Sunday, November 28, 2010

Island Beach State Park, NJ

We went hiking on an island today, fur real!  We lives rilly close to the oshun but we hardly effur go there coz it be way too crowded in the summertime and dogs is not allowed there in the summer.  But this time of year dogs can go and there do be lots less peeples.  It woz a bootiful day today and not too cold so we hiked 12 miles - 8 miles of that woz in sand so mom not be needing no Thigh Master from Santa Paws!

Here I is looking fur the oshun...
 OMD!  Wot is this in the sand?
They let 4 wheel drive MONSTER TRUCKS drive on the whole beach!  It woz horribulls.
There woz trucks up and down the beach as far as you could see.  It maded efurrything ugly and mom had to crop the tire marks out of pikshures to make them prittier. See this pritty pikshure?  Mom cutted the tire marks out.
But then you see boats all lined up along the horizon.  With so many peeples with trucks fishing on the beach and so may boats on the horizon fishing, I wonner if there be any fishies left in the oshun?

I do like to gib my furrends a woofout when I be in they nayborhood so seeing as I woz rilly close to Inglund, here goes...
We seened lots of burds on the beach...
And in the doons...
And some gnarly driftwood...
Then we seened the Barnegat Lighthouse on the udder side of the inlet at the end of the island...
We went around to the bay side and taked a break so I could has some Powah Bones fur reenergizashun...
Here I do be in the bay getting my paws wet...
Then we seened an osprey nest but there not be anyone at home...
Here do be me and mom's shadows walking on the road...
So it woz sad that the beach do be so icky with all the monster trucks on it and stuffs but it woz better on the bay side where there be no trucks.  So that be our beach visit fur the year.


  1. Oh Shawnee, you've made me miss the beach again! It was so pretty when I was there. We didn't see any trucks when I went, though.

    I didn't get to go hiking this weekend. We did go out and get a Christmas tree, though, which was a little like hiking. I'm really hoping we'll get to go a little bit soon. Although it's gotten really cold here all of a sudden!


  2. What a great post with so many pawesome pikhs!

    Our favourite is the third one of woo looking at the sand - the shadows are great!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  3. Bummer about all those stupid monster trucks! Mama hasn't been to the ocean in Jersey yet for the same reason yours doesn't like to go: all the crowds. Love the pictures. The ocean looks so vividly blue. You look so cute getting your paws wet. I also like the pics of you walking on the path towards the beach. I'm so glad you had a fun day. I've been glued to Mama's bed because she put the electric blanket on it.

  4. That looks like so much fun! Except for the Monster Trucks. That is just not right, I'd say. I love the beach too! Maybe that's where Mom & Dad will take me!

  5. Great pics, Shawnee - too bad about those monster trucks. We have never been to a beach, but we would love to go one day. That last pic of you is great.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Oh, Shawnee, these pics reminded me of when I lived in Virginia Beach while the Girl was in massage school. Our beach looked just like that! Girl thought I would love it (I did get to go during the winter, but like yours, no dogs during summer) but I did not! Too much water-blech!

  7. We likes dat last picture of you's running on da beach. You look so pretty like Pam Anderson in Baywatch but wifout dat red bathing suit.


  8. Dat is a bootiful beach pal. At least they let doggies out there a little bit anyway. Too bad it's closed to you during swimming season.

  9. Shawnee, you are one lucky girl to go on such pawsome hikes!!! We haven't been to the ocean for a LONG time. But we live close to the Sound so do get to go to the beach in the summer & run & play.
    Great pictures!

  10. Shawnee - Don't trucks belong on the ROAD??!! What's up with that? We haven't been to the beach in a while, either. Lots of rules in the summer about dogs on the beach and leashes and yadayadayada. But we do love the water. And at least they don't let the vehicles on the beach here.
    LOVE that last pic of you kicking up the sand!

    The Road Dogs

  11. Yucky trucks, indeed! There's nothing that chaps my behind more than seeing construction vehicles or work trucks in a place that should be pristine! They just clear cut an area behind us that was brush and trees. I haven't heard the coyotes on this side of our stream since :( The beach itself is gorgeous, though, and many beautiful pics of Shawnee!

  12. Ello! We dun heard you al the way over in Inglund and you did makes Lola jump out of her skin! Woof. Wot a lovely place you been walkin. We love the beach cos we can run and run and there is always very diffrunt smells.

  13. I loves the beach, cause you can dig and dig and not get in trouble!!! But the big trucks, what's up with that?

    Oh and don't poop in the ocean, peoples don't like that...ahem...or so I've heard...whistle whistle...

  14. I don't understand the trucks on the beach, are they turning the beach into the road?

    I luvs those birds so much I chase them when I go to the beach.... and the stupid things just come back so I can chase them again and again.. BOL!

    woof - Tucker

  15. Another wonderful post. I do love going on hikes with you. And, I love that last picture where you are running and the sand is flying. That is beautiful.


  16. They are fighting about the trucks on the beach on the Outer Banks in North Carolina too. Those fishermen are powerful people and it doesn't seem to matter that it's bad for the beach habitat. As far as I'm concerned they can get their lazy selves out of their trucks to walk to go fishing.

    Your mom did a great job beautifying the pictures!

  17. In that last pic, Shawnee, you look just like one of those Baywatch lifeguards! Love the sand flying around your paws.