Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area, CT

So today we drived 1 1/2 gabillion hours ofur to Connetikit fur hiking at Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area.  This sign wot I is standing in front of shows all the peeples wot gibbed lots of green papers to save the land from becoming townhouses and a golf course!
Good thing coz this do be the only park we knows of where, is you reddy fur this.... DOGS IS ALLOWED OFF LEASH!!!! WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!!!  And there was about 25 gabillion dogs there.  It do be a dog pawty,  I gotted smooched and drooled on, and oh, wot funs.

So anyways, when we lefted in the early morning I woz worried coz we crossed this bridge into Noo York City.  Wot woz we doing in the concrete jungle I wonnered?  It woz akshually shorter to get to Connetikit that way so coz it be early in the morning with no traffics, mom wented that way.  She do usually go a longer way to avoid the traffics.  So I worried fur no reason.

So we gotted to the park in Connetikit and started hiking.  The battery woz ded on mom's pedometer but when she added it all up from the park map, we did hike 12 miles.  There woz so much pee mail it woz crazee!
We climbed up this mountain and could see the reservoir.  See that land on the udder side of the reservoir?  Dogs not be allowed ofur there at all.  They is not furry nice.
Some of the trails has nice moss wot woz cushy on my paws...

All the leaves woz down so I could walk on them too...
We did see a golf course through the trees (so I is supposing they found a place fur that after all).  But wot I duss not unnerstand is why peeples chase a ball around with a stick?  Wassup with that?  You pick up the ball and/or the stick in your mouf and run with it - much more effishunt if'n you ask me.
Then we commed to an orchard where they grow froots.  The signs asked peeples not to pick stuff wot belongs to the farmer wot lets us run in his orchard but they can pick blooberries at the end of the orchard eggsept there woz none coz it do almost be winter time.
Then on our way back through the orchard, OMD, a horsie!  But mom would not let me go smooch him like I did the horsies in Furginia coz this one do be a big horsie and they is sometimes skeered of dogs.
There woz anudder dog ofur there visiting but mom sayed no, two of us mite be too much eggsitements fur the horsie so we keeped going.

Then in the middle of the woods, we finded this statue wot was carved out of wood!
So it woz a furry nice hike today and I would pawsonally like to thank the nice peeples at Aspetuck Land Trust fur making us dogs feel so welcome!  Big Shawnee SMOOCH!


  1. What a beautiful place for a hike! We used to live in CT, but in South Windsor, not too close to the Weston area.

    We see you on lots of blogs so we thought we would stop by to say hello.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. WOW a park where dey actually let you run off leash. I'll be you really enjoyed dat freedom. I know you is a good doggie and probably always stay by mom anyway. Another great adventure. Wish I were smaller so I could fit in your backpack like Lippie.

  3. We thought of you when we were out hiking today! We went hiking with a big group of dogs, mostly Shepherds. Morgan and I were the only ones on leash, but that was okay. We had tons of fun!

    I kind of like that little statue. He seems like he's standing guard. It sure looks like it was worth all that driving to get there!


  4. You go on so many fun trips! And wow, dogs allowed off the leash! That statue is a little scary. Weird that there is no explanation.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. A huge dog park for hiking with NO leashes?! Wow! That's like a doggie's dream come true.

    A gabillion and a half hours in the car is totally worth that!

  6. I fink mebbe you should come to the UK my bootiful pal cos here we rilly duz run off the lead the whole time in the countryside. I almost dussnt nivver wear a lead unle4ss we is near a road wiv da cars on it

  7. That iz another bewtiful seeniks Shawnee an Iz so happy they letted you runs wivout da leash. You wuz brave to wanna go see that horsie, that iz so huje an skardy!

  8. I met a horsie one time on my off leash trail. You know what the lady riding the horse said. "You better grab your dog cause the horse will kick him!" - Seriously? Then why would you bring such a naughty horsey to the off leash dog trails. Don't worry I stayed away and got put on my leash to be safe.

    woof - Tucker

  9. Hey Shawnee! I've missed ya!

    That's so cool that you got to be off leash! Welcome to my world. Well, except I never leave the house so I guess it doesn't count. Your mom's picture of the bridge is great! Actually, all the pics look great. It's amazing how pretty fall is. Interesting statue!

    Mom to Mom: I finished the book last night. I hope to get to the post office today or tomorrow at the latest. Thanks so much. I really, really enjoyed it!

  10. What a wicked awesome park! You'll have to go back when they have blueberries...I love blueberries!

    That little statue dude is kinda creepy...kinda Blair-Witch like, I'd run from there. Or maybe run with the statue in my mouth, either or!

  11. What a nice hike!! That sign at the orchard is so typically north eastern...ahh, how I miss the north. One day...
    Shawnee looks so happy walking through the moss. What a beautiful girl :)

  12. Mommy likes that statue. I think it looks like it would be fun to chew.