Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Story of Me

So my furrend Minna Krebs is hasing a contesty fur her Gotcha Day, wot be on Thanksgiving Day, where efurryone has to bloggie bout "The Story of Me" of how you commed to be in your home.  Then Minna Krebs do be drawing from all the bloggies wot pawticipates fur a GRAND PWIZE WINNER!  The grand pwize do be a donashun of $50 in the winner's name to an animal charity.  Woo hoo, so let me get started...

It woz a hawt day back on the elebenth of Jooly 2001.  I woz just a puppeh, only 4 months old, curled up in the corner and shaking violently in the big, lowd, skeery, (DURTY and STINKY) inner city animal shelter in Newark, Noo Joisey.  We woz told I woz dumped at the shelter coz I woz not "purebred enuff".  I has faulty white markings, oh the horror!  The laydee wot werked at the shelter broughted a laydee ofur to my cage and asked the laydee to take me in her reskoo groop to foster and find me a home.  The laydee sayed no coz she duss not do puppehs, she prefurs older dogs wot not gets into as much trubulls and has less chance of getting out of the shelter alive.  The shelter laydee then picked me up so the reskoo laydee could get a closer look at how pawthetic I woz and I had the runny poos all down her white blouse fur added effect.  The reskoo laydee could see how skeered I woz, she knowed I would neffur get a home all skeered like that, all shaky and reddy to jump out of my furs.  So she sayed OK, gib me that puppeh, and putted me in a crate in her car.

I did not see this as being a good thing at the time, espeshully when we gotted to the laydee's howse and I gotted a BAF!  Where do be PETA when you needs them?  Then it woz off to the V-E-T fur needles, the thingy up the 'you-knows-wot', poking and prawding...  I woz even more skeered.  I puked all ofer the place.  I had the kennel coff cooties wot I gotted while in the shelter.  This do be me on that furst day.
Paralyzed by fears in the boys lap.
As you can see, I woz NOT a happy camper.  I just wanted to crawl in a hidey spot and DIE!  You see, the prawblem woz I woz feral wot meaned I had no sochulizashun with hoomans and woz terrified of being tutched.  It woz like I had been borned in a barn, prolly at a back yard breeder, somebody just tying to make monies from making puppies, and I had hardly effur seened peeples, prolly nefur been tutched by peeples.  Mebbe they shunned me coz I did not look purfect.  I dussn't rilly rememmer.  Anyways, my foster mom had lots of werk to do with me to get me to trust peeples.

When I woz around udder dogs, I woz all happy-go-lucky normal like a puppeh should be...
Playing bitey leg with foster dog Flossie.
Playing bitey face with foster dog Flossie.
Telling sekrits with foster dog Flossie.
Chilling with foster dog Flossie.
Then one day foster dog Flossie woz gone.  All gone, nefur to be seened again.  I did not unnerstand why at the time.  But then came foster dog Benson...
Playing bitey face with foster dog Benson.
Getting wet with foster dog Benson.
Then one day some peeples commed and taked Benson away.  I cried pitifully coz I knowed I would nefur see him again.  (I akshually did see him again 4 years later when the fambly returned him coz the teenagers woz no longer interested in him, grrrrr.  Oh doggie, did mom has werds with that doodyhed fambly!  How can you say you be tired of the dog after 4 years?  Dogs is supposed to be fur furever and ever. We founded Benson anudder home and he still be there to this day.)  But evenshually I started to unnerstand they woz foster dogs and woz only here temporary until they finded furever (hopefully furever and ever) homes.  There woz always foster dogs fur me to play with.  Efurry time one got adopted, my foster mom would go back to the shelter and bring home a noo one wot woz about the same size and age as me so we could be furrends.

I always liked my crate coz it do be my safe hidey spot back then.  I keeped all my pwize posseshun stuffies in there.  Foster mom did not has to shut the door coz I would not come out inside the howse.  Fur me to go outside mom would has to drag my crate out the door on to the deck, udderwise I would wet myself if'n she tried to tutch me to get me out.  So I kinda housebreaked myself like that.  Once I started coming out of my crate inside, I only had 2 potties in the howse the whole time I woz a puppeh.
My foster mom werked with me so I woz not so skeered of peeples.  She would feed me nommy treats, furst throwing them so I did not has to come close to her until I gotted braver and would take them from her hand.  Eventually I would sit in my foster mom's lap to nom my treats.  To this day if'n somebody be sitting on the ground, dussn't matter who, I sit my behind in their lap!

Then commed the day when I woz loaded up in the car with all of my stuffies and my blankie.  I puked the whole time coz I knowed I woz leaving like all the udders.  My foster mom woz the only one I trusted.  Sometimes.  She leaved me in a strange howse with a strange laydee and anudder dog.  My foster mom tolded the laydee I would be skeered and it would take me time to be comfy.  After my foster mom left me I would not come out of my crate.  I did snarly face at her udder German shepherd dog (wot woz 20 gabillion times bigger than me), I behaved furry badly.  Within 4 hours the laydee called my foster mom and sayed it not be werking out, that she be needing to return me like I woz a dress wot not fitted. Little did she know that had she gibbed me time to settle in and learn to trust her, she would has had a rilly wonnerful dog pal in me.  It do be her loss coz she nefur gibbed me a chance and she did not lissen to any of the instrukshuns mom gibbed her about me.

It akshually werked out just fine fur me coz I wented back to my foster mom, wot then becamed my mom coz she sayed she would nefur ever make me all skeered and behaving badly like that again by trying to adopt me out to peeples wot not unnerstand me.  She deemed me "unadoptable."  So that is how I comed to live here furever and ever.  I has commed such a long way since those days long ago.  Peeples who knowed me then cannot beleef I be the same dog now.  I used to not want to walk out on the driveway, nefur mind up the street or to the park.  Now I hike all ofur the country and has grate adventures. I went to obedience school once a week fur 5 years to build up my self esteems.  I gotted my Canine Good Citizen fancy schmancy certificate on the wall.  Sometimes I still weird out over things wot skeer me but when mom gibs me an obedience command, it brings me back to earth and efurrything be good again. 

So on this Thanksgiving I want to woof how thankful I is that I has a furever and ever home and so many wonnerful bloggie furrends.  And fur you, Minna Krebs, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!

And I has to send out anudder Gotcha Day greeting fur a pal of mine wot woz gotted one year ago on Thanksgiving Day.  That be my former foster sis Buttons wot we drived ofur to Illinoy to her furever and ever home on Thanksgiving Day last year.  Pop on in ofur at Buttons' place and gib her a woofout!  She duss has the bestest furever and ever home!  And if'n she duss not post her story, we has it rite here.


  1. Your story iz amazing Shawnee an I so happy your mom did keeps you. This story shuld win da pwize cuz you is now a huje ambassador for doggies efurryware *purr*

  2. Oh, Shawnee! What a story you have! I had no idea! I'm so glad you got to stay with your mommy and be safe. You picked her :o) I also didn't know you know Buttons! I LOVE BUTTONS! Your momma is a great person for rescuing and fostering. I love getting new foster sisters to play with! Momma just had a rescue dog with a similar story to you. He didn't come to live with me, but he was adopted very quickly and is trying to adjust to his new home.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh Shawnee, the thought of you all shaky and scared at the city shelter is SO SAD! I am glad your foster mom took you home - nice work with diarrhea on her shirt!

    I am sure you were very sad when your foster doggies left. One thing I left out of my story is that I was abandoned with another dog - a miniature schnauzer. I missed her terribly when we were separated. I am so glad we both found wonderful homes (and that our foster moms became our real moms)!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. wow, what a story mate! Glad woo found one of the good hu-mons! Happy thanksgiving,

    RA & Isis

  5. Okays, I keeps getting interrupted when leavin' a comment...da furst time I had to go get kleenex and then da internet went down...ugh!
    Anyways, you has a remarkable story and I gots a little leaky eyed to tells da truth. What a blessing your foster mom was and is. I can't imagine how skeered you was during dat time but you overcame it all and I is so very proud and so happy you haves a wonderful home!
    Thank you to your mom.


  6. OMD OMD O M Deeee. Shawnee this is the mostest beautiful THANKSGIVING Story ever written. I am soooooo very much glad that you are Strong and Sure now in this beautiful fureffer family that YOU Chose!! Go ahead and let your mom think it was HER.. It makes these two leggers feel all good and stuff.
    And that is watt these Thanksgving Adoptions Stories are supposed to do!!! THANKS!!!!

  7. What a bootiful story - well maybe not the first part, but certainly the last part. How could all those people give you up. You are living proof dat a doggie can be worked with and turn into a wonderful pet.

  8. You had a very sad and tough start to your life, Shawnee, but you hit the jackpot with your foster mom. We are so happy there are peeps out there like her that help out.

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara, and the Momster too

  9. Shawnee,
    I knew little bits and pieces of your story but not the whole thing. My heart goes out to you when you were a puppy and you were so scared, especially in that shelter. Your mom is so awesome but some of those other people are indeed doodyheads. We just recently had to deal with a doodyhead family in regard to a dog and unfortunately those doodyheads are related. (Hiss) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your mom, boy, sisfurs and kittehs.

  10. Oh, Shawnee, this story is happy and sad all at the same time. Puppies are so inherently lovable it's tragic to think of someone just casting them away, not even petting or playing with them! Girl wants to add, "Your mom must have the patience of a saint." Uh, what are you implying about me, there, Girl? BOL!

  11. Shawnee...I doz lub u and I knows fur a fact dat ur mom doz lub u so beary beary much.

    Fanks u fur sharing ur story wif all of us.

    I iz so fankful dat I haz u az ma intertubes buddy & dat human2 did gets to meet wif u & hike wif u in purrsons.

    I iz also beary fankful dta u & ur mom did take in dat sweet Buttons & finded her a wunnerful furever & ever home. (Can no balieves dat wuz a year ago alreddy!)

    *BIG BORIS HUGS* fur u, ur mom & ur sisfurs (& ur kittehs too).

  12. Bravo to ALL of woo!

    It is a pawesome story that evFURRYone needs to read!


  13. Oh, Shawnee! It sounds like you were just doing what good Shepherds are supposed to do and people didn't understand you. We are SO glad that you stayed with your mom, though, so we could read about all your great adventures!


  14. Wot a story, Is like a Harry Potter book wiv da real fings in it. We sure are glad that you is livin wiv your mum cos wivout her we would not haff you and wifout you we would not haff her. Woof

  15. I LOVE your story, Shawnee! I knew bits and pieces of it, but I'd never heard the whole store. How wonderful that you found your Mom! And those pictures of you when you were a baby puppy are just stinking CUTE!

    I just posted my story tonight! Happy Thanksgiving! My Mom and I are both very, very thankful for YOU and your Mom!

  16. Wow, Shawnee!! You are an amazing girl and so is your mom! I'm always impressed with your treks out into the world. I have a shepherd who's a nervous, fearful girl, so I can understand your early days.
    It's taking a lot of work and effort to bring her around, but we're getting there day by day. My girl has taught me a great deal about patience and perseverance.
    Your story is inspiring - thanks for sharing it, and I'm so glad your mom decided to keep you close!

  17. Shawnee! You were such a beeUtiful pup, with da most wonderful ears!

    I was feeling so sad fur you at da beginning of your story....all skeered an nervous at da shelter...butt it has a wonderful ending

    I'm so glad you pawticipated in my posting pawty, and I am slso so glad you is my blog furrend!

  18. Shawnee.....I did not know bout your connection to Buttons!

    Wowser! What an amazing story....and what a wonderful thing fur you and your mom to do!


  19. Oh Shawnee! What a wonderful Thanksgiving Story about YOU! You sure HAVE come a long way. Just look at you hiking all over the place now! Your Mom is a smart lady to see your potential and you're both lucky to have each other :)

    The Road Dogs

  20. Shawnee, your story is great! I mean, a little sad, but in the end you is happy and loved. That's all any pup can really ask for, right?


  21. What a story. Your mom is pretty special. Most people don't have the patience to help scared animals that don't understand being with peoples. I was a feral too, so I understand. Kudos to your mom!

  22. What a sad but amazing and happy story!! And Baby Shawnee piktures?? OMG!!!

    Sometimes we just find our peoples and never leave!!

  23. That's an amazing story Shawnee... Your mommy is a wonderful woman and you are the luckiest fella to be the foster fella who stayed behind :) Thanks for sharing your story and nice to meet you Shawnee!

  24. I love this story Shawnee but I REALLY love your puppy pictures. Your ears were bigger than the rest of you until you grew in them! Smooches to you and your mom and family!