we runned into peeples they wanted to gib me pets and I woz werking the crowd, BOL. (Got some RILLY grate skritches!)

Then we commed to where this hoomungus hotel, the Catskill Mountain House, used to be where three presidents stayed. It do be gone now and there just be a field wif piknik tables for noms. This be wot it looked like in the olden days:

This be wot it looked like when I woz there:

Mom did try to capshur the eggsakt same place but it all be overgrowned now.

So you mite be asking urself how the peeples gotted up high on the mountain coz they prolly did not hike like we did. They had a train! This is wot it looked like in the olden days from the bottom looking up. The Catskill Mountain House do be the bilding on the left up high:

And when we standed at the top looking down, this do be wot it looks like today:

We also finded lots of old graffiti carvings in the rawks. This one not be so cleer but it do say 1866.

These carvings be all over the place, lots old, some noo. But we is not interested in the noo ones, just the olden day ones.

The trail do be getting furry steep here and there woz times when I woz skeered and did not gib my cooperashuns when the boy and mom had to lift me up. We duss not has fotografik evidences of that coz it do be too embarrassing. But once they gotted me up I would do a happy dance like "Lookie wot I just did!!!" I do be so silly sometimes.

This do be Badman's Cave (not Batman's Cave, unfortoonately) where the noggty outlaws used to hide in the olden days. I sekured the premises and there be no badmans there today.

And we gotted up high to North Point wot did has the bestest views. Here is that North/South Lake wif the Hudson River all in the same pikshur!

After we commed down from that mountain we gotted back to our car and drived just a little bit to waterfalls. It woz the top of the Kaaterskill Falls wot drops down 260 feet in front of where I is standing. It do be furry dangrous to get too close. There not be lots of waters today coz we is hasing a drowt.

We did not drive around to the bottom of the falls to see them looking up coz it do be crazy bizzy with lots of peeples and when we drived by the bottom on our way home the amboolanse woz there coz somebody gotted hurt. They must has fallened coz the paramedics woz getting reddy to climb up wif ropes. Yikes! You has to obey the sines and not get too close, see, like this where I just kewled my paws in the water puddulls:

We did has a major Shawnee Cam malfunkshun. Mom charged it up like she always duss and it would not turn on. No green lite. We has to mess wif it some and see if'n we can fix it. So instead I gibs you pritty pikshurs of the flowahs and buttahflies wot we seened today.

OK, it do be the wee hours of the morning so I is going to see if'n mom has unclogged hers nose so she can breef and go back to sleep. Nite all!


  1. WOW - great pictures again. Amazing, you can see 5 states. I still would like to ride along on your back some day, den I could have a great adventure too.

  2. Wow! What a cool hike, Shawnee! Morgan has been hiking a lot lately. She went to Matthiessen State Park with Dad on Thursday, she and I went to Farmdale Park Friday night and yesterday we took Blueberry with us to Lake Evergreen. None of our hikes look quite as cool as yours! Morgan is really hoping Mom has left over green papers to get her a backpack next weekend. You look so cool in yours!

    I'm not going to lie, though, I'd have been wishing that train was still there to take me to the top!

    Bunny and Morgan

  3. P.S. Thanks for your kind woofs about the rock! I just know that thing was dangerous!


  4. That hike did look fun Shawnee, an I speshullyl liked teh pritty flowers an flutterby. Iz glad you had a good time *purr*

  5. This was a really cool post - mom and me enjoyed it. Great pictures and views and some cool history too. Frankly I think the today pictures without the hotel and railroad are much better. Just sayin'. I am glad the boy went hiking with you too. Looks like he has a good sense of humor! Mom says to tell your mom to get better soon. You are a good Dr. Shawnee!

  6. Wow! Awesome post! First, I hope your mom is feeling better today.

    It's such a shame that hotel and train aren't still there today but I loved seeing what they looked like and all the old carvings in the rocks too. I liked the memorial for Frank Layman. It's so nice a hero like him won't be forgotten.

    Loved the picture of you getting skritches with the big smile on your face. :)

    I'm so glad you and your mom and the boy are always careful on your hikes.

    The close-up shots of the flowers and butterflies are beautiful!!

  7. As always beautiful scenery. But the best part is when the hu-dad gets that scratchy throat and no voice thing, we do things to make him call sundown. It's fun.

  8. What pawesome 'sceneries'!!!!!

    I bet Mr Hawk wasn't furry happy with your mom fur ruining his pikh-a-nikh basket!

    PeeEssWoo: I hope your mom is barking less!

  9. Every time you is goin out you seems to be gettin higher and higher and typist sayin he get vertigo from lookin at da pictures. BOL. He is feeble

  10. Just love your hikes Shawnee! Mum would never let me along on those rocks, I like to get way, way too close to the edges, BOL!!! Too bad that train is gone, looks like it would be funs to ride! Woofs, Johann

  11. Dat looks like lots o' fun Shawnee. We hasn't been on da trail in a while. It just be too hots down here. Maybe Momma can digs up some pictures from da last hikes we did!

  12. Working the crowd BOL BOL
    wow you saw lots of pretty flowers and butterflies!
    Hope your mom feels better soon. umm guess what. I answered your long last...

  13. That explains it! Just the other day I felt like someone was staring at me. Nice views Shawnee!

  14. I absolutely LOVE your hiking pics- i can enjoy New England again through Shawnee's eyes. I miss Maine so much! Thanks!