Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Howse Gest Has Arrived!

We is just way beyond eggsited ofur here.  We has a howse gest from GERMANY!  And he arrived via PRIORITY mails!  No parcel post fur my furrends!
So furst let me eggsplain to you who Lippe is.  He do live with my furrend Mookie in Germany.  Mookie is a Meerschwein, wot means Ginnie Pig in Inglish.  Because Mookie cannot travel around the werld, he sented his Lippe on a werld tour and asked fur host famblees.  We signed up to be a host famblee fur Mookie.  So when you is the host famblee, you take Lippe on an adventshure where you live so he can share it with efurryone.  This way we all can go on werld tours with Lippe.  Kewl, huh?  You can check Mookie's bloggie fur some of Lippe's udder advenshures.

OK mom, let him out, let him out!
I swear I duss has the nosiest sisses....
Wot is this?  A MUMMY?!?!?!?!?
Oh that is rite.  Lippe commed here from his lastest host famblee, Boris' howse in Pencilvania, where he spented Howloween.  Boris did say Lippe did not want to take hims mummy kostoom off.  See the grate advenshures Lippe had fur Howloween with Boris Kitty on hims Facebook!

Sydney did halp me get Lippe out of hims mummy kostoom.
 Ta da!  Here he be in our grupe pikshure:
Lippe be my furrend, stop fighting ofur who gets to play with him furst, you two!

So Lippe commed just in time fur lunch.  Mom gibbed him some Italian Vegetabull Stew (BLECH!) but Lippe seemed to like it.  We has been told by udder host famblees that Lippe duss nom lots.

Then Lippe had some Shenandoah Apple Cake and even tho I duss not like froots and veggies, I wanted to try some and it woz kwite delish if'n I duss say so myself.
OK, fine, gib Sydney and Dixie some too.
Then Lippe wanted to surf on the innerwebs and he founded a bloggie wot interested him...
This is the linkie to the bloggie Lippe woz reading.  It seems that in Noo Joisey there is an anipal called the woodrat wot is on the endangered list.  It maded Lippe's eyes leak coz the pikshure of the woodrat did remind him of Mookie at home.  So the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey be collecting acorns so they can leave them in the woods where the woodrats live to nom on ofur the winter months.  Lippe asked if'n we could collect acorns on our hike wot he is going on with us and I sayed sure, and I will carry them in my backpack!  So this weekend we be taking Lippe on an eggsiting hike and we be collecting acorns fur the woodrats along the way.

Now nap time to rest up fur the weekend.


  1. You and Lippe are going to have excellent adventures and a wonderful time! Yay! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Can't wait for you to take Lippe hiking! He isn't going to ride you like a horsey though is he?

  3. You iz gonna haz so much fun espshly taking Lippe hiking!

  4. Well after the long trip and the full tummy... I can see why Lippe needs a nap. Is he gonna ride in your back pack when you takes him for a hike???

  5. Well...when you said you had a house guest from Germany, I thought a Shepherd was going to show up.

    Lippe is cute, but does he herd?

    Love, Cupcake

  6. Noms & Naps.

    Dem be two of Lippe's favorite fings. (Be sure to pack extra noms when u go on ur walkie but leave nuff room so Lippe can naps in ur backpack too.)

    U gonna hab fun. I fink I gonna condense our visit into one bloggy post.

    I can no beieve he gotted der so fast. Honest himz only left yestdery mid-day. Dems postal drivers must a herd he in da back sayin to hurry up or sumfin!

  7. Lippe looks so fun! I just love the foto of all three of you with him (?? or her??)

    Can't wait to see what fun you guys have together.


  8. I hope woo have a slikhker and/or umbrella fur him!

    I'm smiling ovFUR my word: LOONS


  9. What an adorable visitor!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Awww! Lippe is so cute! I know that he will have the best of times there with you. I hope you find a lot of acorns for those poor little woodrats. I feel a bit sorry for them!

    Morgan loved your singing this morning! You should be on America's Got Talent!


    P.S. Do you ever need anything to wear when it gets really cold to help you keep warm?

  11. What a welcoming committee. You and Lippe will have so much fun together he is great and so are you and your family so its a winning combination. Have lots of fun and keep him well fed he may be small but he can really eat!

  12. Ow nice it is to see Lippe on his travels agane. I fort he had gone ome to Germany to see Mookie. Ope you hazzin a great time.

  13. Thank you sooooo much for this great post, Shawnee!!! Lippe seems to feel right at home with you and your family!!! I know he will have a great time with you!!! And make him hike a bit on his own two feet, he is in good, ball-like shape!!! heehee Have fun together!!! BIG HUGS!!! XXX

  14. Didn't you just love Lippe's Halloween costume. He made the greatest mummy. It's so exciting dat he arrived at your house and you all gave him such a wonderful welcome. Have fun - will be anxious to hear about Lippe's adventures with you.

  15. I can't wait to see the hiking (and acorn) adventures with Lippe! I am drooling over that Furginia Apple Cake (mom too although she is on a diet so she couldn't have some anyway).

  16. How exciting! We can't wait to read up on your adventures. We will also check out Mookie's site.


  17. Oh, WOW! Lippe is at your house?! That's so exciting. Looks like he had a great first day, too. Love the plan to collect acorns for the woodrat. Awesome idea!

  18. Oh Lippe! You is avin a good time init? Dems all looks like luvvly chums. We dus really miss you xxxx

  19. Oh, this is the cutest thing ever! Now we know who Lippe is - might shoulda read oldest first :) That pic of you and Lippe snuggling is just adorable! We'll go check out some of his other adventures. We know he's in for great adventures with YOU, that's for sure!

    The Road Dogs