Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #12: All Souls' Day

The theme fur this week's photo hunt do be All Souls' Day (Nov 2) wot is to rememmer those wot has gone afore us.  OK, I gibs you a warning.  There do be many.  Pull up a seat.  Sit.  Stay.  Has some milk bones or nip to nosh on.  I will limit this to the most recent dogs wot has lived with mom.  I save the kittehs fur anudder time or your eyes be glazing ofur.  And I gibs you a comprehensive breef overvoo of where they commed from and how they lefted us.  Comfy and reddy to start?

"GINA" 1980 - 1988
That pikshure be the boy when he woz little gibbing Gina smoochies.  (Check out that orange carpet, snazzy!)  Beleef it or not, Gina HATED childruns, but the boy woz her boy and she would has gibbed her life fur him.  Anyways, mom had founded a burd with bad owies and taked the burd to the shelter so the shelter V-E-T could at least make the burd not suffer any mores.  Mom looked at the dogs in the shelter and seened Gina.  She woz 1 1/2 years old and woz skin and bones weighing only 75 pounds.  (If'n you knows wot Great Danes should weigh, you would knows that is way not enuff.)  So they always said mom traded the burd fur Gina.  Gina's cage tag sayed her peeples put her in the shelter coz "she gotted too big".  Doh, dussn't the name "Great Dane" gibs them a cloo?  And the cage tag sayed they only feeded her 1 can of foods a day.  No wonner she woz all bones.  So mom gotted her up to 125 pounds.  In the end she gotted a huge cantelope size knot on her leg and it gibbed her so many owies wot medicines could no longer help that mom and the V-E-T agreed it be time to let Gina go to doggie heaven.

"SHERLOCK"  1987-2000
The V-E-T wot helped Gina to the bridge knowed mom could not live without a dog so he asked her if'n she would like to look at the dogs he woz trying to find homes fur wot nobody wanted, and the V-E-T had many.  So the V-E-T staff all looked at one anudder and at the same time sayed "Sherlock!"  Well now we knows why.  Nobody could handle Sherlock.  He woz a 10-month-old furry high energy lab/bloodhound mix wot would not lissen to nobody and the V-E-T knowed mom would not gib up on him like efurryone else in hims life had.  Sherlock wented to obedience school and flunked 3 times.  He wonned furst place the 4th time and mom will keep his trophy furever.  But then mom woz the only one he would effur lissen to.  He woz the sweetest dog and would not has harmed a fly but mom always sayed he did not grow up until he woz 8 years old.  In the end he woz sickie and would not eat.  The V-E-T did an ultrasound on his belleh and founded a mass.  He wanted to do exploratory surgeries but mom sayed no coz Sherlock had bad arthritis, heart murmur, cataracts and she did not want to put him through surgery fur wot prolly was the Big C.  So Sherlock went to the bridge.

"BANDIT" 1989-2003
Bandit woz a 10-month-old Australian Shepherd mix wot the boy found running the streets by the howse when they lived in St. Louis, MO.  He broughted her home and sayed to mom "Please can we keep her?  I will take care of her."  Well, mom darned well knowed that he woz not going to take care of her, that mom would be doing it and they alreddy had Sherlock.  But it woz OK, Bandit needed a home so she stayed.  She went on to become a certified therapy dog.  (She wented to obedience school same time as Sherlock and wonned the furst place trophy the furst time!)  In her last years Bandit woz deaf, had the senilities and woz kinda whacky (I knowed her back then) and the medicines she woz on wot gibbed her more life ended up messing up her liver so it woz time fur her to go to the bridge.

"ELLIOT"  1994-2001
Elliot woz a fawn (or Isabella) Dobieman Pinscher wot lived with my mom's furrend.  The furrend woz wanting to stud Elliot out and mom put the kabash on that - Elliot woz nootered instead.  You go mom!  When mom's furrend woz dying from lung cancers, mom promised him Elliot could come live with her coz nobody in his famblee wanted Elliot.  Elliot woz a big ninny of a Dobieman - he whined about efurrything.  His dad used to say "I wanted a macho dog and I raised him from a puppy.  Where did I go wrong?"  In the end, Elliot got a heart disease wot is common in Dobieman Pinschers coz of bad breeding - and it do be a death sentence so Elliot ended up at the bridge just 3 weeks after diagnosis, wot is about how much time they left with that sickie.  It woz a good thing Elliot neffur maded puppies coz they would has all had bad hearts like him.  Mom gotted me out of the shelter just a few months after Elliot wented to the bridge so I neffur knowed him.

OK, this do be enuff coz mom's lunch hour be over, I is sure you is all out of milk bones and nip and I has to gib mom the pooter back to do her werks.   I hereby release you from your sit/stay - hop on along with the photo hunt!


  1. Shawnee, you have some BIG Pawprints to fill.

    I don't ever do the blog hop thingys any more.. I got a nasty Computer thingy from one, and that might just be where your yucky comment came from too. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Those is some rilly good doggies an thanks you for sharing their speshul stories

  3. We like all your pikchurz an'storiez 'bout them wunnerful doggyz. We'll b doin'our post later fer the blog hop when mom gitz home frum werk so she can help (she adds the pikchurz cuz that takez thumbz which we ain't gotz.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  4. Shawnee, thank you so much for sharing those wonderful stories. I love to read how rescue dogs found their homes. You have a wonderful Mom. Bandit was so beautiful!

    Love, Cupcake

  5. What wonderful stories! And it's great that your mom has piktures of them all!!

  6. Oh Shawnee, dis was a most awesome postie of your family memebers of da past...I know they is still in your mom's heart though.
    Dat Elliot sure was beautiful...they all was really. Such a good thing he nevers had any babies.
    You has a good mom fur sures!


  7. Your family is amazing to give homes to so many dogs others wrote off. I loved hearing about them and I can't wait to hear about the rest of the family. I'm loving this photo hop theme.

  8. Your mom has the biggest heart in the whole world but I think you already knew that! The dog I wrote about named Red was so scared of people we had to let him do live in obedience training for a while. Mom remembers seeing her nephew out in the back yard when he was a small boy just pulling on Red's tail over and over and Red just standing there with a big grin. We has to go, mom tearing up again.

  9. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your mama's stories. She has enough for a book!

  10. Pawesome post!

    Thanks fur sharing the tales of the tails!


  11. you sure do have a great mama to take in doggies that probably no one else would have taken. What a big heart she has.

  12. Your family has sure had some wonderful dogs! I loved hearing about all of them. Do you think your mom will want another Shepherd someday?

    Our camera is a Canon Powershot S-51 (or some number close to that). It's not a point and shoot, it's a bit bigger than those. We really like it, but are hoping for a new one for Christmas because it's got a problem with the digital view finder and it will cost Mom and Dad as much to fix it as it will to get a new camera. For now it still takes good pictures, but Mom would like us to have a better one, especially for the blog. It is a great camera, though!


  13. You have a tremendous heart. Thank you for sharing your pups with us. They were clearly loved very much. Hugs!

  14. Thank you for sharing from the heart!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  15. Oh wow you have had some really special doggies in your family. I love the story about not liking children but having her own boy that is what you call a selective dog, great taste!

  16. Iffen anyfing bad ever appen to us and we was lefted alone I sure would ope I could come liv wiv you and your mum. I fink she is the kindest laydee in the whole werld

  17. *sniffles* What beautiful tributes!

  18. Aw, I love all those stories! Very touching. You're in such a loving caring home! Big hugs to your mama. xoxox ~Andy