Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lippe Hikes the Appalachian Trail

So if'n you has not readed about who Lippe is, you can find out about that here.   So fur our hike today, we hiked 12 miles with Lippe on the Appalachian Trail in Noo Joisey!  Furst, most impawtantly, we got Lippe decked out in no-hunting-me orange:
We left our howse furry early in the morning when it woz still dark outside:
I woz so eggsited about taking Lippe on a hike that I could not eat my breakfast.  So on this hike, part of the Appalachian Trail is elevated boardwalks wot takes you ofur a swamp so you duss not get your paws wet.  I thought it woz safer fur Lippe to ride in my backpack like my furend Mario always wants to do so he would not fall off the boardwalk:
 We had to go ofur bridges too:

There woz a few skeery moments when bridges had steep stairs like the one above and you knows how skeered I is of stairs, but fur Lippe's sake, I gibbed it my bestest shot, tolded him to hold on tite, holded my bref and ranned up the stairs as fast as I could.  There woz benches on the boardwalk where we could take breaks and recoffur from the harrowing stair eggsperiences.
Just when I thought it could not get any worser with the stairs, COW STEPS!  OMD!  My worstest nitemare!  They is rilly steep and skeery and there be cows on the udder side!  And we had to go ofur FOUR of them each way - that be EIGHT times!

Fortoonately, these cows did not gib me the stink eye like the ones in Furginia did so I just keeped an eye on them to make sure they, um, stayed away from Lippe.  Yeah, that's it.
So then finally we woz at the bottom of Wawayanda Mountain.
To get up Wawayanda Mountain, you has to climb up wot be called "Stairway to Heaven."  This I duss not find skeery coz the stairs do be rawks, not wood like wot peeples make wot skeers me.  Rawk steps be furry OK with me.  I even tried to teach Lippe how to climb rawk stairs.
Finally we gotted to the top but the stairs did not take us all the way to heaven - they taked us to Pinwheel Vista.

We taked a break at Pinwheel Vista.  I had Zuke's Powah Bones and Lippe had Zuke's Minis.
"May I pawlese has one, Lippe?"
"OMD! Lippe nommed the rest of them up so fast!"
So then we had to go a little farther on the Old AT Vista trail wot takes you to the summit of Wawayanda Mountain coz mom has to be able to say she has been to the summit fur it to count fur peakbagging fur the New Jersey 1K Club.
At the summit of Wawayanda Mountain.
So then we headed back down Wawayanda Mountain and back the same way to our car.  Here be some more pics from going back:
Helping Lippe ofur the brokened bridge.
A turtle hanging out with some ducks.
Showing Lippe how to check pee mail.
Wot fun hasing Lippe along on our hike!
Nap time.
A final pikshure to rememmer my good times with Lippe.
I do beleef Lippe's next stop be to Dusty and Hurley's howse in Merryland and they has invited him fur Thanksgiving Dinner so we be sending Lippe off to continue his Priority Mail journey sometime this week.

Pee Ess - I furgot to menshun that we woz not able to collect acorns fur the woodrats.  This hike woz up in northern Noo Joisey where almost all of the leaves has fallened off of the trees alreddy so we could not see any acorns on the ground fur all of the leaves.  Boo.


  1. DUSTY: Wow! What an adventure for LIppe and Shawnee! Scribe had an old poem about a crooked man on a crooked stile - she told us that after seeing the cow stairs you all climbed over!
    HURLEY: I never knew you were such a great hiker, Shawnee. Lippe looked like he enjoyed every second of his adventure!

  2. So glad you got some blaze orange on before you went on that hike! Lippe looked great in your backpack. Between you and me that vista looked scarier than stinky eyed cows and cow stairs but it sure had a great view!

  3. We get such a kick out of that outfit! Did your mom make it special for him, Shawnee? We can't wait til Lippe visits...even tho I have no idea what we'll do when he gets here!

  4. It's a good thing you made Lippe that orange outfit. That's furry important in hunting season. It looks like you planned well for Lippe's visit. That was a very excellent adventure you guys had.

    I'm looking forward to when Lippe visits me, but it's gonna be really hard to come up with an adventure to match the one you took him on.

  5. What a pawesome awesome and inkhredible hike!

    The views were like WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  6. We love his vest! Good think Lippe has a good friend like you watching out for him Shawnee.


  7. Shawnee, you are so brave to go up and down the steps. I bet Lippe loved the Appalachian Trail.

    Love, Cupcake

  8. That was a WHOLE lot of stairs for one hike. It's a good thing you're so brave, Shawnee!

    Looks like Lippe had a great time hiking with you. I love the vest you made for him! And it was so very nice of you to carry him in your backpack.

  9. I wish we had a Lippe of our own! He looks like he had such a good time, and we're all ooooing and aaahing over his orange hat and jacket and that cute little back pack and, oh, I could go on and on! You took him on a hike to remember and Morgan and I were cheering for you when you took him over those stairs.

    We have our tags on a Rubit clip, so that makes it very easy for us to switch our tags to different collars. We always carry our ID with us!

    You have been such an inspiration to us, Shawnee! We started hiking partly because we admire all of your hikes. I even got boots today so I can keep going with Mom, Dad and Morgan if the snow comes down and gets pretty deep.


  10. Oh wow what a fantastic walk we would love that walk too and we know how good Lippe is at being carried on walks he did some of that with us, being carried on walks makes him very hungry doesn't it.

  11. Oh Shawnee, you are sooooo great!!! Thank you very much for taking Lippe on this wonderful hike!!! We still can't get over his pawsome orange "don't shoot me"-outfit!!! You took good care of him and he looks really happy!!! You were so brave to go over all those scary stairs and I'm glad to see, that you made Lippe climb some rocks by himself!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You were a great host for my little furry mate!!! BIGGEST HUGS!!! XXX Mookie

  12. Dat just tickles my funny bone to see Lippe in your backpack. Dat's supposed to be reserved for me, but I'm happy Lippe got to have a ride in it first. Pumpkin is so right - it's going to be hard to come up with an adventure for Lippie that will be as great as the one you took him on.

  13. that wos reely gud to reed al bowt yoo an lippi gowin hykin shornee. th prishers wos brillyunt an i fink yoo did bowf av lots of funs

  14. Wow you showed Lippe so many bewtiful seeniks an I so prowd of how many stairs you did go over. Teh one over teh water skarded me lots! Say hai to Lippe for me bafore him leaves for Merryland *kisses*

  15. Shawnee you took Lippe on a super BEAUTIFUL and Thrill Filled adventure. I am sure he will remember it fur EVER. I love how careful you were with him. And even let him have Power Snacks.

  16. You are such a good friend to Lippe! I bet he enjoyed every minute of it--even over those scary steps. I don't like them either. You were VERY brave!!

  17. I just adores dat Don't Shoot Me Orange color...dat looks nice.
    I didn't knows you was such an avid rock climber...gosh, you made me tires just from watchin' you.
    Will a 10 lb doxie girl fit in dat back pack?


  18. What a great hike!!! Lippe has quite an appetite. It was good of you to share your snacks with him.

  19. What a good time you showed Lippe! Glad he had his no huntin' me orange on too, you can never be too careful!

    And all those stairs? Wowza! You go girlfriend!!!

  20. Boy u sure did put Lippe thru da ringer wif all dat Hikin & rock climbin! Good fing u letted he ride in ur backpack. (hims looked so cute in der in hiz no hunting me orange wot u did hab for he)

    I finks himz habbin more fun wif u den he did wif me :(

    Did Lippe hab a furrend in hiz backpack like u did? or wuz it full of noms?

  21. OMC I furgotted to yell at u fur show Lippe bad fings like gettin to close to da edge of dem cliffs like dat! Bad Shawnee, Bad Lippe!

  22. What great scenery! I like how he rides so nicely in your bag.

  23. Crikey - Lippe scared us there for a minute - we thought he(?) was person-sized in that first pic. Once we realized he is portable-sized, we fell in love with him :) We LOVED this adventure - what a great place to hike! We need to go read about Lippe. Mom thinks she wants a Lippe - she likes stuffies, too :)

    The Road Dogs

  24. PeeS - we just had to come back to ask if your Mom made Lippe's "don't hunt me" outfit? That's too cute!

    The Road Dogs

  25. We LOVE Lippe's orange outfit! Glad you made it up all the scary stairs. The more you do it the less scary it will be. Mommy would invite Lippe to visit us, but for some reason she doesn't think he would survive my attention. Hrumph!

  26. I just love da fotos of you and Lippe!!!!!

    You definitely showed Lippe a great time...and I am cracking ups at Lippe's matching orange outfits! Toooooo cute.


  27. Bailey carries Monkey everywhere with her. She needs a vest like that so she can have her mouth free to investigate and still have MOnkey close by.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  28. I sure Hope that Lippe likes cupcakes cause I am going to bake lots of them during Lippes visit !! I can't wait it will be so much fun !!! @soozi13