Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Hike

OMD, we did a Thanksgibbing Day hike!  I has to show you the hilites rite off the bat:
I dussn't think you can get more Thanksgibbing than that!  Wot is that you say?  Wot about Thanksgibbing Dinner?  Well mom woz cooking that while we woz hiking.  Rilly.
That do be the stuffed Tofurky and veggies in the crawk pawt.  Not fur me and my sisses.  We has something else I show you later.

So anyways, back to our Thanksgibbing hike.  We wented to Harriman State Park in Noo York coz it be a no hunting nefur ever park wot we can go to in the middle of the week.  Our hike woz 12 miles long.

One of the furst things we seened woz this gravestone:
That be Farmer Lewis wot used to farm the land there until he died.  I wonner wot happened to Lavinia Lewis - she could not still be alive, could she?  Spooky.

This be Lake Nawahunta - it used to be Farmer Lewis' field until peeples dammed it to make a lake:
At the top of Long Mountain there be a memorial fur Raymond Torrey who woz responsibull fur a lot of the trails in Harriman Park.  When he died his ashes woz let go here on his fave mountain where the memorial be.
That memorial woz atop a mountain where we woz up high and could see all around.  Even into West Point Military Academy where we is not allowed to go - no dogs, no peeples!  All of that ahind me be West Point, the furbidden zone...
As you has prolly noticed, the wevver woz icky.  This do be all we seened of the sun:
I did see the Hudson River but no Noo York City skyline today coz it not be clear wevvers.
Then when we gotted ofur to the top of Black Mountain, something woz hitting me in the eyeballs...
OMD! It do be snow!  The furst snow of the season.  See it on my furs?
We seened lots of wildlifes today.  Many deers, skwerrels, ducks...
An acorn all peeled and wif little teef marks in it like a chipmonkey woz hasing his Thanksgibbing dinner...
A Pileated Woodpeckah...
Lots of Woody Woodpeckahs today!  And can somebody like Anna, Bunny, Buttons, any of you wot knows efurrything there be to know bout all things pink pawlese tell me wot this is?  Pink burd poo?!?!?!
Just when we woz almost back at our car at a lower elevashun, the snow becommed rain and this is wot we drived home in...
So then we gotted home and DINNER TIME!  WOO WOO!

Altho we woz all furry interested in the Tofurky...
We wozn't allowed to has any coz mom did put the onions and salty stuffs in it wot not be good fur dogs.  So we got this!

NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!  From all of us to all of you, we be wishing you


  1. What a great way for you to spend your holiday - hiking. Dat was quite a hike again today. Bet you sleep good tonight.

  2. Pawesome fur woo!

    It was way way too wet here today fur a walk -

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of WOO!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo need some Turkey Hill ice khream fur dessert!

  3. Alright, I am completely jealous that you got a Thanksgiving hike! I had to sit at home and watch the dog show on TV while Mom and Dad were off shoveling food in their faces. Phooey! They did at least bring back a little turkey to share.

    I found out that last Sunday we hiked fifteen miles! No wonder Mom kept complaining that her legs felt like lead. That was quite a haul!

    My best guess is that it's from some paint ball guns, but then again, maybe there's some strange animal that lives in the woods near you that we don't have near us! At least, I hope it doesn't live near us!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Shawnee and co...It was chilly today here, too and I kept thinking that a little rain could turn to snow! But it wasn't in the cards for us. Thanks for sharing the snow in your furs ;)

  5. Gota love Cranberry Hill!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like a great hike, except for the snow part. I always blame Mommy when the weather changes on our hikes.

  7. The picture of Lake Nawahunta is so pretty. I love how still the water is. It's like a mirror. The green trees are so vivid in the reflection.

    I wonder if Lavinia Lewis got buried somewhere else. It is strange that they didn't close off her year.

    Mama and Papa went out on a walk (can't really call it a hike) at a state park near here when they saw the snow. It wasn't as fun when the snow turned into rain.

    Your Thanksgiving noms look really good. I have to say they look better than tofurky. :)

    I'm glad you all had a good Thanksgiving!

  8. OMD. Is that chicky stuff?!?! I only got prescription kibble. Blech.

  9. What a great hike and a terrific thanksgiving dinner for you! And our security word is blesses - how appropriate.

  10. A snowy/rainy hike is better than no hike at all, right? And at least there were treats waiting! Our pawrents tried the Tofurky one time and, um, decided to give it up:)

    The Road Dogs

  11. WOW dat wuz one pawsum way to spends Turkey Day!

  12. Behind reading the bloggies again! Your dinner was nommier than mine. Mom and dad went somewhere else for dinner and brought zippo back. We just saw a weather report and we might get some snow this weekend!

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