Monday, November 22, 2010

No Dog Banning!

This do be a matter of utmost urgencies.  Tonight they is hasing a big meeting in Mahwah, NJ where we has gone hiking afore.  They want to ban dogs from ALL parks in Mahwah.  This do be outraguss!  Because a few lazy peeples duss not pick up dog poo and coz somebody let a little peeple walk a big dog wot dropped the leash and let the dog take off after the ball at a soccer game, they now want to say NO DOGS ALLOWED in ALL PARKS in Mahwah!  Can you pawleze ask your pawrents to sign the petishun to show they support against this ordinance? This do affect all of us coz today it be Mahwah, NJ, tomorrow it be your town... We duss not want to set a precedent here!  Thank you!


  1. Just signed it. Sigh. Let us know the outcome!

  2. How stupid! Mom signed. Power to the paw!!!

  3. You better believe we signed it! I bet they wouldn't suggest banning human puppies, and I bet they do way more damage every year than dogs do!

    We didn't mind waiting for Mom and Dad at the bottom of the observation tower. Howling probably only occurred to Morgan. There was a fence around the bottom of the tower, so we were safe. I would have gone up with them if they'd let me! Mom said it was kind of creepy at the top, because you could tell that it used to be glassed in and had a door, but that was all gone and it was just a hull.


  4. I signed it...
    I think they should ban SQUIRRELS. NOBUDDY likes those guys and everybuddy LOVES Dawgs.

  5. Why do some bad apples have to spoil it for the whole bunch. I signed it for you pal. Dat would be terrible to see no dogs allowed. You and your mama are such responsible hikers too.

  6. We agree with Frankie, ban the squirrels. Never heard of such a silly rule. We signed.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Outrageous! I signed.

    Your pal, Pip


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