Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #15: THE VET

OMD!  This do be the worstest subject.  The photo hunt do be about the V-E-T! You mite not let to want yung puppies and kittens or the skweemish adults read this post.  It do be kwite horrifying with fotografik evidences of V-E-T torture.  This be the entire post from last year when me, Dixie and Sydney all went to the V-E-T togedder.  Don't woof or meow that I did not warn you.  It be furry bad.  Here be some hilites:
I had to gib the V-E-T the laser eyes:
Then there woz just this year when I waited pashently only to has the V-E-T swipe my TOOF!
And the V-E-T did this to me too but  I spinned around too fast fur mom to snag a pikshure.  I subsitoot one of wot the V-E-T did to our foster bunny Penelope last year, wot woz the same thing the V-E-T did to me...
On that note, let's hop...

Pee Ess - I has not heared wot happened with Mahwah, NJ voting about banning dogs from all their parks last nite but I did hear a roomor that they changed the ordinance to be banning dogs from only playing fields, not parks, coz peeples do be so outraged about it.  I do let you know wot I hear finally happened when I find out.  Thank you all fur suppawting the petition.  We need to squash these things when they pop up and make lazy peeples PICK UP THEIR DOG POO!!!!  Although I has to say we pick up way more peeple litters than we pick up dog poo from udder dogs...

Pee Ess Ess - UPDATE:  per http://www.stopmahwah-ord1679.org/ 



  1. Oh no, Dr. VET!! I usually do good, until they try to violate me like they did poor Penelope!! Then I sit on my butt and don't move. Dunc loves Dr. VET cause people pet him and he gets noms...I'm not falling for it!!!

  2. Glad you survived the vet torture. We prefer not to go there too!!!
    Good news about the parks not being totally closed...

  3. he he - guess where I went today!! Yup - the dreaded VET. It's so humiliating pal. I feel for you.

  4. Our vets are very nice and so are the techs, but we still prefer to avoid that place.

    Awesome news about the ordinance. Maybe instead they should initiate a poop patrol to be sure peeps are doing the right thing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I agree with the OP Pack - poop patrol is the real issue. Bigger fines might do it! It was a $250 fine for leaving poo on the streets of Portland, ME. With 2 pups, that would add up to $500 per outing, and in 1 day, that could be $1000!!! Glad we could help support you on this one ;)
    We really, really try to be good about temps and other uglies at the vet, but I can completely understand, Shawnee. If only there was a way of telling a pup that what was going to happen was for helping them live long, happy lives...*sigh*. Treats help, though :)

  6. I hate the v-e-t. The worst is the alien butt probe. I'd rather have injections than that thing. *shudder*

  7. Yes, the vet is torture! I hate the vet! I agree with pumpkinpuddy about the alien butt probe. I hate the vet so much that I don't eat the treats they try to bribe me with.

    I'm so glad that ordinance was dismissed. I would like to start an ordinance that severely punishes litterers!

  8. Ask Blueberry about the torture involved at the vet lately. She'll tell you all about the horrors she experienced!

    I am so happy to hear that the ordinance was dismissed!


  9. Vof Shawnee! I'm Nero from Crete and it's so great to meet you!
    You know, I don't have to go often to the vet because I try to eat him! I get really big panic when I go there...
    You are so lucky going for hiking and visiting so exiting places!
    I have at home one 'sister' and one 'girlfriend' and one cat... you are so welcome to visit us!
    Sunny kisses from Nero

  10. *biting dew claws* What a scary story !!! In the top oiccie, your all nervously panting....and then i see why ! (Bunny horror pic) *scream*

  11. Ya big wuss! Wot is wrong wiv da vets? Thei is makin you better. I am goin to see mine soon and I dussnt be worried. Woof

  12. Maybe I shouldn't be seeing that bunny picture one week from my own appointment. Owwiee. Glad they overturned that stupid ordinance! Parks ate FOR dogs!

  13. *white with horror* THEY took photographic evidence? Insult apon injury! O.O! You'd better be all over that delete key, gurl! Or eat the negatives, whatever the case may be AND DO IT NOW! Eeeeek!

  14. Dis just awful! You warned me but I looked at pics and read story and den just like I do in de vet lobby......yep....I pooped rite here on de floor jus readin dis story.

    Oh I cantz take dis topic! I shibberin in my paws!